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TLC (alternate ending)


Duo didn't know what he'd done to deserve a reward such as this, but he made a mental note to track down the nearest shrine and make many, many offerings as thanks for the gift he was currently receiving. The hair-brushing, the massage, the wonderful dinner - and now an Indiana Jones movie. He snuggled closer to Heero, cuddling for all he was worth.

" Have I told you how much I love you," he asked quietly, nuzzling Heero's throat. Heero closed his eyes at the gentle touch, inhaling the scent of Duo's shampoo. He was keenly aware of the silky mass trailing down his body, ending with Duo wisping the tips of his long braid across the planes of his chest. Heero stifled a groan as Duo brushed the strands over one nipple - through the thin t-shirt he was wearing, no less. That was the effect the braided boy had on him.

" Never enough to suit me," he returned, leaning down to capture Duo's mouth with his own, exploring the orifice he knew as intimately as he knew his own. He knew what pressure to exert to make Duo whimper into his mouth, reveling in the light vibrations that made him curl his toes with pleasure. Releasing his captive hold on Duo's tongue, he smiled, an action he had once thought himself incapable of performing. Again, that was before he met Duo. " Feeling better?"

" Much," Duo sighed. He knew what Heero was referring to - his near breakdown earlier. It was hard being the smiling face all the time, but he wouldn't stop for the world. He knew how much they all relied on his cheerful nature to distract them from the horrors they faced on a daily basis - he took the verbal barrage from Wufei, or the pained silences from Trowa, knowing in the long run, the release would help them get over it. He took the pain from Quatre, replacing it with laughter, leaving the blond free to fight another day. Duo knew how to take in pain and release it by himself - Quatre needed a helping hand. He felt Heero shift slightly and his hand came up to stroke Duo's back gently, trailing his nails across the sensitive muscles. Suddenly, Duo was more interested in Heero then the old movie.

" Oi Hee-chan..." he all but purred as he reached out and began nuzzling the hollow behind Heero's ear, flicking out at the appendage with his tongue. He grinned as he felt Heero shiver beneath his touch. " I want you.."

Heero shuddered - he wondered if Duo knew what effect that tone of voice had on the Perfect Soldier. He fervently hoped not - he'd never get any work done.

" Want you too...:" he breathed and slid his hands under Duo's shirt, running gentle fingertips across the lightly defined abdomen. Duo obediently raised his arms, allowing Heero free access to remove the garment completely before bringing them back down around the Japanese boys neck and moving in for the kill.

Heero fell beneath Duo's ravenous assault and he responded eagerly, stroking his tongue against the roof of Duo's mouth, marveling at the intense feeling Duo was invoking within him. In a flash he realized that that was Duo's intent - and he growled. He undid Duo's jeans, sliding them down the lean thighs. Duo wriggled slightly, helping him bring the restrictive material down to his ankles, and then off completely. Duo's boxers followed shortly until the American was bare to the world. Heero's world.

" No," he said in a low tone, flipping them over so he was leaning over Duo, brown locks dangling in his face. He took in the sight of a flushed, panting Duo with chestnut silk strands straying free from their braided prison. Duo looked adorably confused, scrunching his nose up.

" Whaddaya mean NO--"

He was cut off as Heero placed a finger at his lips before nibbling down the lean column of Duo's neck and beyond. Heero broke away for a minute, looking him in the eyes.

" Tonight's for you Duo," he said softly. " You give so much to all of us - let me give something back."

Duo moaned as Heero then straddled him, leaning down to nip at his chest, inching his way down the lean torso displayed for his pleasure. Heero's words touched him deep inside - Heero recognized his efforts, saw the banter and frivolity for what it was and loved him for it. If at all possible, Duo fell even more in love with his Soldier.

" Unnnn....h-heero.." Duo's head thrashed from side to side as Heero smirked, coming to a halt just over Duo's own arousal, hot breaths puffing over the aching member. So close and yet so far... " Heero, please!"

" Patience, koi," Heero murmured, before ducking his head, giving a quick swipe with his tongue. Duo stopped breathing, body going taut as Heero gave in to his silent cries, engulfing the head and swirling his tongue maddeningly slow. Several long licks later, Duo was nearly incoherent, his whole body a live wire of stimulated nerves.

"...Oh gods...Heero...uhhnnn.."

Heero lifted his head and grinned. Before Duo could protest the loss of stimuli, Heero replaced his mouth with his hand, wrapping strong fingers around Duo and pumping him with long, smooth strokes. Duo's hips began to buck in rhythm to his stroking, his cries coming faster and faster. Heero watched as Duo's body literally bounced off the bed with each stroke, feeling his own arousal becoming painfully evident. Duo must have sensed his growing need for he opened his eyes with a groan and tried to sit up.

" Hee-chan..let me.."

Heero shook his head and leaned forwards, silencing the American with a soulful kiss, putting all the emotion he could into that one act. The combination of that searing kiss, and Heero's relentless pumping nearly undid Duo as he lay back again, panting. Heero shook his head again, alternately loving his angel for thinking of him, and wanting to shake him for just not accepting what Heero was giving.

" No koi," Heero whispered, watching his braided angel in the soft muted light of the lamp next to them. Duo's skin glistened with a faint sheen of sweat, catching the light and making him glow. " You. Just you."

Duo's eyes flew open and he stared at that cobalt gaze, feeling the hunger within him intensify a thousandfold. The sight of Heero leaning over him, lean tanned body, rippling with lightly developed muscles entranced him, almost as much as the sight of Heero's slender fingers pumping his arousal with the determination of a soldier on a mission.


He threw his head back, letting out a cry as he felt his body shudder. Heero removed his hand and Duo whimpered, thrusting desperately into the air to find some kind of friction to aid in his release. Heero reached to the side table, pulling out a familiar tube of lubricant he'd placed there earlier. Coating his fingers well, he turned his attention back to the moaning baka he'd temporarily abandoned. Sliding one long finger into Duo's entrance, he watched with half-lidded eyes as Duo bucked up again, hands twisting into the folds of the pullout bed's sheets.

" Sweet're killing me Heero," Duo panted in between thrusts. Heero smirked and slid a second finger into his love, withdrawing and then pushing back in, searching for that spot, the one place that lit Duo up with all the passion of love and life he was known for.

" OH! Ahhhhhhhh!"

He found it.

Duo rocked back on those questing fingers, loving the fulfilled feeling he had when Heero claimed him as his own. It felt so good, he eagerly welcomed the third digit as Heero continued his careful stretching of his lover. Duo couldn't take it anymore.

" Now Heero - for the love of god!"

Heero suddenly realized that his own clothes were too tight. Keeping his three fingers inside Duo, he one-handedly undid his own pants, shimmying out of them with a skill that made Duo proud. Or rather, would have made him proud had been able to think of anything other then Heero's skilled fingers jabbing his prostate repeatedly. Five more seconds found Heero's shirt winging its way across the room to join Duo's discarded clothing.

Swooping down to recapture Duo's mouth, he withdrew his fingers, replacing them with his own throbbing organ, sliding deep into the body of his lover. Duo groaned at the intense sensation of being filled.

" D-deeper....yesssss..." he hissed as their bodies joined.

Heero paused, waiting for his lover to adjust his intrusion, fighting for his self control. It took every shred of control he had not to thrust into that willing body and he squeezed his eyes shut, panting with exertion. He could feel Duo's inner muscles clamping down on him and nearly lost it right then and there.

All night he had tended to Duo, eagerly soothing away the pains and tiredness that had been dragging his lover down. Running his hands over Duo, brushing his hair - now he could relax some of his restraint and let himself feel.

Duo gasped as Heero gave an experimental wiggle of his hips, knees drawn up to his chest. Grasping one slender ankle, Heero put his lovers legs over his shoulders, drawing him closer as he began to move, agonizingly slowly within Duo's heat.

" Christ Duo," he half moaned, half sobbed. " What are you doing to me?"

" Same thing you're doing to me," Duo ground out between clenched teeth. " Damn it Heero - MOVE!"

Heero smirked at his lover's throaty plea and suddenly rocked back and then forth, thrusting deep into Duo who cried out at the sudden movement.

" YES!"

With long, sure strokes, Heero slid in and out, alternating with short hard jabs that made Duo cry out his name in that breathy tone that drove him wild. He reached down with one hand and began stroking Duo's straining erection, pumping his lover relentlessly.

" Come for me Duo," he growled, watching his panting lover arch against the sofa-bed.

" H-Heero.." Duo croaked, finding it hard to catch his breath as his body was rocked with the pleasurable assault. " you..."

" Love you too koi," Heero nipped at the salty, sweaty neck of his lover. "Always."

" Oh GOD!" Duo's body arched tight like a bow, his hands gripping Heero's shoulders so tight the Wing pilot knew there'd be bruises left. Then his iron control was shattered as Duo exploded between them, clamping down on Heero.

" Uhhh.....D-Duo!" Heero snarled and savagely kissed the braided pilot as he came, crying his lover's name into his mouth. Using the last of his strength, he leaned back, pulling his lover upwards into his lap, letting Duo's legs fall to either side of him. Straddling his partner, Duo rode out the last wave of pleasure, rocking up and down on Heero's muscled thighs.

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist, tightening his grip as his motions slowed to a stop. Trembling in each other's arms, Heero brushed the sweat-soaked bangs from Duo's face.

" Love you," he repeated in a near-whisper, nearly drowning in those violet depths. Duo shuddered from the strength of Heero's conviction and wrapped his arms around Heero's shoulders, resting his forehead against the Perfect Soldier, not saying anything, just wanting to revel in the intimacy of the moment.

They rested for a minute that way, each feeling safe and content in the other's arms. Suddenly, Heero heard Duo snicker slightly.

" Duo?" He tilted the heart-shaped face towards his questioningly. Duo blinked at him disarmingly.

" Just thinking," he grinned. He gestured towards the TV where Indiana was jumping on to the back of a horse, galloping away. " It occurred to me that every time I try to watch this or any other of my movies, I see the beginning and the end." He licked the tip of Heero's nose impertinently. " But thanks to...distractions, I never actually see the middle."

Heero smiled, glad to see the twinkle in Duo's eyes was back and brighter then ever. He reached over for the remote and turned the TV off against Duo's mild protests.

" You need sleep Duo," he told the American brusquely. " I'll watch it with you later, but you're still tired."

Duo didn't deny it, and decided arguing would be counter-productive. Instead, he yawned widely and curled up against Heero, snuggling into his partner's warmth. Heero leaned them both back against the sofa-bed, drawing the pilot to him protectively.

//Mission accomplished// he thought to himself as he drifted off.

Duo lay awake for a few minutes, watching Heero's features soften and relax as sleep claimed him. The exhaustion was still taking its toll on him, but the hopelessness, the anger and mental fatigue he'd been battling all day and all week had all but disappeared under Heero's attack. Duo wondered what he'd done to deserve this.

" I love you," he whispered, knowing he'd never get tired of saying those three words. With one final look, he then lay his cheek in the junction of Heero's shoulder and chest, closing his eyes.


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