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Mister Write


I met him in a chat room on IRC.

I don't know why he stood out more than the other 15 or so geek regulars that filled #game_freak on any given night.

But he did.

He was quite talkative and used more of those lame emoticons than anyone I'd ever met. Normally it would have irritated me, but somehow they seemed to make him more *real* than anyone else in there. I ventured to guess that his actual person was similarly animated.

I found myself frequenting the channel more and more; disappointed when his nick didn't pop up in the status window when I signed onto mIRC. That didn't necessarily mean he wasn't on, but I hadn't witnessed him changing his nick all that often.


I laughed out loud as I tried to reconcile the cheery guy that obviously hid behind that name and at the nick itself.

It could have been a reference to one of the many games he seemed to be hopelessly addicted to. I sensed it wasn't though. Much like my nick, I knew it was veiled with some degree truth.

After about a week of notable absence, he appeared one night just as I was about to sign off. I'd already said my patented good byes to the channel as a whole, but was now reluctant to leave. I thought quickly of a valid excuse and DCC messaged him; taking my expected leave of the channel.

<i_am_death>i thought you left
<fallen1>i did. i have quick question for you... if you don't mind
<i_am_death>sure. shoot
<fallen1>you play ff7
<i_am_death>yeah. finished it years ago. why
<fallen1>kill emerald weapon
<i_am_death>you didnt
<fallen1>still trying..
<fallen1>any hints

He paused for a while. I knew it was a lame question, but it was the only one I was able to come up with on the spur of the moment. He finally replied, posting a URL.

<i_am_death>that should help

It was then that I noticed that he'd not used any punctuation. He hadn't even smiled... or winked. The omission peaked my curiosity.

<fallen1>everything okay?
<i_am_death>sure. why wouldnt it be
<fallen1>you don't seem to be your usual cheerful self

I realized that I was probably a bit out of line with my question. I'd not spoken to him before except in the channel and never on a personal level.

<fallen1>did i say something funny

I waited a minute or two before continuing.

<fallen1> thanks for the url
<i_am_death>like i said, np

I signed off without not waiting to see if he was going to reply. I had a strong feeling he wasn't going to.


I signed on the following night at 9:00. His name popped up and I smiled, entering the channel with limited hesitation.

The channel was filled with its standard chatter and I continued to surf the web; checking back periodically to see what was going on. Being there was more of a habit than anything else. I had little to add to the discussion most times but found the interaction fascinating and occasionally entertaining. Tonight's discussion was centered around 'Devil May Cry' or more specifically, said games main character, Dante and the awesome moves the guy was capable of.

I was interested, for a change, in hearing what they had to say about it; the game was on my 'to buy' list. Once the subject of it had been brought up, I was paying a good deal more attention to the banter than usual and barely noticed that he had sent me a private message.

<i_am_death>not going to say hello back

I looked at the message, confused and scrolled back up over the lines of text in the main chat window; noting that he had acknowledged my entrance. I'd not been expecting his greeting and had completely missed it.

<fallen1> sorry. didnt see it before. hi
<i_am_death>s'ok. hi

I was at a loss for what to say next, so I said nothing.

<i_am_death>did that url help
<fallen1>i didnt look yet
<fallen1>so? you play devil may cry
<i_am_death>not yet. you?

Several minutes passed. I'd lost interest in the chat and was busy working on a script I was writing to kill those damn little pop up advertisement windows that drove me inexplicably out of my mind.

<i_am_death>don't talk much, do you
<fallen1>not really
<i_am_death>where you from

I hesitated only slightly before replying. It went against my better judgment to answer his question, but I did anyway.

<fallen1>new brunswick
<i_am_death>cool. im in hackensack
<fallen1>ahh. we're close
<i_am_death>yeah. we should get together sometime.

I looked twice at what he's just typed. 'we should get together sometime' ? Where the hell had that come from? I remained idle for a while, until he typed again.

<i_am_death>whadda you say?

It didn't take me long to reply. As much as he intrigued me, I didn't know him from Adam. I did want to though.

<fallen1>i dont think so
<i_am_death>why not
<fallen1>i hardly know you
<i_am_death>ahhh. but i know you

I was stunned by his response and relayed my shock.

<fallen1>excuse me?
<i_am_death>as a matter of fact, heero... i know a great deal about you

I had to admit that he was starting to scare me. How the hell did he find out my real name and why was he interested enough to seek out the information?

<i_am_death>no. im not a stalker

I smiled to myself. 'Suave'

<fallen1>thats good to know
<i_am_death> ;)
<fallen1>i don't know anything about you
<i_am_death>do you want to?

I did. The fact that he'd taken the time to check me out intrigued me even further.

<fallen1>it would put us on level ground
<i_am_death>we are a lot alike

I had sensed that as well.

<i_am_death>what is it that you want to know about me?
<fallen1>your name for starters
<i_am_death>my name is duo
<fallen1>nice to meet you duo
<i_am_death>it will be

I ignored the cocky remark.... mostly because I sensed that he was correct.

As the conversation wore on, Duo revealed to me a great deal of what I considered to be mostly useless information. He had just turned 20 and was several years younger than myself. He was attending Rutgers; majoring in Computer Science. None of it really came as any surprise to me. I'd gathered most of what he offered from being in the chat room with him for the past month.

He'd finally brought up where he'd found his background sources on me, doing a /whois and following my poorly concealed trail from there. The ease with which he had delved unwantedly into my personal life made me more than aware how dangerous a place the net really was. I proceeded to immediately delete anything I could find that might allow others to follow his lead.


The upcoming two weeks allowed me little idle time. Finals were approaching and I devoted myself to studying; forcing my chat addiction onto the back burner. The next time I showed up on the Undernet, Duo messaged me before I had a chance to enter the channel.

<i_am_death>finals over?
<i_am_death>same here. going anywhere for winter break
<i_am_death>me neither. looking forward to doing nothing

I smiled at his reply. Taking a mental breather was what breaks were for. It pleased me that we were in synch with our thoughts on it. I didn't think that he was the type to spend the next few weeks cooped up alone in his apartment or dorm like I was planning to do though. I definitely placed him in a much more social category than myself.

<fallen1>no wild parties planned
<i_am_death>nah. i dont do people
<i_am_death>meaning, im not social.
<i_am_death>not meaning i dont *do* people ;)

The sexual innuendo was not lost on me.

<i_am_death>no witty retort
<fallen1>i couldnt think of one

There was a long break in our discussion. I didn't feel uncomfortable by his remark and wondered just how far he'd gone when he looked into my personal life. I wondered if he knew that I was gay and how that knowledge might affect him; or if it already had.

<i_am_death>still not interested, huh?
<fallen1>in what?
<i_am_death>in me

Now I had my answer.

<fallen1>i didn't say that
<i_am_death>no, you didn't
<i_am_death>so... what do you look like, heero

I smiled.

<fallen1>5'9", 180 lbs, dark hair, blue eyes
<i_am_death>mm.... nice
<i_am_death>i bet you're sexy as hell
<fallen1>im not
<i_am_death>i am
<fallen1>cocky, are we? ;)
<i_am_death>no, just honest

I laughed out loud at his response.

<i_am_death>you're laughing at me, arent you?
<i_am_death>i knew it!
<i_am_death>are you curious to see what i look like?

My eyes went wide as the DCC receive window suddenly popped up onto the screen. I clicked accept and watched as the blue bar moved across the length of the white rectangle and clicked 'open' when the file transfer was complete. Photoshop opened and a photograph that I'm not likely to ever forget emblazoned itself across my desktop.

<fallen1>you aren't wearing very much
<i_am_death>does that disappoint you?

I minimized mIRC and looked back at the picture. He was beautiful. It was the only word that I could think of. Pale skin, ridiculously long chestnut hair and a thin yet toned body. He displayed himself for the camera; sprawled out on a king-sized bed wearing nothing but a pair of faded blue denim shorts. The top button of his shorts was left undone and the zipper was lowered just enough so that I could tell that the odd shade of his hair was indeed his natural color. I found the word erotic coming to mind; immediately followed by sensual. I hesitated to reply; knowing that telling him that I thought he was beautiful would most likely be an insult; he was, after all, male. I took one more look at his picture. Very male.

<fallen1>you are very sexy, duo
<i_am_death>since you wont meet me, what do you say we just play around on the computer for now

I was only mildly shocked.

<fallen1>you wanna cyber?

I hoped I'd not misread him.

<i_am_death>for now....
<fallen1>ive never done this before
<i_am_death>me neither

I was relieved by his admission. I would have hated fumbling through this for the first time by myself. I felt comforted that he'd be right there fumbling with me.

<fallen1>can i ask you something first?
<i_am_death>sure, heero
<fallen1>yeah, why did you do a check on me.. why are you attracted to me?

I had to make the assumption he was. I also had to assume he'd found a picture of me; even if he'd not admitted to it.

<i_am_death>it was your nick that caught my attention at first. like a fallen angel, yanno?

I nodded to myself. I'd taken the nick with that image in mind.

<i_am_death>was that your intention?
<i_am_death>:) i can read people fairly well. the nick peeked my curiosity and i did some checking around. you're a pretty cool guy, heero
<fallen1>not really
<i_am_death>don't be modest. very attractive too i think. ive a thing for asian men
<fallen1>you saw a picture of me?
<i_am_death>no, your last name. am i wrong?
<fallen1>i am half japanese. thus the blue eyes. want me to send a picture?

There was a pause.

<i_am_death>no. its ok

His response didn't surprise me. His interest in me stemmed from what he'd learned about me on the net. The same was true for me as well. I was attracted to him before he'd sent me his picture; I was even more so now. Perhaps he thought that a picture would spoil the mental image he'd created of me. He had more information about me to go on than I did about him.


Another short pause followed. I wondered if he was as nervous about this whole encounter as I was.

<i_am_death>i guess i'll start now..

He apparently was.

<i_am_death>im half hard just thinking about what we're going to do

I shivered slightly at the mental image of that. I of course pictured him in the same very tight shorts he wore in the picture he'd sent me.

<fallen1>me too

It wasn't a lie. It had taken all of seconds for my body to react to his admission.

<fallen1>what are you wearing?
<i_am_death>just a pair of sweat pants. they're black. its my favorite color.

I changed the vision of him I had to align with the description he'd just given me.

<fallen1>im wearing a pair of faded dungarees, black t-shirt
<i_am_death>you could start by taking that shirt off
<i_am_death>going to get warm soon
<fallen1>it already is
<i_am_death>tell me what your hands look like

His request took me by surprise at first, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

<fallen1>i have a light bronze complexion. my fingers are slender
<fallen1>they'd look nice against your pale skin
<i_am_death>thats what i was thinking
<fallen1>i want to touch you
<i_am_death>then do it

I reached up under my shirt and brushed the side of the tip of my thumb against my left nipple. I shivered at the sensation it sent to my groin. I relayed the movements of my hands to him the best I could, continuing to tease both of my nipples into hardened nubs as I imagined my hands on his chest.

<i_am_death>mmm... thats nice, heero. more

I wished that I could hear him moan. I wished that he could hear me groan as he asked me for more; I wanted him to see the effect this was having on me. I shifted in my chair and reached down to adjust my erection; undoing the top button of my jeans to make myself more comfortable.

<fallen1>you like it when i take charge?
<i_am_death>oh yeah. tell me what you want me to do
<fallen1>do you have any kinks, duo
<fallen1>anything special that turns you on
<i_am_death>aside from having a hard cock up my ass, no

I nearly gasped.

<fallen1>take your pants off
<i_am_death>mmm.. now we're getting somewhere

I gave him a minute to comply, rubbing the palm of my hand lightly against my still trapped length. The pressure of my hand in combination with the tight demin was magnificent. I spread my legs a bit further and let my hands drift down to fondle my balls.

<i_am_death>im very naked now.. and very hard
<i_am_death>touch my cock, heero
<fallen1>im wrapping my fingers around it now. squeezing it. working my fist all the way up and down it
<i_am_death>oh yeah.... that's good. nnnn... stroke it faster

I wondered if he was touching himself. I supposed that was the way this worked. I stood and undid the rest of the buttons and lowered my jeans and underwear to my ankles before sitting back down. I described to Duo my current state of undress and gave him a brief description of the condition my own need was in.

<fallen1>im very hard and very wet
<i_am_death>oh yeah.. i can see that. my mouth is watering for it
<fallen1>i want you to touch me, make me come
<i_am_death>im stroking it
<i_am_death>nnn.. heero
<fallen1>don't stop
<i_am_death>im pumping it, baby

My own hand moved rapidly up and down my length. I hesitated to reply, not wanting to abandon the vision of Duo's long pale fingers wrapped around my aching stiffness that was flashing behind my closed eyelids.

<i_am_death>keep going.. oh yeah.. just like that... im almost there

I dont know how long his words were on the screen. I typed the reply with my one free hand as soon as I'd reopened my eyes.

<fallen1>you like it like that... on the tip?
<i_am_death>mmm... yeah. its slippery. so good
<fallen1>you're so wet. i want you to come hard for me
<i_am_death>im gonna. use your other hand to touch me between my legs. just my balls if you want

I moaned aloud, moving my hand down off the keyboard to rub my own tight sac, imaging Duo's moans as I touched him as he requested.

<fallen1>spread your legs, duo
<fallen1>open them wide for me
<i_am_death>oh yeah, heero. touch me hard there
<fallen1>tell me how good that feels when i do it like that
<i_am_death>real good. ive got my hand in between your legs now too

I shivered and stopped my lazy strokes to rub my balls against one another, letting two of my fingers reach beneath them to tease my entrance.

<i_am_death>nnnn... damn.... its soo good
<fallen1>i want you to come now
<i_am_death>i can do that. im ready
<fallen1>sit back and do it, duo. my hands are touching you just the way you like it
<fallen1>i want to hear you moan. i want to watch you come all over yourself

The vision was too much for me. I put both of my hands to work and looked down to watch as I stroked myself, picturing Duo's beautiful face twisted in pleasure as he showered his pale chest with his hot release. My hips rose up off the chair as my peak hit and my cock twitched as it sputtered out warm jets of come. It was a much more intense orgasm than I usually experienced by my own hand; I wondered if Duo found the experience to be similar.

<i_am_death>wow. umm...

I smiled. I think he had.

<fallen1>yeah. that was intense
<i_am_death>uh huh
<fallen1>went well for a first time
<i_am_death>so, you're up for it again?
<fallen1>yeah. why wouldn't i be
<i_am_death>you seemed a little unsure
<fallen1>maybe a little
<i_am_Death>we really need to meet in rl

I differed opinions with him there. Just cause we had fairly good cyber sex didn't mean anything. It was possible we wouldn't be attracted to each other in real life. I take that back. It's possible that he would not be attracted to me in real life. I already knew that I was very much attracted to him.

He replied before I had a chance to respond.

<i_am_death>we can wait a while if you want
<fallen1>we should wait
<i_am_death>i should be going.... i umm.. need a shower.

I let out a chuckle.

<fallen1>me too. bbl?
<i_am_death>yeah. bout an hour. u?
<i_am_death>see ya, heero
<fallen1>bye, duo

I signed off of irc and leaned back in my chair. A huge smile found its way onto my normally passive face.

This winter break was going to be very much unlike like how I'd envisioned it.


We spent hours that night just talking. It was mostly meaningless chatter and the later the hour grew, the sillier Duo seemed to get. I figured that he was one of those people who lack of sleep just affected that way. I found myself laughing at his antics. I, on the other hand, grew more silent as the night turned to early morning. Finally at around 4:00am we said goodnight and I headed to bed; with thoughts of the evenings events replaying themselves in my head.

It wasn't only the sex part of our encounter that filled my thoughts. I was now convinced that Duo and I would most likely get along rather well if we were to meet. I decided that it was a risk I was willing to take; and in the near future. I knew the decision would please him. If he found me just a fraction as attractive as I found him, my life would be taking a major turn for the better.


The following night, I logged on at a little after 11:00. It was two hours later than normal, but I'd fallen asleep on the couch after dinner while watching T.V. I attributed the unusual occurance to my lack of sleep the night before and my bodies need to catch up on some of the sleep I'd gone without while cramming for finals and writing papers.

Duo didn't message me tonight as he had last night.

I wondered if he thought I wasn't going to show up. Or if he thought that the previous nights activities had weirded me out. I guessed that it was also possible that he was weirded out by what had taken place between us. I messaged him as soon as I entered the channel and saw that he was there. I decided I'd put to rest any fears he may have had about my reaction to the previous evening with my greeting.

<fallen1>hey sexy
<i_am_death>hey yourself
<fallen1>i feel asleep after dinner
<i_am_death>ahhh.. sleep is good
<fallen>so, whats up
<i_am_death>not too much. # is quiet tonight

I had noticed that there were only 4 or 5 people in there; as opposed to the standard 15 or more.

<fallen1>think everyone suddenly got a life?
<i_am_death>snicker. somehow i doubt that
<fallen1>its highly overrated
<fallen1>life. its not all its cracked up to be
<i_am_death>it has its moments
<i_am_death>i was thinking about you tonight...
<fallen1>wondering if i was coming on?
<i_am_death>that too...

I grinned.

<fallen1>hm. you looking to go another round?
<i_am_death>do you need to ask
<fallen1>i just did

He paused before responding.

<i_am_death>is this one of those kinks you mentioned?
<i_am_death>yeah. you want me to tell you i wanna play around?
<fallen1>not a kink exactly, but yeah
<i_am_death>you'll find that im very agreeable, heero
<i_am_death>ill beg if thats what does it for you
<fallen1>that may work

Another pause.

<fallen1>i think we can skip some of the formalities tonight
<i_am_death>yeah. we both know what we want

I paused yet again.

<fallen1>what do you want, duo
<i_am_death>how explicit do you want me to be

I wished he could have seen my smirk.

His revelations were an eyeful. I wasn't surprised by the raw language he used, nor the vivid description he gave of the position he lie in while I fucked him with my fingers. I could almost see him thrashing around on the bed as I drove my fingers deep up into him. It took a tremendous amount of control not to bring myself to climax before he signaled that he was ready.

<i_am_death>now, heero.. unh...i want you to fuck me
<fallen1>im ready to take you

I went so far as to lube my cock, fully coating it so that my hand would slide over its length with little effort. I suggested to Duo that he do the same to his fingers. I wished I'd had the nerve to ask him if he had a dildo or a vibrator. I had a suspicion that he might. It would have been a wonderful addition to the already superb mental picture I had of him.

<fallen1>spread your legs further, duo
<fallen1>the tip of my cock is right there at your entrance. can you feel it? are you sure you want me to do this?
<i_am_death>yeah... do it, heero. take me

I thrust my hips up and into the tight tunnel I'd formed with my fist.

<i_am_death>deeper, heero. mmm... the stretch feels good
<fallen1>you're so tight
<i_am_death>i can take it. i can take it all
<fallen1>im so there. im giving it to you.... hard

In my mind, I was already buried to the hilt inside of him. I could almost hear what I imagined were his breathy pleas. I was panting myself; already so close to the edge. Duo was just as hungry for it; meeting each one of my thrusts with enthusiasm as his slender hips rose up off the bed as I slammed into him again and again.

<fallen1>is that how you want it
<i_am_death>fuck yeah... the harder the better
<fallen1>nn.... i cant hold out much longer

That was not a lie, not even an exaggeration. My hand slowed considerably in an effort to prolong the pleasure for as long as I could.

<i_am_death>me neither
<i_am_death>i so needed to get fucked like this
<fallen1>i needed to fuck you
<i_am_death>yeah... christ
<i_am_death>nnn... finish me

I wished that I could see him. I could picture him seated at his computer, slouched back in a chair with his legs spread wide; wanton and panting as he drove his fingers in and out of himself while wishing it were me. My cock twitched in jealousy and my hand sped up.

<fallen1>lets go, duo
<i_am_death>im with you

I leaned back and reread what was visible of our session on the screen; almost able to hear his deep voice pleading with me in the words he himself had typed. I moaned his name as I brought myself off, moving my eyes back and forth from the black text on computer screen to where my both hands tugged at my pulsing cock. My orgasm hit hard, once again providing me with a peak so much more intense than usual. And even more intense than the one I'd had last night.

I allowed myself a minute or two to catch my breath.

<fallen1>we need to meet in rl

I knew he really had that smile on his face.


We'd decided that Duo would drive here and that we would meet at the Southeast entrance of the mall in New Brunswick at 12:00. We didn't plan anything beyond that. It was enough.

<i_am_death>how will i find you?
<fallen1>ill find you

Nothing could have stopped me.


I probably should have been nervous as I drove the 10 miles into town. I wasn't quite sure why it didn't phase me and wisely decided not to analyze my uncharacteristic behavior any further. Something made me certain that the comfort I felt with Duo online would transfer to our in person meeting. We did after all have a good deal in common. I sensed there was more we shared and was anxious to find out if my hunch was correct.

I brought the car to a stop for a traffic light and peered into the rearview mirror to check my hair. It was still slightly damp from my shower and just as unruly as ever. I ran my fingers through my bangs to push them away from my face. The car behind me honked and I stepped on the gas; driving only several blocks further before signaling my intention to turn into the mall parking lot.


I was early.

I looked down at my watch to find it still only 11:55 and I'd already been there for more than 10 minutes. I searched the crowd of people that loitered around the entrance again, washing my eyes over them with great care so as not to miss him. I felt someone tap my shoulder just seconds later and turned to find him standing beside me.

I smiled. "Duo."

His long chestnut hair was pulled back into a tight braid; the thick rope draped over his shoulder and reaching down to well past his waist. He was dressed in a pair of low rise faded black jeans and a short sleeved white lycra shirt that barely managed to conceal what I could see was his taut midsection. He had a wide grin on his face. It was nearly a perfect match for the one I'd imagined on him so many times.

"I knew it was you."

I didn't ask how he singled me out from among the crowd. I was glad that he had. He seemed to be pleased with his feat as well.

"So, what do you wanna do?"

He shrugged. "Sup to you."

As if I'd done it a million times, I reached down to take his hand in mine, eliciting another of those smiles that I already knew I would never tire of seeing.


We spent the first hour or so just wandering aimlessly around the huge mall; stopping in a store every now and then when something in the window caught either his or my attention. Duo suggested we head over to the food court for lunch at a few minutes after one. The idea sounded good and we ended up agreeing on McDonalds; not because either one of us preferred the food, but because the line was relatively nonexistant... we both knew why that was.

Lunch was enlightening. Our discussion turned a little more serious as we sat across from one another at a small table off to the side of the two story high space. He let his guard down a bit and told me some fairly personal things about himself. I'd not been incorrect in thinking that we had a great deal in common. His admission that he was raised in an orphanage came as little surprise to me just as my confession to a similar upbringing didn't take him by surprise. Perhaps that partially explained why we seemed drawn to one another.

"They have a great arcade here." I told him.

He agreed that we should go check it out and we found our way there as soon as we'd finished lunch; spending several hours lost in what was apparently a favorite past time of both of ours. He had a wicked sense of humor; I couldn't recall ever laughing as hard as I had at his jokes and at his uncanny delivery. He was indeed as animated as I'd predicted. It suited him.


We left the arcade and seated ourselves on a wooden bench just outside the entrance where we'd met several hours ago. I turned to face him and prepared to ask him something I'd been curious about since we'd first met online.

"Do you do this kind of thing often?"

He just stared at me with his wide violet eyes. I made a note to ask him about their odd shade later.

I couldn't tell by his expression whether he understood what I was referring to or not, so I clarified my question. "Do you always go around trying to seduce people online?"

He tried to look hurt, but I could tell it was all an act. "Why, Heero! I'm shocked!"

I blushed a little before smiling at him. "Well?"

His expression turned more serious, though I still could tell he was amused. "Actually, you were the first."

He winked at me then. "Honestly." he added. "There was just something about you. I can't quite put my finger on it. I went with my feelings on this one."

I nodded. I think he knew that I had the same sense. "Seems to be working out okay so far."

"Yeah." He turned away for a second to scan the mall and then turned back to face me. "I like you a lot, Heero."

"Good. Cause I like you too."

He was silent then. He looked to be in serious thought.

"I've never actually been in a relationship before..." he started. "... with a guy. Just a bit of screwing around."

I smiled. "It's not all that different I'm guessing."

"Have you ever... yanno... with a girl?"

I chuckled. "No."

He didn't say anything for a while and I decided to break the silence.

"But you're not a girl, are you?"

He smiled at me. "Ut uh.. definitely not a girl."

I could feel myself becoming aroused by the direction the conversation seemed to be taking. It took some willpower to keep my eyes from gravitating downward and in between Duo's legs to see if he was being similarly affected. "You want to go get some dinner?"

He looked at me with surprise.

I peered out through the huge glass doors to find it still very much daylight outside. "I guess it's a little early for that."

"Nah. I could go for something."

"Good. I know of a great place. It's an hour away. I'll drive."


Dinner was nothing fancy. We were both dressed pretty casually and I wasn't in the mood for anything more than a grilled burger. We talked as we ate, not in a rush to hurry through the meal. After about an hour, the waitress came by and cleared our table. We both declined her offer of dessert.

"We should be going soon. I have a bit of drive ahead of me."

"You planning on going home tonight?"

He took the corner of his lower lip in between his teeth. "I figured I would..."

Maybe I was rushing him.

Maybe he didn't find me attractive enough to sleep with.

Maybe he was waiting for me to extend him an invitation to spend the night with me. I decided not to waste time trying to figure out which one of the above reasons his hesitation stemmed from.

"I was hoping you'd stay the night." I told him. "No pressure though." I added.

His eyes lit up. "I was hoping you'd ask."

I felt my face flush slightly and leaned across the table. "You're even sexier in person." I whispered. "Did you know that?"

Up until now, embarrassed was an expression I'd yet to see on him. "Mm.... whadda ya say we get out of here"


The hour ride back to my apartment in New Brunswick was filled with admissions about our impressions of one another.

We spoke first of those that were made online and then the new ones that had formed since we'd met. I tried not to focus on the sexual aspect of our relationship, though that was what foremost came to mind. It was, after all, the greater part of what was going on between us.

Duo leaned back against the head rest and watched me as I drove. "You're much better looking than I imagined you would be."

I smiled. "Thanks. As I said earlier, that picture doesn't do you justice. At all."

There was a short period of silence before he reached over to take my one hand off the steering wheel and bring it down into his lap. "I want you to touch me.... for real."

I looked over at him, fighting back a moan as he rubbed my open palm over his erection.

"I don't think I can wait till we get back to your place. I can't stop thinking about it... about having your hands on me. God, Heero.. I'm so fucking hard."

Within seconds I was equally as hard as he was. I removed my hand and looked up at him; easily recognizing the lust that darkened his eyes. "Slide your jeans down."

It had been easier to say that than I had thought it would have been. I usually wasn't this forward when it came to sex; it was very different with Duo. I wasn't sure why though.

I heard the rustle of fabric and glanced over to see him slide the thick denim down his legs to leave his cock fully exposed. I watched with interest as he shifted to seat himself closer to me. "Touch me." he moaned.

I did, immediately wrapping my fingers tightly around the thick shaft of his stiffenend flesh. "Oh Christ!" he whimpered.

I knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out for long. Another minute or two of touching him like this; of listening to the sexy sounds of his pleasure that filled the car was probably going to make me come in my pants.

His hips thrust up off the seat as I stroked him. "Oh yeah... I'm gonna come for you in no time." he admitted, letting out a small gasp each time I passed my index finger over the wet tip of his arousal.

There was something about the sound of that I liked. I wanted to make him come; for me. I wanted to watch instead of just imagine. I wondered how he would react if he knew how close to joining him I was. "I'm going to pull over." I warned.

"Okay." he panted, easing himself back down onto the seat once I'd removed my hand from him.

We were on a two-lane highway that fortunately had an emergency lane and very poor lighting. I pulled the car over, putting it into park once I'd maneuvered the vehicle in between a pair of dull amber streetlights.

"This should be okay." I told him. "We won't be here for long."

He let out a small laugh at my implication and moaned as I moved closer to him. "Put your hand back on me."

I complied without a moments hesitation, at the same time taking his left hand and resting it on the sizeable bulge in my jeans. "Just hold it there." I told him, applying some pressure with my hand and moving the two so that his palm cradled my length; just enough to keep me on the edge.

I stroked him with more purpose as I watched the mounting pleasure on his face. He looked over at me as his climax approached and it dawned on him what the purpose of me having him hold my cock was. "Fuck... I'm taking you with me." His eyes squeezed shut tight and his back arched as his release began. I lifted my hips up to thrust against his hand seeking more friction. "You look so fucking hot. Geezus, Duo." His cries grew louder as my cock trembled beneath his hand; his own body shuddering as his come coated his chest, the thick streams barely noticeable as they splashed against his white shirt.

I sunk back down into the seat after we'd both finished climaxing. Duo's eyes were still closed. I could see his chest rising and falling; though less rapidly than it had been just moments earlier. I was impressed that mere mutual masturbation could deliver such an incredible orgasm. It wasn't even mutual.... Duo had barely touched me. It wasn't because I was horny either, we'd fooled around on the computer the last two nights.

He finally opened his eyes and smiled at me. "What was *that* all about?"

I shook my head dumbly. "I have no idea." I laughed at the goofy expression on his face. If that was any indication of what sex with Duo was going to be like, I was in serious trouble.

"I turn you on that much?" He sounded surprised. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why.

Didn't he know how gorgeous he was? That hair. Those eyes. The way his slender hips swayed when he walked. Everything he did exuded sensuality. Everything. At least that was my take. I couldn't have been that far off.

I started the car. "Hell, yeah." I told him with a smirk. "Damn fucking irresistible."

"Better hurry up and get me home then. Cause I'm hard again already.... and the feeling is most definitely mutual."


I didn't speed; much.

I'd heard a rumor that anything within 10 miles of the posted speed limit was acceptable. The only exception was if it was near the end of the month and they were short on ticket quotas or if the officer had just had a fight with their spouse. Otherwise you were relatively safe. My car could easily handle 60. Pushing it to 70 was just that, pushing it. I pushed. It got us home 10 minutes sooner.

I pulled into the underground garage and parked the car. Duo walked closely behind me and followed me into the elevator. The doors closed leaving us alone in the small space and I pressed my lips against his as my body pinned him to the metal wall at his back. His lips parted to admit my tongue; the two wrestling with a matched fervor. I pulled away a few seconds later. "I've been dying to do that." I admitted.

He leaned forward to tug at my lower lip with his teeth. "Then do it again."

A loud buzz signaled our arrival on the 3rd floor. I took one step back from him and turned to face the now open elevator door. "I have every intention of it."


Any pretense that remained was quickly dropped once we'd stepped inside my apartment. Duo had successfully unfastened both the button and zipper of my jeans before I'd even had a chance to lock the door.

"Bedroom." I told him, pointing toward said room. I looked down at my disheveled pants and then back up at him. "I'm gonna go clean up."

I followed his retreat into my room and watched as he stood facing away from me just inside the doorway. His back arched slightly as he raised his arms high over his head to slip out of the thin white fabric of his shirt. I shook my head before continuing to make my way into the bathroom; confirming my earlier suspicion that there was indeed a natural grace and sensuality in everything that he did.


When I entered the bedroom, the lights were still off, but I could make out his form lying in the center of my bed. I walked toward the window and tilted the blinds upward to allow a little more light into the room. "We can leave the lights off.." I told him. "... but I want to be able to see you.

"I have nothing to hide." He assured me.

I sat down on the edge of the mattress and looked over to where he lie. His belt was unfastened, as was the top button of his jeans. The zipper was lowered and the fabric had been folded away to reveal an uneven triangle of the white cotton briefs he wore underneath. I laid one hand out flat on the inside of his thigh and slid it upward, brushing lightly against his testicles before passing it over the rising bulge of his desire still hidden beneath his clothes. "There are some things you are hiding." I corrected him.

He hissed as I squeezed his erection. "Nnnn... you are very good at hide and seek."

"I'm good at a lot of things." I admitted.

I reached inside his underwear with one hand to grasp his length, using the other to pull the fabric down and away; fully exposing him. His eyes darted back and forth between mine and what it was that my hands were doing to him.

"What do you want, Duo?" I leisurely stroked his cock as I asked, watching the reaction my actions had on his expression.

"Fuck me." he breathed. "I want you to fuck me."

I could feel myself harden even further as he spoke; almost to the point of pain. "The lube is in the nightstand."

He rolled over to reach for the handle of the drawer and I slid my fingers inside the waistband of his jeans, taking his briefs along with them and sliding both down over his slender hips and thighs. He retrieved the clear bottle and laid flat on his back again, watching as I proceeded to rid him of the rest of his clothes.

I took the bottle from him, coating the fingers of my one hand and nudging the inside of his thigh to urge him to spread his legs further with the other. He'd eluded to the fact, earlier, that he'd not had sex. I wanted to be certain; I needed to know that he wanted this as much as I did. And that he knew what he was asking me for.

"Are you sure that's what you want? Have you ever been fucked before?" I didn't wait for him to respond before letting several of my slick fingers tease his opening.

"Yeah... I'm sure."

I knew that at the very least he'd used his own fingers when he masturbated. I was curious if he had gone beyond that though; if he'd used anything else in his play.

I climbed over him to lay on my side next to him, my fingers still drawing circles around his entrance. "Exactly how much experience do you have, Duo?" I slid just the tip of my index finger inside of him as I asked the question. He let out a soft hiss before responding.

"I... I've used toys..."

I inwardly smiled and pushed the rest of my one finger up into him. "A vibrator?"

"Yeah. Nnn...Fuck... stop teasing me." he hissed.

I bent forward and took one his nipples into my mouth, clamping my teeth down onto the already stiff nub; not enough to cause him pain, just enough to get his attention. "I'm not a tease." I told him.

He moaned and pushed back against my hand. I added a second finger; quickly working them in and out of him. His body seemed to respond quite favorably to the rougher touch. I shifted my hips so that my erection was flush up against the outside of his thigh. I wished I'd taken off my pants before we'd started this.

"Is that all?" I asked.

I watched his reaction to my question. I could tell he was a bit hesitant to respond. I bit down on his nipple again, a little harder this time. "Hmmmm?"

He gasped as my fingers brushed against his prostate. "I have a dildo."

I rocked my hips against him, added another finger; fucking him with them hard and even harder still as he pushed back against the intrusion.

"I'm ready.... God.... Heero!" he cried out.

Withdrawing my fingers, I brought myself up onto my knees and removed my jeans. I looked over to find him watching me, his eyes just moving upward to meet mine. I took the bottle of Astroglide and opened it, letting a stream of the clear gel drizzle down over my cock. His tongue darted out to lick at his lips as I worked the cool liquid over the length of my shaft.

I moved to situate myself in between his legs and watched him as they parted still wider for me. "Nervous?"

"I trust you."

I smiled down at him. "Good. Put your legs up on my shoulders, Duo."

He shifted on the bed, draping both of his long legs over me and spreading his legs wide to leave his entrance fully exposed and just inches away from the head of my cock. I moved forward until the slick tip brushed against his opening and looked up at him as I pushed just the head past his tight ring of muscle.

His face showed no sign of discomfort and I entered him fully with one slow steady push. His head fell back slightly and his eyes rolled back into his head. I allowed my own to do the same. He was tight; hot and tight. I could still see his face behind my eyelids, the lust and pleasure making him even more beautiful. I'd never wanted anyone as much as I wanted him.

I waited a minute more before opening my eyes. His were still closed. He didn't look to be in any pain; quite the opposite in fact. "I am going to fuck you into the middle of next week." I growled.

His eyes shot open at that. I almost laughed at the expression on his face, instead asking him with my eyes if he was ready. He nodded and I pulled part of the way out, slowly reentering the heat and divine pressure his body offered. "It's good." I told him; pulling almost all the way out this time and slamming back into him with a sudden sharp snap of my hips. "So fucking good." I moaned.

"Harder, Heero!" he pleaded. "Please.... Christ..."

Neither my body or my mind was in any position to argue with his request. I'm not even sure if I would have been able to stop my hips from the pattern of steady thrusts his words had encouraged. I reached down with both hands and pulled his hips still closer, holding onto the soft ivory flesh with an almost maddening grip. I'd lost the ability to speak, yet could hear myself grunting as the hot caress of his smooth channel brought me closer to climax.

His right hand reached forward and slim fingers wrapped tightly around his cock. "I can't..."

"Do it..."

The precise second those words left my lips, he came. His muscles gripped every surface of my length like a velvet-lined vise, trapping me inside the spasming wet heat of his climaxing body. His cock erupted, sending thick pearly streams of come across his smooth pale chest as I emptied myself into him. Oddly enough their were no screams of ecstasy, the sound of two sets of lungs gasping for air, instead, thundering hard against my eardrums.


The nothingness that followed was just that... nothing.

I thought for a moment that I'd died; at the very least I'd blacked out. I pulled out of Duo with a soft moan and eased his legs back down onto the bed. He looked to be in a comfortable state of unconsciousness himself. I think totally and completely sated would be a good phrase to describe the emotion I felt, as well as describing the unseen expression I was sure my face revealed.

I reached down to draw the covers up over us; pulling Duo toward me with both arms to lie against my chest and we slept.


I woke the following morning to find the space beside me on the bed empty. I rolled over onto my back and listened for any possible clues to Duo's whereabouts. I knew that he was still here; we'd not stopped by the mall last night to pick up his car. I heard one of the cabinet doors slam shut in the kitchen. "I'm gonna go take a shower." I called out as I moved to seat myself on the edge of the mattress.

"I'm making something to eat. Hope you don't mind."

I looked toward the doorway at hearing his voice. I let my eyes wash over him. He was wearing his jeans and nothing else. His hair was wet, but already braided. I was slightly dissappointed; I was hoping to see him with it down this morning. "Breakfast sounds good."

He smiled and retreated back into the kitchen, leaving me to go about my morning routine.


"How the hell can you afford this place?"

It was the first question he'd asked once I'd seated myself at the table.

My apartment was small, but it was located in a luxury building and had a fair share of ammenities. It was very different from what I imagined his dorm room looked like. "I worked for three years before starting college."

He took a sip of his coffee before he looked over at me. "Ahhh... So, that makes you what? 23?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I'm an older man."

He smiled. "What did you do? When you worked."

"Software. Programming mostly."

"Cool. School must be a breeze for you then."

"Sometimes." I winked.

"You're in third year?"

"Yeah. You too?"


"The eggs are good, Duo."

"Thanks. I added water."


We decided to go pick up Duo's car right after breakfast. I didn't really like the idea of leaving it in the mall parking lot overnight; but we'd been in too much of a hurry to get home last night to take the extra 20 minutes it required to go back and get it. I loaned him a clean shirt and he eluded to the fact that he would be heading home from the mall; though he didn't come right out and say so.

The both of us still had another 3 weeks of winter break and I for one didn't see the need for him to rush back home. I had no life. He had no life. At least together we'd have company; and some fairly great sex. He grinned when I added the last part as I pleaded my case.

"I should go home and at least pick up some clothes and stuff." He reached around and grabbed the end of his braid. "I use a ton of shampoo."

I imagined that that was indeed true.

He wrote down the directions to my house as I drove back to the mall.

"I'll be back in a few hours." he told me as he got out of the car.

He peered back into the open passenger side window a second later. "You sure you wanna do this, Heero?"

"Yes, Duo. Just go." I replied, smiling at his smile. "The sooner you leave, the sooner you can come back."

He blew me a kiss and I watched as he slid into the drivers seat of his car before pulling out of the parking lot.


On the way home, I stopped at the supermarket. I didn't keep a lot of food in the apartment and even less when school was in session. Winter break had started only 3 days ago and I'd not yet had a inclination to shop. From what I could tell Duo was a big eater; though it didn't show. It took me only a second to attribute it to his overabundance of nervous energy.

Since I didn't have any idea of what he liked to eat, I picked up some generic-type frozen food; things that I figured everyone ate. I threw in a few packages of hamburger meat. I knew he wasn't a vegetarian.


When I got back to my apartment the phone was ringing. I sat the bags down on the kitchen counter and reached over to pick it up.


"Hey, Heero."

"What's up?"

"I was just calling to... I ...wanted to know... if um.... "


"Just wanted to see if you'd changed your mind, yanno?"

"Duo." I spoke sternly into the phone.

"You don't even know me, Heero."

Now he sounded like me just a few days ago. "I'll get to know you."


"You can tell me all of your sordid secrets as soon you get here. I have the option of telling you to get lost afterwards. Okay?"

I could hear him let out a low sigh.

"I can't force you to come, Duo." I told him. "But I want you to. Really want you to."

I didn't give him much of a chance to reply. "I'll see you later, okay?"

"I'll be there at around 6."

I looked over a the clock on the microwave. It was only quarter past noon. "Six is fine. See you then."



I hung up the phone and unpacked the groceries, folding each of the 3 brown paper bags neatly into thirds and tucking them into the tiny cabinet next to the sink once I'd emptied them. I looked around the apartment. Everything seemed to be in order. I'd changed the sheets and remade the bed earlier while Duo cleaned up the dishes from our morning meal and returned the kitchen back to its pre-breakfast state.

There was nothing left to do.

But think.


I spent the next hour trying to figure out what could have happened between the mall and his house to make him change his mind; or what it was that made him wonder if I'd changed my mind. I acknowledged that things between us were progressing fairly rapidly. It was one thing to meet someone you hardly knew and have sex with them; quite another to ask them to literally move in with you for a few days.

I mulled over all the things that I was certain I knew about him. There was no question that he tended to be a bit on the moody side. I was not without my moments. That in itself didn't seem insurmountable. One or the other of us could always go out, or lock ourselves in the bedroom for a few hours.

We were also both relatively anti-social. I admitted that that might be a problem; even if we did see to enjoy one anothers company. We'd only spent one day together. It was a far cry from the upcoming 4 or 5 days we were planning on.

By the time 5:00 rolled around, I'd half convinced myself that he wasn't going to show up.

I moped around the apartment, throwing the soiled sheets into the washer and preheating the oven for dinner. I popped a Stevie Ray Vaughan [1] CD into the carousel and poured myself a glass of red wine before collapsing down onto the couch.

I rested my head back against the sofa, taking a sip of the bitter red liquid. I closed my eyes and focused on the twangy bass voice that filled the small space. Each familiar chord rang out with clarity and was further accentuated by the scratch of calloused fingers moving over tightly wound steel strings. I lost myself in the mood of the melody; mouthing an ocassional line that seemed particularly poignant.

At 5:21 I buzzed him in.

It was the shortest pity party I'd ever had.


Duo mentioned nothing about the phone call upon his arrival. The subject didn't come up during dinner either. Against my better judgment and despite my rising curiosity, I decided not to bring it up. I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher while I suggested that Duo look through my DVD collection for the evenings entertainment. It wasn't that extensive, but there was wide enough of a variety that he should have been able to find something he liked.

"You like anime?"

I grinned as he called out to me from the other room. "Yeah. Love it."

I finished straightening out the kitchen and entered the living room. He was still crouched down in front of the cabinet that held my small collection of movies. There were about 5 or 6 of them in a neat pile on the floor beside him. "Find anything you like?"

He looked up at me smiled. "You kidding! You've got some great stuff here."

I knelt down next to him and glanced at the ones he'd chosen so far. I picked one up. "Have you seen Yami No Matsuei yet?" [2]

He shook his head no.

"You need to." I winked.


We found ourselves in bed shortly after we'd watched the first 8 episodes of YnM.

The foreplay had started about three quarters through the 2 hour event. I was surprised that either one of us had been able to last that long. A simple kiss during the closing song after episode 6 turned quickly into all-out groping, ending with me pulling Duo down on top of me as I reclined back onto the couch. Things moved rather quickly from there. By the time we managed to make into the bedroom, we were both highly aroused and neither one of us was wearing a stitch of clothes.

I took him again, this time; having margianally more stamina than last. I was able to recall exactly where his body responded most favorably to my touches; using that knowledge to extract the most erotic sounds imaginable from him. I chuckled at the occasional insult he threw my way as I teased him with little mercy.


Much unlike the night before, neither one of us was comatose after sex.

Duo sat with his back against the headboard; the pillow folded in half and propped up behind him. "I spent a year in a mental hospital."

His announcement took me by surprise, but I tried not to show it. I rolled over onto my side and propped my head up to look over at him. "What for?"


My eyes widened.

"Just kidding."

I smacked him in the arm. "Seriously...."

He took a deep breath. "Depression.. suicide. The usual."

"Ahhh..." I'd had bouts of it myself. Nothing serious enough to consider hospitalization.

"Does it bother you?" he asked. "I mean... of course it bothers you. The question is how *much* does it bother you?"

How much *did* it bother me? Very little, if at all. "You on meds?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Just Prozac now."

I smiled. "Me too."

Relief washed over his face and I tackled him down onto the bed for a deep kiss before covering us both and turning out the light


Waking up with your raging hard-on nuzzled against the very warm and firm ass of Duo "i_am_death" Maxwell is a very good thing. Every part of me rejoiced in the overwhelming sensation; it was a total body celebration. I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent and the heavy smell of sex that still lingered in the air.


I moved closer, tightening the grip I'd managed to maintain on him throughout the night and slid my hand downward; wrapping my fingers around his arousal and giving it a good squeeze. "You're up."

"You're so observant." he giggled. "I won't bother to state the obvious."

I pushed my hips forward. "It is pretty obvious, I suppose." I whispered. "I'm insatiable." I admitted.

He rolled over and turned toward me, careful not to slip from my embrace. "Insatiable is good." He flashed me an impish grin before shifting to lie on top of me; pinning both of my arms high above my head. He brought his mouth down to mine and kissed me; slow and deep; moaning as our tongues moved against each other.

He broke contact after only a minute. "Will you let me take you?"

I could feel myself shivering as he almost reverently whispered those words into my ear. I'd not, in fact, given the matter any thought; not with regard to Duo; not ever.

"I didn't think I wanted to at first, but I want to..... I need to.... let me."

His mouth covered mine again as he rocked his hips against me; rubbing the full length of our erections together.

I'd never been quite this turned on by any of my other sex partners nor found them nearly as irresistible as Duo was; especially now.. like this. The idea of turning him down flitted through my mind for a nanosecond and then it was gone.

I could feel the low vibration of my positive response and his acknowledgment of my submission inside my mouth. He pulled back from the kiss seconds later and released my hands before stretching over to grab the bottle of lube from the nightstand. He looked pleased by what was about to happen, but I could sense his apprehension. Perhaps mine was visible to him as well.

"I want you to." I reassured him.

His violet eyes remained focused on mine as he reached behind his back and slipped the tiny red rubberband from the tail of his braid. He ran his fingers though the twisted plait and moved his head from side to side with a wide smile as he watched my reaction to the cascade of hair that fell to surround him. "You like?"

He sounded so incredibly sexy when he said that. I found myself nodding, my right hand reaching up on its own accord to gather a small lock of his silky hair; letting it slide slowly through my fingers. It was as soft or perhaps softer than I'd imagined. He was even more sensual with it down; I'd not thought it possible.

I heard the cap on the bottle of lube click closed and watched as he moved off to the side before spreading my legs wide for him.

I had gone this far before, with other lovers; allowing them to use their fingers in simulation of what I'm sure some of them truly wanted from me. Duo's desire to top me held considerably more weight. Two slippery fingers entered me simultaneously and I gasped loudly as he pushed them as far up into me as he could.

I raised my eyebrows. "Impatient. Aren't we?"

He looked slightly embarrassed; biting down on his lower lip as he questioned me. "Did I hurt you?"

I shook my head and pushed back against his hand; letting out a low moan and some encouragement. "Keep going."

He did, sliding the two digits in and out with a slow steady rhythm as he watched the expressions on my face. He would find nothing but pleasure there. "More, Duo....."

He squirted out a little more Astroglide onto his hand before adding a third finger. He shifted slightly on the bed beside me, giving me clear view of his straining arousal and the drop of pre cum that glistened at its tip. I reached for it, removing the clear liquid with a light touch of my middle finger; sucking it into my mouth to taste him under his watchful eye. He shuddered as I licked my lips, stretching forward to seek out and graze my prostate. "Tell me when, baby."

My cock twitched at hearing how deep with desire his voice has become. I was as ready as I was ever going to be. "Whenever you're ready."

He stretched over and grabbed the lube, still working his fingers inside me while he poured some out onto his cock. I moved to grasp him, forming a fist around his shaft and sliding my hand up and down to slicken his entire length. His cock felt good in my hand; heavy and warm. I was very much looking forward to having it buried inside me.

The second I eased my grip on him, his fingers slid from inside and he positioned himself between my legs. I bent both of them at the knees and spread them wider; looking up at him as he brought the tip of his arousal to my entrance. He moved forward with a low groan; driving himself fully into me in one smooth motion.

"Jeezus Christ..."

I closed my eyes. There was so much pressure. I could feel his cock twitching inside of me. "Just stay still." I warned him.

I knew that was an extremely difficult order. The urge he must have been feeling to pound me into the mattress had to be strong. I know it had been difficult for me to hold back with him last night.

"Is it always like this?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded. "Good. Isn't it?"

"Real good. Mmmm..." He pressed his hips forward and I could easily see the positive reaction the motion brought.

"Just wait..." I warned him with a wink, thrusting my hips up off the bed to further prove my point.

He began to pull back and move forward, each time, allowing more of his length to slip from inside me. He worked to find a steady rhythm, groaning as the glorious friction became a constant.

"Faster." I urged him. I could hear his breath become heavier with each now carefully calculated thrust he made into me. My own chest heaved; our bodies both glistened with sweat. Long strands of his silken hair clung to the sides of his pleasure contorted face.

"Heero... God... I can't... Christ...."

He was too close to reaching his peak. I wasn't much better off. I arched back up off the bed as the head of his cock brushed my prostate. As much as I was floundering in my own ecstasy, I wanted to be the one that tripped the switch; the one that would send Duo careening over the edge. I needed to.

"Unh... Duo.. Nnnn... I'm taking you down!"

With that, I reached down and wrapped my fingers around my length, pushing my erection forward until it stood at a perfect 90 degree angle from my body. I started to stroke myself roughly, savoring the first shot of my release and the effect the constriction of my internal muscles had on Duo.

He screamed my name as he pressed his body tight against mine, rocking upward and grinding his hips into me as he trembled and gasped. I cried out loudly as well. Duo's body shuddered above me, shooting his heated passion deep inside of me with a long keen wail as my hand still wrought the last vestiges of pleasure from my own cock.

I was able to recall little more.


It took minimal effort to convince Duo to stay with me for the duration of our winter break.

Before he left, I'd hinted that he might consider changing schools in the fall. He seemed excited by the prospect and confirmed that his scholarship was transferable. My apartment was just about big enough for the both of us. We would manage.

I considered us most fortunate that things were working out as well as they were. We had both heard numerous horror stories about online affairs; this just wasn't one of them.

The habit of chatting on IRC was an easier one to break than I'd imagined it would be. And Duo concurred.

We did, after all, have something completely different to obsess over now.

That in essence, is what makes one fundementally happy.

And the sex ain't bad either.....

[1] oooo... gotta love Stevie!!!!
[2] everyone needs to see Yami No Matsuei!!! ... imho, of course ^_~

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