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Aaeth Payne

"Oh. My. God. There he is!!" three heads instantly tuned to the same
direction Duo was now openly staring. Duo quietly made beeping poises
under his breath as a seemingly oblivious Japanese boy walked past
holding his tray and promptly sat down at a table with a few other
Japanese students.

"Him?" Wufei took a long sip of his water and watched his baka friend
closely he'd never seen Duo react quite so… unabashedly.

"YES! Oh man, what I wouldn't give for a piece of-"

"Duo!!" Quatre's outraged squeak interrupted whatever vulgar thing
Duo had been planning on saying.

"WHAT? All I was gonna say was 'that'… sheesh…" Duo propped
his head up on his fist and went back to his favorite hobby as of
late… Heero watching.

He knew the boy's name was Heero, even if he hadn't been formally
introduced. The first time he saw the boy, at the Japanese club
meeting, he'd made it a point to find out.

"Oh… you mean Heero."

Duo's attention instantly focused on the normally silent Trowa. "You
KNOW that guy?"

Trowa nodded. "Yeah. He lives in Nusser Hall… with the other
foreign exchange students. He's pretty cool."

That for Trowa was certainly a long speech, but what Duo focused on

Duo sighed sadly and turned back to watching the object of his

"Why so sad?" Quatre watched how unusually quiet his friend had

"Nothin Q, just thinking about the impossible…" Duo went back to
his melancholy staring.

Quatre poked Trowa in the ribs gently. He had a great idea. "Nee…

"Huh?" He didn't even glance over. This was a rare opportunity to
observe the wily Heero in its native habitat without fear of reprisal.

"When is your birthday?"

That did shake Duo out of his stupor. "What for?"

Quatre giggled and smiled widely. "Cuz I got a great idea for a
present! A Japanese boy with a big red bow on his head!"

Duo couldn't help but laugh out loud at the thought of opening his
dorm room door to look directly at Heero… with a big red bow on
his head. "Q, that'd be beautiful!! December 28th man!!"

Quatre and Duo dissolved into giggles for many more minutes, until
Duo saw Heero pick up his tray, bus it, and walk out of the
cafeteria. With a sad sigh he went back to picking at his dinner.


Duo briskly walked back to Zwingli after the Japanese Club meeting in
Nusser Hall. He'd worn his best just in case Heero would be there. It
was even in his dorm… but the bishounen boy hadn't shown up.

"Hey! Come and hang out here for a while!" Quatre waved the small
group into the triple he shared with two other boys. "You got to hear
this song! Corkey and the Juice Pigs are a riot!!" He booted up his
sweet computer and opened his library of over a thousand MP3s.

"Sweet!!" Duo ooohed and awwwed over them for a while until one of
Quatre's roommates turned on his stereo and blasted the soundtrack to
Rocky Horror Picture Show. Duo and Quatre and even Wufei danced
around the small room doing the Time Warp while Trowa watched
silently… though he did seem to have a gleam in his green eyes
errr eye.

"Ya know what would make this night even better Q?" Duo put his hands
on his hips.

"Heero with a big red bow on his head?" They tucked their knees in

"Ooohhh yeah… and nothing else!!" Duo grinned lecherously just in
time for the pelvic thrusts.

Quatre shook his head laughing all the while at Duo's antics. "You're

"That's what the song says Q!!!!"

That song soon melted into another and another, all the while Duo
joked with Quatre about his 'birthday present'. Neither one of the
boys noticed Trowa's departure.


Duo lost himself in the music. This was his favorite song from the
movie, and he tended to ham it up as much as he could.

"I'm just a sweet transvestite… From Transsexual…

Duo reclined in a chair and crossed his legs, just like Frank N.
Furter does in the movie. He finished his sultry little move then
looked up.

Straight into cobalt blue eyes.

Duo's mouth gaped open as he took in the scene. Heero stood in front
of him with a red bandanna on his head, and a slightly smirking Trowa
stood behind him. Heero held out his hand for Duo to shake, and
almost as if in a daze the braided boy took it.

"I'm sorry, we didn't have any bows."

Duo covered his open mouth with his free hand as tears filled his
eyes. He abruptly yanked his hand away and ran from the room,
completely mortified.


Heero stared in shock as the boy with beautiful violet eyes ran from
the room. "What did I do?!"

When Trowa had come to him, and explained the situation Heero had
realized that Trowa was talking about the same boy he had been
watching for the past month! So the revelation that his crush had
been crushing on him… he couldn't pass up the opportunity. But
now it seemed he'd been horrible mistaken.

Quatre quickly shook his head. "No! I'm sure Duo was just…
surprised!" He wrung his hands worriedly. "Maybe I should go after

Heero held up his hand. "No!" As if he realized that he spoke too
harshly, he clarified. "Uhhh let me ok? Where does he live?"

"Greenwood 007." [1] Trowa pointed in the direction of another large
dorm. "Its in the basement."


Duo wiped the tears from his eyes, only to have more take their
place. ~How could he do that to me?!~ Duo raged at the absent Trowa.
~Didn't he know I was kidding??! Now I can NEVER show my face to
Heero again!~

He hugged a pillow to his chest and contemplated what to do. Most
likely everyone in Japanese class would know about his ultimate
humiliation by… lunch tomorrow. Then there was Japanese Club,
he'd never be able to show his face there again. And Trowa always
hangs around Quatre, and he couldn't face the banged boy right now

No class, no club, no friends. Freshman year of college was really
looking great.

**knock knock**

Duo sniffled some more. "Not right now Quatre!! Trust me, I'm not fit
for human contact at the moment. Give me a few years."

**knock knock**

"look! I said go away!"

**knock knock**

"Gaaah!" With a groan of utter displeasure, Duo heaved himself off
his bed and crossed the room, flinging open the door. "I said not
right now Quatre!"

Once again Duo was shocked speechless as he stared not into Quatre's
aqua eyes, but the cobalt of Heero's.

"I'm not Quatre. Can I come in?"

Duo nodded mutely and stepped aside to let in the man of his dreams.

Heero reached out and brushed his fingers over Duo's wet cheek. "Are
these because of me?"

"No…" Duo looked down shaking his head. "They're because I'm
silly… that's all." He didn't care to elaborate. Sure it was nice
of Heero to come after him and tell him it was all in fun. Maybe he
wouldn't tell everyone tomorrow… "Listen, I know it was all some
joke… really funny... you don't got to hammer in the punch line."
tuned his back and studied the carpet.

"You think I'm joking?" Heero placed his hands on Duo's shoulders and
turned him around.

Duo looked up with fresh tears in his eyes. "You don't have to make
fun of the stupid little gay boy! I KNOW Trowa must have told you to
do this… my birthday… the bow… ha ha very funny!"

Realization finally dawned on Heero. He pulled the bandanna off of
his head and used it to dry Duo's face. "You think that's why I came
here? To mock you?"

Duo nodded miserably. He couldn't begin to express the sadness he
felt. This guy had seemed so nice! Why did he have to continue with
the charade?!


That was one of the Japanese words he did know! Duo quickly looked up
with an angry frown on his face, ready to tear into this jerk-

"I came here because I wanted to meet the guy I'd been watching for
the past month!"

Duo halted mid-bitch. "Did you say… guy YOU'D been watching?"

Heero smiled at Duo's cutely perplexed look. "Yes baka!"

Duo launched himself at Heero and hugged him close. "My name is Duo
Maxwell." He whispered into Heero's ear, almost too choked up to

Heero tightened his grip n the braided boy and whispered back. "Heero

The pair reluctantly pulled apart, and Heero brushed Duo's bangs away
from his face. "Come on, let's go back. I'm sure our friends are

Duo nodded excitedly and grabbed his keys.

"Besides, I want to see the rest of that dance." Heero held out his
hand. Duo took it and they walked back to Zwingli together. And
though the night was cold, Duo felt warm.

[1] Koko wa Greenwood. Love that anime!!! I highly suggest it to

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