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Bad Influence


/Call it bad
My bad, my bad influence/

Duo and Quatre were running to school at a fast pace…as usual, the
braided boy’s antics had caused them to be behind schedule. Quatre
smiled as he walked with the one his parents think of as a bad influence
on him, but in reality, he’d never had any fun before Duo appeared. Duo
charmed everyone and always got them out of serious trouble, but things
were much livelier for him when he was with his friend. He smiled when
he saw Relena and Dorothy waiting for them. Those two had been after
them all semester.

/Big town holds me back
Big town skins my mind
Small minds wear me down Spreading salt on fertile ground
Honest pleasures now forsaken
Drastic measures to be taken
Can’t accept your difference
They call it bad influence/

Heero, Trowa and Wufei blazed into town on their Harleys amid frowns and
scowls disapproval. Heero smirked at the gapping crowd that stared at
his tight, leather-clad form. He loved traveling through pompous towns
such as this one and stirring things up. The three boys stopped at a
light, making faces at the staring adults, when all three were struck by
the visions walking by.

Heero stared at the braided beauty as he passed. The boy has an
impressively long rope of chestnut hair, sunset red winding its way
through the braided mass, and his eyes…he’d never seen violet eyes
before. He had to have this delicate and…*loud* creature. The boy
never stopped talking to his companion, but Heero thought of a hundred
better ways to occupy that mouth. The small, innocent-looking blond boy
walking beside the braided boy equally captivated Trowa and Wufei. Eyes
met and the two reached a silent agreement. When they left this
town…their numbers would be expanded!

/Free mind, free soul
It’s time for liberation to flow
Free mind, free soul
It’s time to let your future unfold
Call it bad
My bad, my bad influence/

Duo tried not to drool and be obvious as he stared at the biker god on
his left. *Damn he looked good in leather!* Hot studs in leather had
always been a weakness to Duo. Duo nudged his friend and gave a
discreet nod at the trio on bikes. Quatre unfortunately spoiled the
subtleness by gaping at the boy with the brilliant green eyes, one of
which was obscured by a fall of light brown hair, and the exotic Chinese
beauty next to him. Quatre shook himself out of his stupor and thought,
“No…Must be strong…Get your mind out of the gutter! You’re supposed to
marry some nice girl your father picked out for you one day!”

As Quatre tried to be good, Duo was definitely giving in to his bad
side as his mind filled with X-rated images involving the cobalt-eyed
stud on the Harley. Duo looked over at Quatre and saw the internal
fight to be good and almost laughed out loud. Poor Quatre was so prim
and proper; it had taken him some time to get the boy to have some
fun. Well Duo could see he still had a lot of work to do in getting
his friend to follow some of his impulses, despite his training.
Dorothy and Relena were sneering at the hoodlums on the bikes; this was
a good town and bad influences like these were not wanted. Both girls
had been raised to believe that social standing was the most important
way to determine a person’s value. People who had no social standing
were to be ignored and scorned. Each girl grabbed her perspective
boyfriend and began to drag the pair away.

/Break out of the mold before the mold sets in
Dangerous walls are closin’ in
They twist the truth
Then give it a spin
Love’s a grenade; I’ll pull the pin/

Heero moved his bike to block the path of the retreating pairs. “How
dare you block our way! We have to get to school, so why don’t you just
drive back under whatever rock you crawled out from!” Relena stared
down her opponent, not liking the way he was looking at her chosen
prey. Dorothy was equally busy trying to stare down the pair that were
eyeing her future husband like he was a chocolate bon bon. Heero
ignored the annoying girl and raked his eyes down his would-be lover’s
form. He smiled at the shiver that ran through the boy’s body at his
inspection. Reaching out a hand, he grabbed the beautiful boy and
yanked him down over his lap, securing him with an iron arm, he drove
off leaving behind a fuming and furious Relena. Meanwhile Quatre is
also snatched, secured to Wufei’s lap as he and Trowa follow their

/Call it bad
My bad, my bad influence
The circle is wide
Shadows flower into the light
Bad influence
Bad such a bad influence
You think I’m bad
You think I’m bad
Well I’m the most fun that you ever had
So good, so good
But people say I’m a bad influence/

Relena and Dorothy rush into the principle’s office at the school and
inform him of the abduction of the school’s most popular boys.
Immediately an emergency town meeting is called on how to free the poor
boys and rid the town of this bad influence. It is decided that these
hoodlums must be hunted down and chased from the town. De-programmers
are called in to undo any damage these bad influences have had on the
two innocent boys, as a mob is formed with signs of righteousness raised
and the search begins for the villainous boys.

/Wide mouths with narrow minds
Can’t accept your difference
Open season on new ideas
They call it bad influence
Call it bad
My bad, my bad influence
Just a bad influence
Call it bad
My bad, my bad influence/

Heero marched into the abandoned house they were holed up in and dropped
his captive on the bed in one of the bedrooms. He smiled down at the
defiant look on the boy’s face. “Ever heard of asking first?” came a
sultry alto. “Hn, your eyes told me all I needed to know.” Duo
couldn’t help but smile at that; “It’s the leather…and that nice tight
butt.” Duo practically swallowed his tongue as he watched the Japanese
boy slowly undress. Rippling muscles under golden skin were revealed,
and the passion built in those cobalt-blue eyes…Duo couldn’t remember
ever feeling that hot in his entire life. Those eyes promised a
thorough ravishing and Duo planned to enjoy EVERY minute of it. Duo
pulled off his shirt and ran delicate fingers up and down his slender
form. Those hands slide seductively to his nipples and began to
encircle them. He uttered a throaty laugh at the increase in lust that
appeared in the dark-haired boy’s eyes. Deciding it was time to show
the braided boy who was boss, Heero pinned him down and proceeded to
make wild passionate love to the boy. Sometime later a thoroughly
claimed and sated Duo gazed down at his sleeping lover and smiled.

/Wide mouths with narrow minds
Narrow minds, creak & grind
Rally to a peaceful sound
Let the barriers tumble down
My bad, my bad influence/

Quatre slowly backs away with an unsure expression on his face. The
lust he sees in the eyes of the two boys who have claimed him is a
little unsettling. He wants what they want, but is inexperienced. Soft
touches and encouraging words slowly overcome the barriers of his
family’s expectations. Finally he will be choosing something for
himself and not for others. He smiles as he gives into the passion and
beckons for Wufei and Trowa to join him on the bed. “I don’t know what
to do.” He whispers shyly. Two sets of eyes darken even further with
passion as Wufei replies “Then let us show you golden one.” Moans of
pleasure soon fill the room as three souls claim each other and become

Break out of the mold before the mold sets in
Dangerous walls are closin’ in
They twist the truth
Then give it a spin
If love’s a grenade, better pull the pin

The new lovers awakened to shouting outside the abandoned building.
Heero, Trowa and Wufei are dressed; they motioned for their lovers to
get dressed and went outside to confront the angry crowd. The principle
stepped forward to speak for everyone, including the parents, “Where are
Quatre and Duo?! I demand you release them to me right now and leave
this town!” The man shivered and stepped back at the glare he received
from Heero. “We plan to leave town as soon as we gather up our
possessions. As for Duo and Quatre, they can decide for themselves if
they wish to go or stay.”

The principle started to reply, when Quatre and Duo stepped from the
building. Everyone stared open-mouthed at the pair. Duo was wearing
*very* short leather shorts, a black tank top, and a black leather mini
jacket with “Born to be Bad” printed across the back. Quatre caused
even more shock with his tight ripped blue jeans and long-sleeved
T-shirt with “Biker Slut” printed across the chest. Heero mounts his
bike then holds out a hand to Duo. Duo gently accepts the hand and
mounts the bike to settle in behind his new lover. Quatre is settling
in place behind Trowa when Relena and Dorothy finally get over their
shock. “What do you think your doing!! Those guys are nothing but
common thugs! You have duties and obligations, so get off those bikes
and apologize to everyone for this ridiculous behavior!” Relena and
Dorothy attempted to glare their respective boyfriends into
submission…when Duo started to laugh. Looking at the baffled
expressions, Duo explained himself, “When did anyone ever ask Quatre and
I what we wanted? All our lives everything has been planned out for
us. You have all decided what our careers would be and whom we would
marry. You call Heero, Trowa and Wufei bad influences. Quatre and I
call them freedom and happiness!”
Heero smiled tenderly, proud of his lover. He motioned that it was time
to leave. Everyone watched silently as the boys drove out of town to
freedom and a new start in life.

/Call it bad
My bad, my bad influence/


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