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Scrooge, GW Style

Lady Shinigami

Scrooge - Heero Yuy
Bob Cratchit - Quatre Winner
Mrs. Cratchit - Trowa Barton
Tiny Tim - Duo Maxwell
Jacob Marley - Treize Kushrenada
Ghost of Christmas Past - Zechs Marquis
Ghost of Christmas Present - Wufei Chang
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - Kestra Blade
Master Fezziwig - Lady Une
Mrs. Fezziwig - Lucrezia Noin
Kid - Sally Poe
   Heero sat in his office, going through the usual paperwork.  His clerk, Quatre Winner, helped in the bookkeeping.  Quatre shivered, his clothes unable to keep the chill off his body.  However, he wasn't sure if the chill was coming from the room or his employer.  Heero never seemed bothered by the cold.  Quatre got up and walked quietly over to Heero.  He cleared his throat before speaking.
   "Mr. Yuy, sir?  It is 7 and I would like to ask you something."
   "I was wondering if I may have my wages sir, being that it is Christmas Eve."
  "And I suppose you want tomorrow off too?"
  "If it isn't too much trouble sir."
   "Hn, fine.  But be in earlier the following morning."
   "Yes, sir."
   Heero handed Quatre his pay, then turned back to his paperwork.  Quatre shifted  from one foot to another, nervous about his next question.
   "Um, sir, I would also like to ask for a slight increase in my pay.  I have a sick friend that needs to see a doctor, but I don't make enough to pay for a visit, let alone a treatment."
   Heero looked up sharply, "Absolutely not.  These times are tough and I cannot afford to increase your pay.  If your friend is sick, so be it.  He should just die then and decrease the surplus population!"
   Quatre stepped back, hurt and downhearted.  Heero simply turned back to his paperwork.  Just then, the door burst open and Relena Darlian ran in.  She went straight to Heero, who ignored her completely.  Quatre shook his head.  The girl was madly in love with Heero, but Heero did not return the feelings.
   :I think Heero has more feeling towards rocks and gutter trash than Relena.:
   "Merry Christmas Heero," Relena gushed, her eyes bright.
   Relena's smile started to wilt.  Quatre went about gathering his things and putting his work away.  He wanted to be away from there as soon as possible before there was trouble.
   "Good night Mr. Yuy, Merry Christmas Ms. Relena."
   "What?  Oh yes, Merry Christmas Quatre," Relena said absently, her focus on Heero.
   Quatre sighed, then left.  He had several stops to make before he could go home.  Quatre stopped at the butcher shop and purchased a small goose for dinner, then bought 3 Christmas oranges.  Along the way, he stopped at a small stall to purchase some cheap wine before picking up a small gift for his spouse and one for his friend.  Quatre whistled softly to himself, the crisp night air feeling wonderful as he made his way home.  Quatre opened the door and smiled at the occupants.
   "Hey Quatre, nice to have you home," Duo said, limping slightly over to him.
   Quatre smiled at him, even though his heart felt like it would break.  Ever since Duo had gotten hurt, he had been sick.  He knew Duo's leg could be set right and that there was medicine to stop the illness that plagued his friend, but they just couldn't afford it.  So Duo died a slow death, even as he tried to lighten everyone's mood and get them to smile.
   :Why couldn't it be Heero who's infected with this disease?  Why should such a bright and happy person like Duo suffer and die while a mean, cold-hearted bastard like him goes on living?:
   "Hello Duo, I brought home things for our Christmas dinner."
   Duo's eyes lit up, his smile growing wider before he licked his lips.  Quatre laughed.  Duo absolutely loved food.  There was a quiet chuckle from behind them.  As Duo turned, Quatre peeked around his shoulder to see his spouse, Trowa.
   "You said the magic words, Quatre.  You know how Duo is with food."
   They all laughed at that, till Duo started coughing.  Quatre and Trowa moved forward immediately, sitting him down in a chair with a glass of water.  They looked at each other, then sighed.  Quietly, they began making their Christmas dinner.
   It had been a full hour that Relena had waited for Heero to notice her.  She was now growing impatient.  She reached in to her bag, pulling out some mistletoe.  She placed it above Heero's head before leaning close to him, moistening her lips.
   "Heero, look above you."
   Looking up, Heero saw the mistletoe above his head.  He shrugged, then returned to his paperwork, ignoring the pest next to him.  Relena's face became a mask of anger.
   "Heero!  You're suppose to kiss me since we are both under the mistletoe!"
   "I don't want to kiss you, I don't even like you," he turned to her then, saying in a cold voice, "Your presence here is unwelcome, I suggest you leave before I throw you out."
   Relena backed up a step, watching as Heero put away his work before grabbing his coat.  Her heart felt heavy, as though it would explode.  When Heero didn't apologize, she admitted defeat and let herself out.  Heero finished his rounds of his office, then closed and locked the door.  He walked down the street, ignoring the press of bodies around him, his only destination that of his home.  Once there, Heero reached in to his pocket and fished out the keys.  As he was about to open the door, the doorknocker began to change in to a face.  Heero watched as the face became clearer, the face that of his former partner, Treize Kushrenada.
   He stepped back, startled by the voice that seemed to fill his ears.  When he looked back, the face was gone.
   "Hn, must have imagined it."
  Heero walked inside, not bothering to light the candles.  He made his way upstairs and to his chambers, only then lighting the candle next to the door.  Heero removed his coat and jacket, then sat down in his favorite chair after starting the fire.  He leaned back, sighing slightly, closing his eyes in a slight doze.  Heero was suddenly awakened by the sound of chains rattling.  He stood up, his eyes on the door.  He watched in fascination as the locks began to undo themselves and the door opened, revealing his dead partner, Treize.
   "It has been a while, Heero," the ghost smiled, then walked in to the room, dragging it's chains with it.
   Heero looked at the chains, curious.  Treize followed his gaze to the chains, then smiled, humorlessly.
   "These chains you see I forged in life by my acts of greed and my apathy towards my follow man.  I am here to see that you do not follow the same fate as I.  Tonight, you will be visited by three spirits, without their help, you cannot hope to break free of the chain that is even now choking your soul."
   Heero blinked, then swallowed, "What do you mean, Treize?  What do these spirits want?
   "They want to help you save your soul, Hell is no picnic my friend.  The first spirit will appear at 1, the second at 2 and the third at 3, so be prepared."
   Before Heero could say another word, Treize vanished.  He stood there, dumbfounded, then shook it off as a hallucination.  Heero went to his bed and laid down, not bothering to change.  He fell in to a dreamless sleep, not waking until the clock chimed one...
   Heero awoke, hearing the chime next to his bed strike the hour of one.  He sat up, hadn't Treize said that the first spirit would appear now?  Even as he thought it, a brilliant light appeared outside of his bed curtains.  Heero opened the curtains and looked out.  Standing before him was a tall man with long blond hair and blue eyes.  A slight smile came to his face when he saw Heero blink in amazement.
   "Are you the spirit who's coming was foretold to me?"
   The spirit chuckled, "I am.  I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.  Your welfare has brought me here this night."
   "Hn, if you were concerned for my welfare, you'd let me sleep."
   He laughed lightly, "Then let us say that your salvation has brought me, the night is not long and we have much to do.  Come."
   The spirit moved to the window, holding out his hand.  It was then that Heero noticed the white, feathery wings that adorned his back.  Standing cautiously, Heero warily put his hands in the spirit's, then found himself flying over the tops of the city, the wind filling his lungs.  They flew for what felt like eternity before landing in a place that Heero knew far too well.
   "Why have you brought me here?"
   "Do you know this place then?"
   "I do.  I went to school here when I was younger."  Heero looked around, then saw the kids come rushing out of the school.  He recognized some, even as they passed him, oblivious to his presence.
    "They cannot see nor hear you.  They are shadows of your past, Heero."
   Heero nodded, then walked in to the school.  There, sitting at a desk, was himself, about ten years younger than he was now.
   "Do you recognize the boy sitting there?"
   "I do, spirit.  It is me."
   Just then a young boy with a long mane of chestnut hair and bright violet eyes came running in, having apparently forgotten a book.  He looked at the young Heero, then spoke.
   "Why are you still here?  It's Christmas."
   Young Heero looked at the boy sullenly, "Because I am not wanted at home."
   The boy smiled, the radiance in it enough to blind the sun, "Then why not come home with me?  There is always room for more."
   Young Heero looked at the boy wistfully, but then his eyes hardened, "No, I am fine here."
   The boy shrugged, "Suit yourself then, Merry Christmas!"  He ran out the door.
   "Why didn't you go with him?  You wouldn't have had to spend Christmas alone."
   "Because I did not want to be made fun of or pitied.  He didn't come back to the school anyway."
   The spirit nodded sadly, "That is because his house burned down just after Christmas.  He was the only survivor and was sent to an orphanage."
   Heero looked at the spirit, startled.  He hadn't realized that the boy had been orphaned that year.  Heero realized he didn't even know his name, but he could never forget that long chestnut hair or those incredible violet eyes.  They sometimes came to haunt his dreams.
   "Let us look at another Christmas."
   The scene changed.  Before them was the old Fezziwig business.  Heero remembered this as well.
  "I was apprenticed here when I was ten.  Lady Une, the daughter of the late Mr. Fezziwig, was my employer."
   "Then let us go inside and see what is happening."
   Many people suspected Lady Une of having a split personality.  She was such a slave driver, but at times, like Christmas or to her spouse, she was kind and sweet.
   "Ok people, let's get this place cleaned up.  Noin and the others will be arriving shortly and then party can begin!"
   Everyone began to clear the floor, making room for dancing.  The voices of the approaching crowd could be heard, singing and laughing.  Noin burst in, followed by people laden with food and drink.  Noin ran up to Lady and kissed her lightly.  Lady Une smiled, then turned to everyone.
   "Thank you all for coming, now please, enjoy yourselves and Merry Christmas!"
   Lady Une dragged a giggling Noin out on the dance floor as a lively tune started to pick up.  Everyone joined in the laughter and clapping or the dancing, all except one.
   "Why didn't you join in, Heero?"
   Heero sighed, "I don't know, I was just never comfortable being around people.  My sister used to get me to dance, she had such a sunny personality and was so very determined.  She had gotten sick after getting hurt.  Our father refused to get her help, saying she was faking.  She had died the day after this Christmas"
   "Do you think your sister would have wanted you to push others aside, Heero?  Especially when she had worked to try and get you involved when she was alive?"
   "Perhaps, but there aren't many people who are like Hilde, she was special."
   The scene changed to that of the funeral, the coffin being lowered in to the cold earth.  Heero felt the tears coming to his eyes, this was not something he wanted to see again.
   "Spirit, I have seen enough, take me home!"
   Heero found himself sitting on his bed, a single tear running down his cheek.  He hadn't cried in 3 years, not since Hilde had passed.  Heero put his head in his hands, even as the clock struck two.
   "I believe that is enough wallowing in self pity, on your feet.  I haven't got all night."
   Heero looked up to see a golden skinned young man, his black eyes fixed on him intently.  The transparent, silver wings on his back moved in agitation.
   "Who are you?"
   The spirit sighed, "I am the Ghost of Christmas Present.  I'm here to help teach you the true meaning of Christmas.  If you weren't such a cold-hearted bastard, I could be relaxing right now.  I swear there is no justice in this world."
   Heero stared at the spirit, dumbfounded by his words.  The spirit sighed in exasperation, grabbed Heero's hand, then took off out the window.  Heero remained in a daze until they landed.  They were in no place that Heero recognized.
   "Spirit, where are we?"
   "We are at the home of your clerk, Quatre Winner.  He is celebrating Christmas with his spouse and friend."
   Heero looked in the window.  Quatre was sitting at the small table next to a young man with incredibly long bangs.  The man leaned forward and gave Quatre a kiss on the cheek.
   "That is Trowa, he is Quatre's spouse.  There is another there, one you may recognize."
   Heero glanced at the spirit, then turned back to the window and saw who the spirit had meant.  Also seated at the table was a young man with long, long chestnut hair and deep violet eyes, his heart-shaped face merry, but Heero caught the hints of pain in it.  He frowned, wondering what could be causing the pain.
   "Spirit, what is wrong with him?"
   "He is sick with the same disease that had taken your sister, but his friends don't have the means to help him.  But then he should hurry up and die and decrease the surplus population!"
   Heero grimaced at his words, knowing they were his exact words to Quatre.  He gazed at the boy, unable to look away from him.  He had been sweet when he was six, but ten years have made him breathtaking.
   "Please spirit, what is his name?"
   The spirit raised an eyebrow, "His name is Duo Maxwell."
   Heero nodded, still looking at Duo.  Despite the pain he was in, Duo was doing his best to make his friends laugh.  Heero smiled very slightly, the boy becoming his sole focus till the spirit gently tapped his shoulder.
   "Come, the night grows short and there is still another you must see."
   Heero found himself lying on his bed, everything as he had left it.  He turned to the clock swiftly and watched as the big hand landed on the 12, making the clock chime.  Three o'clock.
   "So Heero Yuy, you have met with Past and Present, are you ready for your future?"
   Heero jumped and turned around.  Standing before him was a young, dark haired girl, her seagreen eyes bright.  Upon her back were two great black bat-like wings.
   "And you are?"
   She bowed slightly, "I am the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  Let us be off Heero!"
   Heero felt dizzy as he was suddenly launched in to the air.  The spirit flew on, oblivious to her passenger.  She brought them down in the town square.  There were people everywhere, but they ignored them.  Heero listened to the various conversations.
   "I can't believe he's dead!"
   "About time in my opinion."
   "Did he leave his money to anyone?"
   "No, not even charity!"
   "The only charitable thing that man did was die!"
   Laughter echoed around him at the last comment.  Heero looked at the spirit, confused.
   "What man do they speak of?"
   "You will find out soon enough.  Come, I have someplace else to take you."
   Heero found himself in front of Quatre's house again, but there were no sounds of laughter.  Heero looked in the window and saw Trowa.  He was carefully removing strands of hair from a hairbrush, placing each strand on a piece of paper.  Heero looked back at the spirit.
   "Where is Duo?  Take me to him!"
   "As you wish."
   Heero looked around himself.  They were in the graveyard.  In front of him, he saw Quatre placing flowers on a fresh grave, which only had a simple cross to mark it.  Tears were running down his face.
   "Goodbye my friend, thank you for all the laughter and joy you brought to us."
   Heero watched Quatre get up stiffly and walk away, his head down.  Heero turned to the grave and saw who's its was.
   "Yes, Duo.  Without the proper treatment, he died.  But thankfully, the fates were kind to you.  They gave you something much worse for your cruelty, a disease with no cure."
   "What do you mean?"
   The spirit turned and pointed to another fresh grave, the name on the headstone making Heero gasp.
   "The man who's death the people were celebrating was none other than you, Heero Yuy!"
   "No!  That can't be!  If the fates want to take me that's fine, but why Duo?"
  "Duo, my friend, got hurt while saving someone.  He hadn't realized until afterwards that he had gotten sick.  With his family dead and no money, he could not afford to get treated.  His friend's try to do what they can for him, one even going as far as to ask his skinflint boss for a raise.  But you, Heero Yuy, care for no one but yourself.  If a dying woman came up to you and asked you to care for her child, you would turn her away, would you not?"
   Heero looked at the ground, "Yes I would, because I can't see what I could gain from it.."
   "Exactly.  Life is not about gain, Heero.  It is about giving and loving.  That is something you never had from your parents and something you lost when your sister died.  But repeating the mistakes of others makes you no better than them.  You must change or you will find yourself in this grave!"
   Heero fell back in to the grave, falling in to endless darkness, that when on forever...
   Heero awoke with a start in his bed.  Sunlight poured in through the window, illuminating the dark corners of the room.  He sat up in bed, looking around him.
   :Had last night been nothing more than a bad dream?:
   Heero shook his head no in answer to his own silent questions.  It had felt too real to be a dream.  Plus he distinctly remembers closing the curtains to the window and his bed before falling asleep. The words of the three spirits came flooding back to him.  He had a chance to start over, to make things right.  He could make amends for the things he done in the past by making himself a better man.  Heero left the bed and bathed himself quickly, then dressed.  He ran down the stairs and opened the door.  He spotted a young woman walking by and called out to her.
  "Excuse me, could you tell me what day it is?"
   Looking startled, she answered him, "It is Christmas Day, sir."
   Quietly to himself, "Then I haven't missed it, they did it all within a single night."
   "Is there something wrong, sir?  Are you not feeling well?"
   "I feel fine, my good woman.  Tell me, what is your name?"
   "It's Sally Poe, sir."
   "Sally Poe?  Are you the doctor who specializes in diseases?"
   She chuckled, "Yes, I am.  I am just visiting some friends for the holidays."
   "Really?  Well, I know someone who would benefit from your knowledge.  However, you wouldn't happen to know if that giant goose is still in the butcher shop, would you?"
   Sally raised an eyebrow, "Yes it is, why do you ask?"
   "Could you do me a favor?  Could you buy it and meet me at this address?"  Heero handed her some money and a piece of paper.
   "Hmm, yes, I could do that.  My friends live right around there, so it won't be out of the way."
   "Thank you, keep the change and Merry Christmas."
   Heero headed off to various stores, picking up things fit for a grand feast.  As promised, Sally met him a Quatre's house, then headed on her way after wishing him a Merry Christmas.  Heero knocked on Quatre's door nervously.  Quatre opened the door, then gasped in surprised.
   "M, m, Mr. Yuy?  What are you doing here?"
   "I came to wish you a Merry Christmas and to give these to you."
   Heero started bringing in all the food and treats he had picked up for them, bringing the goose in last.  Trowa stood next to Quatre, shock in his eyes.
   "I also know of a doctor who specializes in disease treatment."
   "Mr. Yuy, are you ok?"
  "I'm fine Quatre, and please call me Heero."
   Quatre was about to say something when they heard a slight gasp.  The three of them turned to see Duo braced against the doorway, his eyes wide.  But his gaze wasn't on the food, it was on Heero.
   "Duo, are you all right?"
   Duo pointed at Heero, "I know you!  We were at the same school together.  I remember asking you to come home with me for Christmas!"
   Heero smiled, nearly sending Quatre fainting to the floor, "Yes, you did.  I didn't accept then, but if the offer still stands, I would like to join you now."
   Duo smiled, his violet eyes lighting up, "If Quatre and Trowa don't mind, I would love to have you stay."
   Trowa got over his shock quickly, "Of course he can stay for dinner.  Quatre, why don't you set the table."
   "I can help you cook if you like."
   Trowa looked at Heero startled, "Sure, by the way, my name is Trowa and you know Quatre of course, then there's Duo."
   Duo smiled, "Yup, just little ole me, you said your name was Heero, right?"
   Heero smiled, finding Duo charming, "Yes, it's Heero."
   The four of them got dinner ready and sat down, talking and joking away.  Well, mostly Duo talking and joking, but the others found his company delightful.  Heero told them about Sally Poe and said that he would pay for what ever treatment was needed.  Duo got up and hugged Heero, surprising him.  But Heero hugged him back, loving the feel of Duo's arms around his. 
   The year flew by.  Duo was given a clear bill of health, while Quatre and Trowa remodeled Heero's home.  He had admitted to finding it lonesome by himself and offered for the three of them to live with him.  It was Christmas Eve, after dinner and some slight celebrating, Quatre and Trowa headed to their room.  Duo retired to his own room, leaving Heero musing in his own bedroom.  Heero gazed out the window, watching the snowflakes fall.  He had seen to it that the orphanage had been rebuilt properly and bought toys for all the kids, then donated a large sum to the homeless shelters.  His heart felt light this year, making him realize that the gift of giving is what made a soul free.  Tapered fingers brushed his cheek.  Heero looked up to see Duo standing beside him.  He never even heard him come in.
   "A penny for your thoughts, Heero."
   Heero chuckled, "If that were true, I would be the richest man alive."
   Duo laughed, "I just wanted to give you your Christmas present in private."
   Heero raised an eyebrow, "In private, what do you mean?"
   Rather than answer him, Duo leaned forward and brushed his lips against his.  Heero's eyes widened, but he didn't pull away.  Instead, he wrapped his arms Duo's waist, pulling him closer.  Duo looked up at him, surprised, but then a smile crept to Duo's lips before he pressed them against Heero's.  Heero opened is mouth to Duo, feeling his tongue spare with his.  Duo pushed himself closer to Heero till he was sitting in his lap.  Heero started unbuttoning Duo's shirt, then let his hands travel over his lightly muscled chest.  Duo broke the kiss with a gasp.
   "Heero, this is suppose to be my present to you!"
   Chuckling, Heero continued to caress his chest, his fingers traveling over an erect nipple, "I know, but I want to give to you as well, my love."
   Duo sighed against him, his body already on fire, now burning out of control after Heero calling him his love.  Heero picked up the long haired boy and brought him to the bed, dropping Duo's shirt along the way.  Heero laid Duo out on the bed, then he gently flicked a tongue across one nipple, then another.  Moaning in pleasure, Duo tried to undo the buttons on Heero's shirt.  Heero just pulled it off, now lying chest to chest with Duo.  Duo ran his hands up Heero's chiseled chest appreciatively, his fingers toying with his nipples till they became tiny nubs.  Heero mock snapped at him, passion in his eyes.  He nibbled on Duo's ear, then moved down along his jaw.  Heero made his way down his body, stopping at Duo's pants.  He smirked before pulling them off, a very naked, very aroused Duo now laying before him.  Duo reached back and undid his hair, letting the soft, chestnut locks flow free.  Heero licked his lips, his erection still painfully confined in his pants.  Duo reached down and removed the last article of clothing separating them.  Heero pushed Duo back down to the bed, lying naked head to toe with him.  Heero kissed along Duo's jaw before whispering in his ear.
   "May I have you, Duo?"
   Duo smiled, his heart threatening to burst from his chest, "Yes, the present I give to you Heero, is me."
   Heero kissed Duo's smile, his lips light and caressing against his.  Heero made his way down his body, dipping his tongue in to Duo's navel before taking his arousal in to his mouth.  Duo moaned loudly, his hips bucking uncontrollably at the pleasure.  Heero rested a hand on Duo's hips, stilling his mindless thrusts.  Duo was about to protest when he felt a finger inside of him.  He concentrated on what Heero was doing with his mouth as a second and third finger were added.  He felt Heero reaching inside of him searching.  His hips bucked up, pushing himself in to Heero's mouth as Heero's digits brushed against something deep within.  He bucked his hips twice more, but before he could come, Heero removed his fingers.  Duo was disappointed.  Heero reached in to the nightstand drawer and pulled out a small jar.  Duo recognized it as being the massage oil Heero used for stiff muscles.  Heero rubbed some on himself, then wrapped Duo's legs around his waist before pushing in to the violet-eyed beauty.  Duo took a swift intake of breath, adjusting his body to accommodate Heero.  Giving him a moment to adjust, Heero kissed Duo deeply before he began thrusting in to him.  Duo's eyes grew impossibly wide at the sheer pleasure, crying out Heero's name with each thrust.  Heero grabbed Duo's member and began pumping it in time to his thrusts.  Duo's cries lost all semblance of coherence, his body reaching it's height.  Heero felt Duo's seed spill out against his body, then released himself within Duo, having reached his own climax.  He removed himself from Duo and laid beside him, completely satisfied.
   "Thank you, Duo.  I think this is the best Christmas I've ever had."
   Duo smiled, snuggling closer to Heero, wrapping his arms around his waist, even as Heero wrapped his arms around Duo, "It was the best Christmas for me too, love."
   The three spirits smiled at Duo and Heero.
   "Heero has let go of his past troubles."
   "He understands what it means to give."
   The last spirit smiled, her eyes glowing, "The two of them will have a bright future together."

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