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 Angel of the Morning


This happens after Endless Waltz. This is an excuse for sap. Found
some lyrics that interested me and I just couldn't help picturing Duo
and Heero. Whatever. Enjoy.

"There'll be not strings to bind your hand
Not if my love can't bind your heart
And there's no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start
I see no need to take me home
I'm old enough to face the dawn"

~Angel of the Morning
Juice Newton

Duo looked up at the peacefully sleeping face of his lover. With
Heero's heart beat tucked under his ear, it was hard not to feel safe in his arms. They've been together for over a year since the
Mariemaia incident but Heero had yet to say those three very
important words to him. The braided boy knew that the dark haired pilot loved him. The gentle way he would let his hands travel down his back, watching him while he slept, knowing when to be there for him when it mattered most. All these things told him that Heero loved him.

But he felt so insecure sometimes. After all, there was a Relena
Peacecraft out there who was deeply infatu--ahem--in love with Heero. She could give him wealth, a title, children. Duo could do only one out of the three with the funds he had scraped off of OZ during the Eve Wars. Still, he felt it wasn't enough.

Heero was handsome, intelligent and just--perfect. Why would he want a street brat like himself even though he had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life? He was a war orphan with no past, a guilt filled present and hope drenched future. He really had nothing to keep Heero with him but his love. What happens if Heero tired of him? Where would he be then?

Lost and alone, his conscious mind replied. Duo clenched his eyes
shut for a moment and breathed out a shuddering breath. Everyone he loved had died. It was true that they died during war torn times but as far as he knew, Heero could die from a freak accident or some incurable disease. He sighed. Duo knew it did him no good to ponder through such morbid thoughts.

He was seventeen years old and still young enough to make impulsive decisions. Duo knew very well that Heero would suffer silently through whatever torture he dragged him through, from rollercoaster rides to festivals to adrenaline filled adventures and dance clubs, but what if he decided enough was enough?

Sometimes Duo wished that he had Quatre's empathy. The not-so-little blonde (he shot up in the past year) could sense emotions, a gift that was very handy indeed when dealing with uncooperative business executives. A right word when one is in a right mood made a person easier to agree with. Unfortunately, he didn't so he would just have to deal with his emotional problem like everybody else did.

Duo sighed again, it was about five in the morning and it was still
dark outside. In exactly one hour and thirty minutes, his lover would wake up and start his normal morning routine to get ready for work in the Preventer's offices. He, himself, didn't go for the hefty salary he got from putting his life on the line for the dangerous missions they always left to the ex-Gundam pilots. He went to protect the tenuous peace that he had a part in making.

Peace was still an abstract idea to some and to others like mobile
suit mechanics, it was not a fully embraced idea, especially to
weapon manufacturers. Duo wanted the peace to last as long as he lived which might not be very long considering the various suicide missions that required his skills. It didn't help that the other
Preventers were not as trained as the five Gundam pilots. They were lucky that their group wasn't split up. They were an invincible group when together or paired off with their usual partners, with the exception of Wufei. As Quatre would say, 'Thank Allah that our
identities were not revealed.' What would people say when they found out that the peace loving Winner family had a Gundam pilot lurking in their mists?

It simply wouldn't do for terrorists to kill the Winner when his
defenses were down, which normally were when his business abilities overcame his training. Trowa would prevent his smaller lover from participating in the missions but even he had to admit that he was paired off best with Quatre and no other. Besides, he trusted no one outside of the Gundam pilots to protect his back.

The violet eyed Preventer was knocked out of his reminisces by the
stirring of the body under his own. Sleep filled cobalt blue eyes
stared at him for a moment before becoming crystal clear. At one
time, Heero was able to jump from unconsciousness to full awareness. The peace had dulled that ability somewhat but that was only due to the protective feeling of Duo's arms around him. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Ohayo koibito," Heero said, his voice still husky from sleep. Duo
smiled at him, his uncertainties banished for the time being until he
had some time alone again.

"Ohayo," Duo whispered. He removed himself from Heero's arms and stalked lazily upwards to level himself with his lover's lips. His
full lips were captured by another pair as he lost himself in the
gentle pressure.

"I feel lucky to wake up looking into your beautiful eyes," Heero
said, feeling extra talkative for some reason.

"Aa," Duo said, copying the way in which his lover often answered
him. "Don't you have to get ready?"

"I have a solo mission to complete. I won't be able to see you during it," Heero said, nuzzling the side of Duo's neck. He let his lips
trail fiery paths down the graceful curve, nipping gently.

"Where? How long is it?" Duo mumbled absently, distracted by the
hands idly rubbing his back.

"I'll tell you later," Heero said, already going over his daily word
quota. Besides, the expanse of cream colored skin was too tantalizing to ignore. He reached instinctively to the braid, pulling off the black band that confined the silky masses of chestnut while the violet eyed boy slept. He moved down the lithe body, paving a trail of kisses until he felt a half hardened nub under his lips. A pair of hands tangled themselves into his hair as he laved at the kernel
while gently twisting its partner.

Moved by insistent hands, he traveled downwards once more.
Alternating between kisses and tiny nips, he made it to a rapidly
hardening shaft. Smirking, he bypassed it in favor of paying
attention to his lover's inner thighs. He heard Duo whimper in
disappointment but he ignored the sound. Heero crawled back up to capture Duo's lips in a bruising kiss, pouring all the passion that he saved up into it.

Vaguely, he heard Duo growl and flip him onto his back, now putting him on the bottom. The braided boy straddled his hips, moaning when his erection came in contact with Heero's. The dark haired pilot reached up and pulled him down into a demanding kiss. He felt more than saw the smile that curved the gentle lips.

"What shall I do with you?" Duo asked as he backed off a bit, staring down at the flushed face beneath him. He cupped the beautiful face in his hands, letting his index finger trace the slightly bruised lips. His breath left his lungs in a rush when he saw Heero take a long finger into his mouth and suck gently, swirling his pink tongue around the digit suggestively.

"That always works," he said to himself, reaching down to gently wrap his fingers around the upright shaft. Instinct and familiarity
allowed him to pick the pace which Heero liked. A throaty groan was his prize as well as an extra digit going into the warm channel.
Keeping his fingers in place, he traveled down the perfect lines of
Heero's body with his mouth, his tongue dip in briefly into the
naval. The muscles under his mouth clenched and his hips jumped a bit, his control trying to stop him from seeming impatient. Finally
he reached Heero's dripping arousal.

Duo let his warm breath caress the tip, a moan escaping from around Duo's fingers let him hear Heero's frustration. "What do you want me to do?" Hands wound themselves into his long strands and tried to pull him down in a wordless answer to his question. "Oh, this?" was Heero's only warning before Duo swallowed him to the root. A choked gasp was lodged into his throat. The beautiful boy pinned his hips to the bed as he lay prone to Duo's administrations, or lack of. The vibrations of a chuckle sent shivers up his spine as he tried to make his evil lover do something.

Finally, his violet eyed lover took pity on him. Duo began to suck on
the hot length in his mouth, letting his teeth scrape gently against
the sensitive sides, eliciting strangled gasps from his lover. He
moved up and down slowly, Heero trying to make him go faster but not succeeding because his were still pinned. He went up until only the head was in his mouth. Making his tongue into a point, he drilled the tip into the tiny slit as he listened to the unintelligible murmurs of his name and other various curses coming from Heero's mouth. Duo changed his pattern to that of several short, fast strokes, a few long strokes before swirling his extremely flexible tongue around the head. The pleasure crescendoed until he knew nothing but ecstasy. Higher and higher he went until...

All of a sudden, Duo backed away from him, leaving him lying on the precipice of fulfillment with no way down. Heero nearly shouted in frustration. His eyes focused from being glazed over by feelings coursing through his body. "Duo," he growled.

His braided lover laughed and reached over to the nightstand to
retrieve a much used tube of lubrication. He squeezed a bit out and rubbed his hands together to warm it a bit before leaning up to steal a kiss. "Finish it," Heero snarled into his ear.

"In a minute," Duo mumbled against his lips. Heero yanked lightly on his hair.

"Omae o--" Heero's usual threat was interrupted by a moan due to the abrupt penetration of a long finger. Duo swallowed the moans with his lips to distract his lover from the slight pain as he stretched the tight opening. Soon, he was able to slip in another finger and then three. Heero began whimpering in supplication because the fingers were touching his prostrate with each thrust, sending sparks of pleasure across his eyes.

Those wonderful fingers removed themselves from within Heero's body to be replaced by something bigger and definitely harder. Duo quickly lubed his own erection before slowly and carefully sheathing himself into the velvety warmth of his lover's body. Groans came from the mouths of both participants as Duo sunk in to the hilt and withdrew until only the very tip of his shaft was encased in the tight tunnel. Gritting his teeth, the braided boy locked every muscle in place, staying unmoving inside Heero as he pinned his arms to his sides.

Heero tried to make Duo move but he knew as well as his braided lover that nothing could do that but the magic words. The dark haired head thrashed and whimpered before whispering the words that would make Duo move. "Onegai..."

"What did you say Heero?" Duo smirked. This was payback for all the times that Heero did the same thing to him. More often than not, he collapsed after a mere moment. The ex-Wing pilot had a longer endurance time, thereby making the wait a torture for the both of them. But he didn't mind, much. It was worth hearing the strong pilot beg.

"Please! Duo!" Heero nearly shouted. He couldn't stand it. He knew it was weak of him to submit so easily but he found out that he was stronger when he was with his lover. The emotion that he once shunned made him strong, love. Besides, he was hard as hell and couldn't think very clearly. The braided boy surged forward, nearly knocking Heero's head onto the headboard with the powerful thrust.

Long limbered legs wrapped themselves around Duo's narrow waist, pulling him even closer. Hands pulled him down for a soul searing kiss as the two moved together in the ageless rhythm of the dance of love. Duo chose a pace which would drive his lover crazy with its slowness and yet make their release that much sweeter.

Beneath him, Heero met his thrusts with abandonment. They were caught on a wave of passion, carrying them ever closer to the shore of completeness. Duo lost control and began to pound harder into the willing body underneath him. He changed the direction of his thrusts, hearing the loud moan that told him that he was hitting that special spot inside Heero's body. A few hard jabs later, the cobalt eyed pilot was tumbling down to an earth shattering end. Duo followed soon after.

Duo flopped bonelessly onto the bed next to Heero. He was gathered into a pair of strongs arms as the words 'Aishiteru were whispered into his hair.

"Boku mo suki desu," Duo said sleepily before burying his head into
Heero's chest and falling into a contented slumber.

Away from seeking eyes, Heero smiled and kept watch over his lover.

An hour or two later, Duo shot straight up into bed, waking up Heero who laid next to him. "K'so! I'm going to be late and so are you!" he shouted, running around frantically. A sleep mused ex-Wing pilot looked on in amusement.

"I called in to tell them we weren't going to report. We're not
really needed at the moment," he said, stretching lazily.

"Nani? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Duo said in a huff. He dropped his things haphazardly and trudged back to the bed.

"It's much more amusing seeing you run around like a chicken with its head cut off," Heero said matter-of-factly.

"What's with you today? You're extra talkative for some reason," Duo stated, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "You never answered my question about your mission. Does this have anything to do with it?"

"I need to act as bodyguard for Relena Peacecraft. There has been threats on her life recently," Heero said, waiting for the Duo-bomb to explode. He was not disappointed.

"YOU'RE DITCHING ME FOR HER?" Duo shrieked. Heero, having heard Relena's much higher and louder shrieks, didn't even flinch. However, faster than he could react, he found himself outside the bedroom door butt naked. He turned around to calmly walk back in but a pillow smacked him in the face along with a few articles of clothing. Then, the door slammed shut.

Heero sighed mentally. What would Dr. J say if he was still alive?
Probably something about the Perfect Soldier not having feelings or not reacting fast enough to prevent himself from being thrown, he thought icily.

"Duo, it's only for a month," he said.

No response.

"She's the foundation for this peace. If she dies, the peace
collapses. You know that as well as I do."

Still no response. An hour later, Heero was still outside of their
bedroom door. All the while, he was hopeful that they didn't do it in the living room. He really did not want to be standing naked in the hallway. His quick mind scanned through several statements of incentive that would make his lover open the door and finally found one.

"I will not get rid of you for her."

That did it. Duo slowly opened the door from his place on the floor.
He was sitting with his legs splayed and studying the dirt or lack of
dirt under his fingernails.

"Duo..." Heero kneeled on the floor and gathered his smaller lover
into his arms. He felt tentative arms reach around his neck and a
head lying on his shoulder.

"I'm afraid you will leave me," came a small voice.

Ah, so that was the problem. Heero carried his lover to the bed and rummaged in the night table next to the bed for the small black box he had hid there a few days ago. Finding it, he took it out and showed it to Duo. He saw wide violet eyes widen even more in surprise as slightly shaking hands took the box. His lover opened it to reveal a thin platinum band surrounding a round amethyst stone similar in color to his eyes. Inscribed inside were the tiny words, 'Aishiteru. Kore kara zutto itsumademo[1].'

Heero took the ring from the box and slipped it onto Duo's ring
finger. "Omae wa ore no mono da[2]," he whispered into his ear. "And I'm not about to let go of you that easily," he added.


"Honto," Heero said, dispelling any doubts from Duo's mind.

"I'm sorry I overreacted," Duo said, throwing his arms around Heero

"Hn," Heero grunted.

"You'll come back to me, right?" Duo asked, looking into those blue

"Hai. Always."

[1] For always and forever.
[2] You belong to me

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