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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Sorceress Fantasia

Iíll be your dream

Iíll be your wish

Iíll be your fantasy

Iíll be your hope

Iíll be your love

Be everything that you need

Iíll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong

I will be faithful

ĎCause Iím counting on

The war was over. Everything I had ever lived for came crashing down on me. I didnít know what to do, or where to go. At first, I had considered staying with Relena and take up her offer for the bodyguard post. But then my heart didnít allow me to. It screamed at me for all I was worth.

/You fool! What are you thinking of?/

ĎLiving.í I replied, quite effortlessly.

/Are you crazy? Staying with Relena?/

I snorted. ĎWhat else?í

I could hear its shrieks of frustration. /Go look for him!/

That did it. It was like that sentence snapped something inside of me. The next thing I was aware of, I was frantically running around the whole place hunting for him. For the first time since I arrived, I cursed the building for its gargantuan vastness. It was Quatreís, and he had been very insistent that we stay there for a much-needed vacation after the battle. It would also be one last gathering for the gundam pilots. After that, we wouldnít be meeting the others anymore. Perhaps only occasionally, or even never.

That thought made my heart constrict helplessly. Somehow, the idea of not meeting him again did not appeal to me. At least, I want to be greeted by his warm smiles every day, and hear that sonorous voice of his. It was something I used to hate, something I grew to love, and something I can no longer live without. I donít need him to survive, but to truly live, that, I need him.

I find him at the last place I would expect him to be. Or rather, I had been too anxious that this place never crossed my mind. The majestic garden. "Duo." I called.

He whizzed around at my voice, his braid defying gravity for that split of a second. But it was enough. Enough to be etched into my memory so I could relive that scene forever. Rays of moonlight cascaded upon him, kissing his vibrant chestnut tresses and highlighting his beautiful features. His pools of infinite violet were wide, sparkling with a mischievous glint. Full, red lips and a perky nose. When he turned around and saw me, he smiled. I memorized that smile as well. Duo was gorgeous and sensual even when he doesnít try. He doesnít have to. All angels are like that.

"Heero!" He smiled, and cocked his head. "Wanna see the stars? Theyíre really beautiful tonight."

I nodded.

A new beginning

A reason for living

A deeper meaning

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

Sitting beside him on the lawn, I stole a glance at the American boy. He was too absorbed in the celestial beings to notice my stare. When my gaze landed on him, I knew at once that my heart was right and I would be an idiot to not listen. Duo was my ticket to a new life, a new reason for me to live on, my new purpose. For him, I could do anything, go anywhere. For once, I wished for time to stop, so I could lay here right beside him forever.

Suddenly, Duo took a sharp intake of breath. "Look, Heero! Itís a shooting star! Quick, make a wish!" He exclaimed, and clasped his hands in front of his chest. His eyes fluttered close, and his expression turned serious.

I did so the same. When I opened my eyes, Duo was glomping me.

"Címon Heero! Weíre buddies, arenít we! Tell me your wish!" He tugged at my arm childishly, lips pouting. He turned those puppy eyes I could never resist on me. "Please!"

And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,

Iíll make a wish to send it to heaven

Then make you want to cry

The tears of joy for all the

Pleasure in the certainty

That weíre surrounded by the

Comfort and protection of

I gulped inwardly. Would I disgust him if I tell him the truth? Would he push me away? Most importantly, would he want me too? "Duo, IÖ" I trailed off, unable to continue. I felt a tremendous weight on my shoulders, and a net in my throat preventing the words from spilling. Why canít I breathe? Are my lungs malfunctioning? Itís because your sighs take my breath away. Duo, do you have any idea what you do to me?

"Yes?" He prodded, batting his eyes even more. Oh Duo. Your eyes are like a fishnet. I can struggle, and struggle, but youíll always catch me. Thereís nothing I can deny you.

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. "I wishedÖ that you would stay with me." I uttered softly. Then, as an afterthought, I added, "Forever."

Your eyes widen, and your jaws drop. I had expected that. Me, the perfect soldier, was in love. I had scared myself initially as well. But I came to grips with it soon, because the perfect soldier was dead once the war ended. Even before that, I knew I loved you, but I never admitted it. It was to protect both you and me. You could be caught and used as a bait against me. You could be killed. I would hate myself to eternity either way. But the war no longer exists. I can admit it. But the next expression that flashed across your face shocked me. Your features crumpled suddenly, and tears welled out of your violet orbs. You were crying.

I panicked. "Duo, IÖ IÖ" I was at a loss. Never once in my imaginations did it occur to me that you would cry upon hearing my confession. I dreamt that you would leave and hate me forever. But I never expected you to cry.

"Duo, please donít cry. Iím sorryÖ"

The highest power

In lonely hours

The tears devour you

Without warning, you launched yourself at me, and I braced myself for the punch or slap that would be coming my way. But it didnít. Instead, I found my arms full of a braided goo.

"HeeroÖ" You whispered across my chest, shoulders shaking from sobs. "I never thought you would feel this wayÖ"


You looked up at me with shimmering eyes.

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

"I love you too."

Oh can you see it baby?

You donít have to close your eyes

ĎCause itís standing right here before you

All that you need will surely come

Suddenly, everything seemed to fall into place. Why Duo always stuck to my side even when I had pushed him away. Why he always gazed at me with a longing, boring a hole through my soul. I felt silly all of a sudden. Why didnít I ever notice all that? Why didnít I ever see it? All that I ever needed and wanted was all right in front of me.

Gingerly, I wiped his tears away. "Duo, please donít cry. When I see your sad face, it makes me sad, too. Thatís why Iíll always be with you. Because I want to see you smile." And I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

He leaned into me, snuggling into my chest gratefully. And I thanked all the shooting stars in the universe for granting my wish.

One year laterÖ

The bells echoed through the cathedral like angelsí soothing whispers. Quatre, Trowa and Wufei stood behind us at the pews, witnessing the most important day of our lives.

"I do." He replied shyly.

With a kiss, we sealed our love. He was now Duo Maxwell Yuy. My one and only soul mate.

Iíll be your dream

Iíll be your wish

Iíll be your fantasy

Iíll be your hope

Iíll be your love

Be everything that you need

Iíll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

That night, as I held him close in bed, I suddenly remembered something.

"Duo, what did you wish for?"


"That night when I confessed. What was your wish to the shooting star?"

He grinned against my chest.

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever

Until the sky falls down on me

"Your love, Heero. Your love."

Sorceress Fantasia @ 8th June 2001

Authorís Notes: Wow! I did this in record time! This must be one of the fastest fics I ever wrote! An hour and fifteen minutes! I know itís long, but I always write slowly cuz my ideas come slow too. By the way, this fanfic is done on request by BlackShini. Thanks for your support!


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