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Sometimes . . .It's What You Don't See


I'm lying here on the bed watching my lover as he moves across the room. I've given no indication that my eyes are on him, yet he knows....

// flashback //

It had been almost two weeks the five of us had been together in the small safe house. As much respect and admiration as I have for my fellow pilots, being cooped up in a confining area with them, left me with one last nerve..... and the four of them on it.

"Don't forget to take the soap." Trowa mumbled, handing me the small orange container. I took it from him and sighed, throwing the huge cotton bag over my shoulder and storming out of the back door. I made my way toward town, my mood not lightening as I walked into the laundromat.

"Does everybody and their mother do laundry on Friday night? Jeezus.... get a life!" I mumbled, noting that every washing machine was currently occupied. Wishing I had brought a book, I threw myself down onto the wooden bench and waited. "Whose idea was this anyway?" I recall thinking. "Oooo... yes.... Heero and his anality." I inwardly cursed my partner, part of me realizing that sharing chores was a good idea... at least I thought it *was* a good idea... until I got stuck doing the laundry.

Nearly an hour passed before two machines became available. I grabbed the black sack and began filling each of the machines. "Darks on the left..... whites on the right." I muttered, throwing the laundry bag in as well. Pouring soap into each machine, I filled the slots with quarters and pushed the levers forward and returned to the bench and closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep, cause the next thing I knew the place was nearly empty and my wash was done...probably had been for the past hour. Rising, I emptied the two machines into two huge driers and starting them, I headed for the door. "There must be *some* place in this dinky town to get a cup of coffee."

I returned 20 minutes later with my caffeine craving still in effect and headed for the soda machine, depositing 4 quarters. "Caffeine is caffeine." I mused, pressing the PEPSI button. Chilled can in hand, I sat again, pulling up on the metal ring. Bringing the can to my lips, I began to drink, nearly finishing the can before setting it down beside me. "Why the hell am I so tired?" I wondered for a moment, the events of last night coming back rapidly. "It's always the quiet ones." I smirked, recalling being thrown from my sleep by the inaudible but clearly erotic cries of my fellow pilots.

It was no secret that Wufei and Trowa had a thing going on... and even if it was.... it wouldn't have been after last night.

I hardened again now as I thought about it.

The driers beeped loudly, startling me into reality. I rose and emptied them onto the huge table and set about folding them.


I made my way back into the safe house and into the kitchen, unceremoniously throwing the black bag down onto the table. "Done." I uttered to the four seated around the table. Untying the string, I began taking the folded clothes out, setting my own aside. Each item was quickly claimed by its owner.

It struck me odd as I finished my task that Heero's pile was significantly smaller than all the others. "Hiding your dirty laundry under your bed again, Yuy?" I joked.

He glared at me.

Trowa, Wufei and Quatre each grabbed their respective piles and headed for the room's exit, leaving Heero and I alone in the kitchen. "What?" I asked in answer to his glare. "Fine, you are just so perfect, you never get your clothes dirty. Better?" I asked sarcastically, reaching to take my pile of clothes from the table.

Heero whisked his meager pile from the table and paused in the doorway. "I don't wear underwear." he smirked and exited.

My eyes were glued to his spandex clad ass as he walked away. "God... that was more than I needed to know..." I moaned

It wasn't as if I hadn't thought about it before.


I followed him out of the room and up the stairs into our shared room.

"Why the hell did you just tell me that?" I questioned him as I put my clothes back into my bag.

"You wanted to know." he replied, turning to face me. "Didn't you?" he asks.

I'm wondering now if he knows how adorable he looks with that one forked eyebrow raised and buried under his bangs.

"Well?" he asks.

He wants me to answer him?....... I can feel my face flush. "Ummmm.... I really hadn't given it much thought." I returned quickly.

"No?" he asked innocently. "Then why are you blushing?"

"Cause you just told me that you don't wear.... and then you said that I.... Oh God.. .never mind." I stuttered, walking past him to lock myself into the bathroom until my embarrassment passed.... which I was pretty positive would be never.


"Are you coming out of there anytime soon?" he asked several minutes later.

"Ohhh....I don't think so, Heero. Go use someone else's bathroom."

There was silence for a minute and then I heard him fumbling with the lock. I rose quickly to block the door with my body.

"I can pick the lock, Duo. Open the door."


"I'm sorry that I embarrassed you. I won't say anything further about my underwear.." he told me through the door.

"Or lack thereof..." I muttered.... banging my head against the door in exasperation. "Why do you do this to me, Heero?" I asked myself softly.

"Because someone has to make the first move." he grunted, pushing the door open and nearly falling into the room.

My eyes were wide open as he stumbled into the room and quickly regained his footing.

"And since you haven't..." he started, taking a step closer to me. "I will..." he finished, brushing his lips against mine.

// flashback //

I chuckled as I recalled that night so many years ago.... I hadn't thought about it in ages.

"What?" he asks from across the room.

"I was just thinking about that first night.... " I tell him.

He offers me a wide smile and sits down on the bed beside me. "What made you think about that?" he asks, taking my hand in his.

It's so obvious... even through the thick denim he now wears. "I was watching you.... "

"You mean you were watching my ass." he winks.

He knows me so well.

"That too...." I agree with a seductive smile, rubbing my hand down his back and sliding it into the back pocket of his jeans. "I like what I don't see." I whisper.

"You always have." he responds with a low moan, guiding my free hand to his arousal.

"Mmmm...probably always will....."

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