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If You Wanna Know




Heh. . .

Duo fidgeted nervously in the hard seat.  He could feel *his* eyes staring at him, boring holes right through the heavy book Duo was trying to hide behind.

Shimatta.  He's still pissed at me for yesterday.  Duo sighed irritably and squirmed in his chair some more.  It *was* his fault though.  He had gotten excited over a new CD bought that day.  So, he tried, in his everlasting stupidity and stubbornness, to get his roommate to listen to the recording, placing the ear phones, or rather trying to, when the project Heero had been working on got caught between them and . .. well . . .

He sighed mournfully.  It was lying in pieces in the wastebasket of their room.  Which was why they were sitting in a deserted section of the much vaunted but unused library of the private school they were currently enrolled in.  Since it was a weekend, everyone was out somewhere.  Everyone but himself and the glaring boy in front of him though.

Look on the bright side, he admonished himself, Heero had been strangely content with only gracing him with several intense trademark glares.  No death threats, no punches, no efforts at revenge . . . The braided boy sweatdropped.  In a deserted library, where the doors were solid and heavy, where _any_ sound was muffled.  The sweatdrops multiplied, and he risked taking a peek over the musky crumbling text he held.

Eeeep!  Immediately cautious violet eyes lowered once again as they met piercing cobalt ones.  He was dead.  They'd never be able to find his body in this deserted place . . . Mournfully, he silently said good bye to his partner, Shinigami.

He chanced another covert glance over at the silent boy.  This time, Heero was staring at something other than Duo for once today.  The muted light leaking in from the window almost gave the other's features a strangely soft glow, briefly making him seem more human . . . more vulnerable.

Involuntarily Duo let out a snort, nearly choking when it swiftly pulled Heero's attention back to himself.  Strange though.  The Japanese pilot didn't seem upset or sulky over his ruined project, rather distracted . . . and well plain *different* from his normal, focused air lately.

Which was why, he had tried to cheer the other up, only managing to screw the situation up even more.  Sourly, Duo thought.  Heh.  If I wanted to cheer him up, maybe I should've gotten him some firearms . . . or another pair of spandex shorts or something.  Casually, he stretched, arching his spine and hearing a few cracks, feeling a draft of air across his stomach as his shirt rode up.  He yawned.  Boooooring . . . .

Settling back into his seat, Duo allowed himself to ponder at the one true mystery of life, even more mystifying than 'jousan's obsession with Heero, the tightness of Wufei's ponytail, or even how Trowa's bangs managed to keep the same position.  Heero's shorts and the secrets they contained . . . or rather *why* spandex.  There were other options.  Briefly, he imagined Heero in his own wide black pants, or Quatre's khaki's, Wufei's wide- ballooning pants, Trowa's tight jeans.  He paused.  Heh.  Actually, Heero would probably fit them rather well.  His butt filling out the back rather nicely, fabric clinging to hard thighs...


That one word startled the American out of his brief reverie of...never mind.  He grinned widely, albeit nervously, at Heero.

"Eh?  So the great Heero Yuy finally speaks?"  He glanced over , hoping the other hadn't noticed the slightly glazed expression in his eyes . . . and froze.  Intense blue eyes pinned him down.

Shit!  I am dead.  He panicked and suddenly stood up, the scraping of his chair sounding particularly loud in the stillness of the library.  Wildly, he entertained thoughts of running out the door, screaming like a madman.  But this *was* Heero they were talking about . . . he'd probably shoot him before Duo even got past five feet . . .

"Duo." He said the word again, crooking his finger and beckoning the other to his side of the table.

He slowly shuffled towards Heero, keeping one eye on the door in hopes of making his grand escape...which was immediately quelled as Heero firmly pointed to a spot directly in front of him.

Duo gingerly leaned against the table, trying to make himself look as innocent and inconspicuous as possible.  Too bad he couldn't turn chibi like in those manga...

The other boy suddenly stepped in close.  Hard hands, curiously gentle, cupped his face, and Duo found himself staring into those blazing eyes.  He couldn't look away.  Heero continued to look deep into his eyes.  What was he hoping to see?... to find?  As for himself, Duo was content to remain quiet for once, and to look to his heart's content.

Messy brown bangs that never seemed to stand still, finely carved smooth features...seeming almost too perfect and still to be human.  Duo could almost envision that same profile on some marble statue.  He snorted, amused despite the serious moment, and almost as articulate at times.  His lip quirked.

...and found himself unable to draw breath, as the little motion refocused Heero's glare? stare? to his mouth.  Involuntarily, he drew in another ragged breath as the other boy's glance changed from a contemplative one to one more....distinctly predatory...

"Close your eyes."  A softly uttered phrase, but never had Duo heard one with such...interesting undertones to it...

The violet eyed boy did and the results...He gave a little whimper as Heero's hands gripped his face more firmly, firm lips settling possessively over his.  His hands came to rest over the boy's hands...the one looming over him, focused with such intensity on the kiss.

Even as he fully threw himself into the kiss, thinking dizzily, 'Heh, maybe this is something like the last request for the damned, a faint memory brushed at the back of his mind.

A light touch of something brushing against his lips.  Confused, he turned away...but the touch followed.  Another soothed his hot forehead...there was something so comforting and right about that touch.  He gave in to it.

He shook his head slightly.  What?

Heero paused to watch the slim boy beneath him...Could he be remembering?  He smirked, it didn't matter.  He disengaged his hands from Duo's face, and ran them down the braided boy's arms, causing the other to shiver and press closer.  Hn.  Interesting.  He ran his fingers up arms again, and around to the back.

Duo, his eyes still closed, leaned into the solid warmth before him.  He let out a soft sigh as those hands began to massage his back, fingers moving almost inquisitively all around.  Heero's mouth never ceased in its aggressive assault, a warm silkiness moving against his swollen mouth.  Heh.  Now he could die a happy man.

Heero felt more than saw Duo go limp, the other boy literally melting against him.  Note to self:  Duo really really likes massages.  He mentally filed away that fact...something to occupy both of them when they had the time.  As secluded as the library was...a hard wooden table wasn't exactly the best of places for well...what he had in mind, had planned very meticulously in fact.

The cool touch...a relief against his burning, sweaty skin.  Dammit...he was so thirsty and irritably voiced it out loud in a creaking voice.  The hands gently wiping away the stickiness lifted him and pressed something cold against his mouth, and he greedily swallowed the drink.  A calming hand at his back gently caressed the feverish skin there.

The hands, incredibly enough Heero's hands, reminded Duo of a dream...from a while ago.  When he had been sick from a virus, in his feverish dreams, a vague figure had soothed and cared for him.  Nah...not Heero, I am a Rock, Yuy...Although, the boy had been there.  Could it have been him?

Breaking away from their kiss briefly, Heero watched from beneath lowered lashes, as Duo frowned slightly.  He blinked.  Was he doing something wrong?  His hands itched to pick up the manual on the table next to him, but no, it was something else.  Duo moaned slightly in protest and pressed even closer, firmly aligning his body against Heero's, lips seeking his own.  Well...he certainly wasn't frowning over the kiss.  Maybe...he remembered that night?

Coming home from a mission to find his partner shivering and moaning on the floor had been a shock.  Through the night, he had tried his best to help.  He had never thought that nursing someone would be so...intimate.  He couldn't help but run his fingers across those tempting lips...or let his hands wander over that sweat soaked skin.  Duo's braid loosened, and strands of his rich chestnut hair curling about the pale, heart shaped face.  He knew the fever wasn't serious, although it wouldn't feel that way to the ill boy,  but he couldn't refrain from touching Duo to reassure himself of that fact.

Heero smirked once more.  He couldn't resist.  He whispered.  "Do you remember?"

Duo blinked up at Heero.  Masaka.  That dream.  Had it been Heero? "Umm...remember what?"

Heero raised an eyebrow and leaned in, his lips gently touching the other's forehead.  "This..."

Duo's eyes widened.

Just before the break of dawn...when Duo was finally feeling better...he had opened his eyes, squinting against the wash of bright sunlight from the window.  A dark figure had loomed over him, and he felt the feather light touch of a kiss against his cooling forehead.  He smiled drowsily, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep once more, thinking...what a nice dream.

Apparently, it had been Heero.  Duo stood dumbfounded.  Now this was.. interesting? unexpected?  What the hell... one of the most shocking discoveries in his short but psychotic life.  Heh.  Would've thought.  Yuy had maternal instincts!!  He giggled. he was getting hysterical.  Pull yourself together Maxwell, he silently scolded himself.  Death doesn't giggle!!

Heero scowled down at the boy in his arms.  A noise, sounding suspiciously like a giggle, had come from Duo.  He grunted and held the other more securely.  He didn't know why...but this felt right, holding this particular person close.  And a voice from long past had told him...Heero almost smiled; an order like that he could enjoy.

Duo started as as Heero's breath brushed warmly against his ear.  Heero's distinct voice whispered in his ear, "Chigau yo.  The song was's all of those things."  Then the boy brushed another kiss across his lips.

Duo smiled and returned the kiss, the song's chorus running through his mind, "If you wanna know..."

If anyone can guess the song... um congrats~~!!


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