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Word Play


Heero was bored. He realized that usually it was Duo who was the bored one, but Heero felt he finally deserved his own fictional day of boredom. It all started on a rainy and miserable day in a safehouse miles from nowhere and right up next to absolutely nothing
"I'm bored."
Duo blinked in sheer astonishment, turning slowly around to gaze with complete disbelief at Heero. The dark-haired boy stood with his arms crossed over his chest, sullen eyes glaring out at the world in defiance of, pretty much everything, Duo decided, taking in the pouty expression Heero had on and trying not to laugh.

"You're bored?" A well-shaped chestnut eyebrow rose in surprise, and a bit of amusement.

"Yes, it's raining outside, the others aren't home, and you've got the only working computer in this entire shitty safehouse!" Heero shouted the last statement as if it would kill him, and then slumped his way over to the only working computer and sat on the floor by Duo's feet. He looked up, still glaring, though there did seem to be an odd smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.
"So, what you're saying is, you want my laptop?" Duo smiled; gradually the smile became a smirk, which became a full-blown and outright leer.
Heero didn't answer for a moment, wondering if a non-bored Duo could beat a bored Heero. Then Heero realized he was thinking of himself in third person, and stopped that train of thought all together. "Yes," he answered finally, wondering if somehow Duo would actually let him have some computer time.


Heero tried to smile, failed, and nodded his thanks.


Heero frowned at that word, then tried not to smirk as he thought of other uses for it, like Duo's butt, which wasn't spelled the same, but sounded the same, Heero once again stopped these thoughts as well, trying to focus on what Duo was saying.

"Have to do something for me."
Was what Heero managed to hear.

"I what?" The suddenly frowning boy asked intelligently.
"Do something for me." Duo smiled, showing a lot of teeth. He waggled his eyebrows and leered, then started laughing at the expression on Heero's face. "You have to make lunch, sheesh, what did you think I was going to ask for? Sex?"

Heero felt to his horror, his cheeks filling with blood at his embarrassment, for indeed, he'd been thinking sex. Well, honestly, he always thought about sex, a lot, all the time. Some of it even involved Duo; well, to be completely honest, all of it had to do with Duo. Though, he wore clothes in a lot of these thoughts, fantasies, Heero realized he was staring off into space and blinked, once again trying to listen to what Duo was saying.
"Lunch, though sex is good too, but you probably wouldn't know a blowjob if it bit you on the well the part that gets the attention" Duo trailed off, realizing that he'd been blabbing nearly incoherently about his thoughts on sex and Heero, he turned a nice shade of pink in the face, matching the burning blush riding the other boy's cheeks.

They stared at each other for a long moment, a small ball of tension floated between them, then drifted off and down the hallway, bouncing off walls and careening into the furniture. Heero blinked and wiped vaguely at his hair, scratched his ear, then stared at the floor.
Duo nearly matched him move for move, but remained with his gaze on Heero's bent head. Nice hair there, dark, fine, thick, soft looking, a veritable wellspring of descriptiveness. Duo let his eyes drift downwards, he loved that golden skin, permanent tan a la Heero, yumm, he thought, and then blushed a bit more. Being a teenager sucked he decided after a few more intense moments of silence, and shuffled his feet, wondering what to do next.
"What do you want for lunch?" Heero finally managed to mumble, glancing up and then looking down again, he shifted on the floor and stood up, making a show of stretching and appearing nonchalant.
"You naked on the kitchen table or a sandwich would be nice." Duo grinned, liking the affect this bold statement had on Heero, and his blush. The blush, or flush, Duo wasn't sure exactly what to call it, was quickly spreading down Heero's neck and disappearing inside the white t-shirt he wore. Duo had an almost uncontainable urge to lift up the shirt and check to see if it went all the way down, but decided to keep his fingers in one piece and still connected to his body instead.

"Mission accepted." Heero said in a serious tone of voice, belying the subtle smile that graced his lips.

Duo smiled back at the boy, and then turned to the computer once more, typing away at something that Heero couldn't see from where he was standing. Shrugging, Heero left the room and went back to the kitchen, wondering what on earth he could make quickly, so that he could get a little time with the laptop. The laptop, nice word that, Heero paused in the kitchen doorway, pondering the way the separate bits of it worked so nicely, lap, as in Duo's lap, when he was sitting down he had a lap, a nice one, though Heero admitted, he also liked the view from behind. And top, well, top could be anything, mean anything, top could be Duo's position, as in, on top. Now there was something, Heero lost himself in a vague fantasy involving both the words lap and top.

His hands went to work, leaving his brain to sit back and relax, take a vacation from anything related to deep thinking. A few minutes later, to Heero's extreme surprise, a turkey sandwich sat on the kitchen counter, and he was painfully hard. "How did that happen?" he asked the empty kitchen, eyeballing the delicious looking sandwich and idly patting the erection that pushed out the black fabric of his sweatpants. Well, something to puzzle over later, now to go and get Duo off the computer so that he could get on it.

"Lunch!" Heero paused in the doorway, taking in the long braid that cascaded down the black clad back and curved over the smooth line of Duo's hip. Good view Heero thought, forgetting the sandwich in his hand and staring for a few moments.
"I thought it was going to be naked Heero on the kitchen table but I suppose a turkey sandwich will have to do."

Heero felt his cheeks redden for the millionth time that day, or so it seemed. He handed over the plate he held, staring pointedly beyond Duo's shoulder at the computer screen.
"Oh, I was going to eat while I was on the laptop, then you can get on it after, ok?" Duo smiled, eyes bright with sincerity and innocence, which Heero knew was completely faked.

Heero frowned, not ok, at all. His eyebrows drew together, making his normally stern expression cute, Duo decided, definitely cute. And the way Heero's lips curled down at the corners was absolutely, well, kissable Duo blinked a few times, this was getting to be a habit, thinking of Heero this way.
"Huh?" Duo met Heero's eyes, why did the way they changed with the light and Heero's moods, affect him this way, maybe it was the enzymes in the turkey, hadn't he read somewhere about there being aphrodisiacs in turkey? Or had that been chocolate? He shrugged and was smiling vaguely to himself, when he noticed something different about the Japanese boy standing across from him, glaring.
"What the hell does 'hn' mean anyway? But seriously, you know you're sporting wood, right?" His eyes dropped to pointedly stare at the rather large and daunting erection that appeared to be trying to escape through Heero's tented and stretched sweatpants. It was a very good view, unobstructed, except of course for the pants, until Heero speedily slapped his hand over it, turning red from ear tips to toes.
In all the excitement, of making lunch, he'd completely forgotten the well the excitement it had brought him. Ok, maybe making the lunch wasn't the reason, but it had happened while making lunch, though really it had to do more with Duo's lap, or lack of one when standing, and yet how he might also have a lap if he was say on all fours, but that would of course make him being on top ridiculous, and so Heero had pondered that while his hands had made lunch. Heero realized that he was once again drifting off into fantasyland; he opened his mouth, trying to remember what the hell the last thing that had been said was. "Hn," he mumbled, which brought back one of the things that had been said.
Duo, was also having trouble staying focused, turkey must be a drug he reasoned, a serious, evil drug. It had to be, mostly because; he shifted in his chair a bit, mostly because he too now had a monster in his pants. Damn turkey anyway, he bit off some more of the sandwich, chewing it carefully, his eyes glued unthinkingly to Heero's lap. Lap, well it would be a lap but he's standing, Duo thought lap was an interesting word, he wondered for a moment if perhaps Heero would ever let him sit in his, cuddle close, taste some perfect gold skin, honey toned, mm honey. Now there was an idea, Heero drizzled with honey, sticky, sweet, sweaty, lapping it up off of him, there was that word again, lap

It took them both perhaps five minutes to realize they were staring at each other's laps. At which point, they looked up and met eyes.

Duo was surprised to note that Heero's eyes seemed to have almost the same shivery, tingling, erotic effect as the lovely cock thumping gently within Heero's pants. Well, almost, he dropped his eyes back down for a moment, caressing with a heated glance, then grinning from ear to ear and looking back up to find Heero grinning.

This was it, time to make some sort of move. Heero knew that this was the kind of thing that happened everyday, at least, he figured it must, after all, wasn't there about half a million horny teenage guys out there with hot, perfect, sexy friends? Sure there were Heero reasoned, and why not take advantage of it? Not know what a blowjob was indeed, he knew what one was. It was something to do with the mouth he was almost positive. He grinned suddenly, an idea forming in his sex filled mind.

"What 'is' a blowjob?" He asked as innocently as possible, trying not to grin too much.
"What?!" Duo choked, and then remembered what he'd said earlier. "Oh, well it's umm"
"Yes?" Heero continued smiling slightly, ambling over towards the desk, eyes glued to Duo's.
"It's uh when you and another and " Duo's hands came together then drew apart vaguely, his voice stumbling as Heero came to stand directly in front of him. Wow, definite wood, definitely large, definitely, why on earth do I sound like a mentally challenged idiot? Duo shook his head, gaze coming to rest on the package prettily presented to him, though, he wondered, glancing up at Heero's half lidded eyes, whether Heero knew this was alliteration. Wait a minute, was that a smirk? Duo's eyes narrowed, two could play it like that.
"Why don't I show you?" Duo purred, liking that little look of, was that fear? No, it looked more like innocent lust, and he should know, having practiced that expression in the mirror a few times in his life, ok, everyday.

"Ok" Heero smiled, and then frowned slightly. "It doesn't hurt does it?"
"Uh, no."
"That's all right then." Heero continued to stand in front of Duo, hands held loosely at his sides, eyes slightly downcast. His thoughts were pretty much open at this point, though they were still completely involved with sex, hmm, sex, Heero liked that word, sex, sex, "Whoa!" He yelped as he suddenly found his sweatpants down around his ankles.

"Sorry, should've warned you, I need you to be somewhat naked for this." Duo smiled sweetly, helping the stunned boy step out of the pants that pooled around his ankles. Oh, the blush did go all the way down, Duo grinned, liking the way the red of the blood lit up the gold of Heero's skin.
"You might want to close your eyes." Duo whispered, already wanting to taste the bobbing treat that lay before his eyes, he licked his lips, glancing up to find Heero's eyes already shut, he was swaying slightly too. "Maybe you should sit down."

Heero nodded, automatically taking the chair as Duo stood up. He was feeling almost dizzy, woozy, no, not that, more like excited. Sick with excitement, gut churning, sweat inducing, he closed his eyes, wondering what came next.
Duo stood looking down at Heero, watching the expressions cross his face, until the prussian blue eyes closed, the mobile face going still with concentration. Duo watched in fascination, as the solid staff of approval, could be an award for most gifted, Duo thought, waved at him from Heero's lap. There was that word again, lap, nice word, Duo would've liked to sit in said lap, but remembered that this was supposed to be a learning experience, yeah right. He knelt down, putting his hands on the perfect knees, and spreading them open, exposing a very nice view. "Very nice." Duo unconsciously mumbled aloud.

"What?" Heero asked somewhat breathlessly, squinching his eyes shut as he felt hot breath hit his cock sending it slapping lightly against his stomach. He briefly dared to open one eye, glancing down between his legs, the image burned into his brain for life, and then he shut his eye, leaning back and gripping the sides of the chair with white knuckled fingers. Duo, hair wild about his face, and falling out of that long braid, lips poised before his arousal, tongue just poking out, hands gripping his knees, kneeling between his legs, oh yeah, this was heaven for sure.
Duo didn't bother to repress the smile that curved his lips even as his mouth curved open to take in the tip and drip of Heero's manhood. Manhood? Where had that word come from? Duo shook his head, idly tasting the bead of cum that had been on Heero's rod? Staff? Cock? Penis? Damn, Duo didn't care, it had tasted good, he went in for seconds, mouth curving again, tongue slipping out to lap a circle around and beneath Heero's hmm, erection, Duo decided to think of it, it was after all, very erect, and pleasantly so. He hummed a little ditty as he went to work.

Heero tried to keep his eyes closed, really he did. But that soft humming, that hot mouth, that warm slippery tongue, and of course, Duo himself, forced him to open his eyes again and glance down. Without thinking, Heero's hands delved into the wealth of hair, sliding through and gently gripping, pulling the sucking, tonguing, and pressure of Duo's mouth more firmly around his, erection. Heero liked that word, something about it, erect, that was the base of it all. There was another good word, base, as in, Duo is actually managing to get his mouth all the way down to the base of my erection, Heero smiled, and then moaned, spreading his legs a bit wider.

Duo managed a few choked swallows as his nose was briefly buried in the dark nest of soft pubic hair at the base of Heero's erection. He inhaled sharply through his nose, taking in the warm fragrance, they should bottle it Duo thought, sliding his lips back upwards, tongue licking and swirling around the twitching dick in his mouth. Heero's hands pushed and pulled, clenching inside his hair, alternately limp and then gripping. A soft, rolling moan erupted from Heero's mouth, and Duo paused, letting his tongue play, listening to that deep throated, lusty, heated moan.
Duo suddenly realized a moan could be an order, and swallowed hard around the flesh trapped inside his mouth, milking the cream from Heero's cock. Now how can I milk a cock, Duo wondered, gulping down the delicious taste of Heero's orgasm, full bodied flavor this cream has, Duo smiled slightly, swallowing the sticky fluid in his mouth and continuing to gently suck, tasty.

Eventually, Heero managed to unclench his hands from Duo's hair, sliding them down around the slim neck to grasp feebly before tugging Duo upwards by the shoulders. They stared at each other for a long moment, breath coming in little pants. Heero smiled, "What did that have to do with the word 'Blowjob'? You didn't blow, and it didn't seem like a job."
"Yeah, I know what you mean, it should be called sucking, or something like mmm that feels really good" Duo paused, his mouth hanging open as Heero licked a wet swath down his chest, pushing him into the chair and kneeling between his legs.
"That would be a good name for it, or maybe" Heero's words became garbled as Duo slid his waiting erection into Heero's open mouth.

"Less word play, more foreplay." Duo grinned, and then moaned, definitely good

Whoa this is what happens when you drink too much coffee, repress yourself, and have cool/weird/repressed friends, heheh

<whirling into empty space>
<whirls back>

Hey! Btw you know, I won't know what you thought of this umm, unless you tell me ^_^'

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