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 Origins of Shinigami


Duo was having an extremely grumpy day. First, he woke up late and  couldn't get to school on time, which he could care less about, but that got him detention. Second, he was called in as back up in the middle of class while he was taking test. By the time he got there with Deathscythe, it was over. That made him extremely mad. By the time he got back to the dorm, everybody took one look at his face, and made a path for him to walk right through, parting like the Red Sea. He opened the door to see Heero sitting at his desk, typing away on his computer. 

Duo plopped onto his bed, and groaned silently. Heero, a bit 
surprised (AN: how do you surprise a stone statue?) that Duo's mouth 
wasn't going off, looked away from his laptop to glance at Duo who was staring at the wall. 

"What's your problem?" Heero asked in his usual impassive voice.

"Nothing!" snapped Duo. "I'm going to bed," Duo said as he stripped down to his boxers and T-shirt. He threw open the covers and rolled himself into a little ball, facing away from Heero. 

Heero just looked stiffly at Duo. Aside from an arched eyebrow, 
nothing else showed any emotion on his stony face. He decided to 
savor the rare peace and quiet of the room, and continued with his work. Well, he tried, but his eyes kept glancing over at the normally talkative pilot. His thoughts began to wander as his eyes followed the length of chestnut hair confined in a braid. 

How would it feel to run his hands through the silky strands and 
breathe in their scent. Imagine Duo laid down on a bed, his chestnut locks spread.... ARGH! Stupid pilot and his useless braid. A distraction, that's what the pilot of Deathscythe was. <A very nice distraction woudln't you say?> said a small voice in the back of his mind.

<Got to finish report> became his mantra, as he forced his hormones to calm themselves.

Duo was staring straight ahead with his back towards his partner, 
oblivious to the confusing thoughts running through Heero's mind, 
thinking about how his day had gone wrong. I almost lost it today. If I got any angrier, I might hurt somebody. I better keep my temper in check or these idiotic powers of mine are going to blow up in my face, he thought. 

*Author POV & Flashback-ish*

What, you say, is Duo thinking? As you all know, he was a war orphan. Parents were killed, and he basically lived on the streets. However, you don't know who his guardians were. They were a hereditary line of humans who all possessed psychic powers. Duo was rather young when they were killed, only brushing across his full potential. His memories were sealed away by his mother's powers until he was older. He had regained them just four years ago.

Then, he was called Gabriel. (AN: Appropriate don't you think?) 
He was happily playing with his toys in the living room when the 
door was torn down. His parents had told him to stay put. In his 
point of view, soldiers had come in and demanded that his parents join them in destroying their enemy. His father had refused, which ended up with his death. His mother carried Duo into a secret room, telling him to stay put and be quiet. She slipped her necklace off her neck and put it on his. It was a simple chain with a shiny round charm on it. 

"Keep this with you always and do not let it fall into the wrong 
hands," she had whispered to him before closing the door. It was 
rather dark in the room and Duo had grown kind of scared. He heard a struggle going on outside and a gun shot. A scream reverberated through his system, a sound often heard in his nightmares for the next twelve years of his life, never knowing the owner of the scream until he was 11.

He cherished that necklace being the only memory of his family that he ever had. Their faces were mere blurs in his mind, never being the sharp images they had once were before his memories were locked away by his mother. Duo had found out that the charm on his mother's necklace was a disk after the shields had disintegrated. He had loaded it the second he got the equipment for it, and found his entire family tree, each person with their own biography. Exercises for the development of psychic powers were there, including the newest research. Each person had their ability right next to their picture with a description. 

Duo saw a pair of familiar faces and immediately began to cry the 
second he laid eyes on them. There, on the screen, were pictures 
of his mother and father, each with a smile on their faces. Both 
had the same chestnut hair and violet eyes except his father's were darker. Their faces in his mind were resurrected and cleared. 

The last person on the list was himself, a mere child of three years. 
He looked at the short description of himself, but what made his 
eyes widen was the fact that he was the only other person, other than some distant relative in the past, that possessed telekinesis, the most powerful of all the psychic abilities there were. His potential at the age of three had already surpassed that of his distant relative, and it was estimated that by the time he reached fifteen, he would most surely be able to move an entire space craft without breaking a sweat. 

That information was extremely shocking when he managed to find out. Duo was a smart little kid, though all the education he 
got was through peering through a window of a school where families were able to pay to send their kids to school. He had broken in, carefully he must admit, and had loaded it. What he got was much more than he had bargained for but it was worth it. Each and everyday he could, he would go in and practice the exercises. Soon, he had them all memorized, his powers growing steadily. 

Now, he could easily lift things through the air but it became harder and harder for him to practice, although he didn't really need it. But people get rusty. He found that it was harder to control when he was mad, which explained his usual happy and talkative mask. Duo was always keeping secrets, so it didn't make a difference when he added another one - his real nature. Ever since the death of his parents, he had never been the same. 

Ice had surrounded his heart, few had been able to break through it. Nobody were able to distinguish between fantasy and reality with him. People just took him at face value, thinking that the facade he put on was his real personality. But the second Duo laid his eyes on Heero, the ice melted instantly and he began fawning over the perfect soldier. 

*End Author POV & Flashback-ish*

All the thinking started to make him feel drowsy with the stress 
underlying the thoughts. He began to drift to oblivion. Some time 
later, he was shaken awake.

"Wha?" Duo said groggily. His eyes began to focus to see icy blue 
eyes under messy brown bangs. He fell in love all over again. 

"Mission," Heero said as he walked out of the room. Duo stood 
cursing the deities who were laughing at his absolutely horrible 
day. He looked at himself in the mirror and cringed. His normally 
neat braid was frayed from sleep, hair falling out of the braid. 
All in all, he looked like Medusa with a good hair day. "Are you 
coming?" growled Heero as he popped his head back in. Duo jumped nearly ten feet into the air.

"You scared me!" he shouted.

"You're a soldier, you shouldn't have been. We have to get going, 
NOW!" he shouted as he left yet again. Duo groaned and decided to use his powers to get his hair into place. He ran out the door, 
jumping on one foot then the other to get his shoes on and made 
his way to Shinigami. 


The fight was not going their way. For the past six hours, he had 
been battling a numerous amount of Aries, swinging his gundam's 
thermal scythe and destroying them. But it seemed there were an 
endless amount of these stupid mobile suits. Shenlong, Wufei's 
gundam wasn't doing very good considering that one of the arms had been blasted off somewhere along the way and he was only defending himself with the staff. Trowa and Quatre were covering each other but had suffered numerous attacks already. Heero was still fighting as if he had just came there. 

Then again, Heero was the perfect soldier. Duo's inattentiveness 
cost him. From behind, a mobile had sliced through a weak spot on Deathscythe. Duo growled. He opened the hatch and jumped out of the gundam. He immediately moved his gundam as far as possible. Duo used his powers to cushion his fall, landing neatly onto his feet. He looked around at his friends fighting the Aries and 
decided he had had enough. 

"Okay you stupid mobile suits. I've been having a bad day already 
and you have just made it worse. Take this!" Duo shouted. All the 
mechs within his range were gathered into the air and crushed by 
invisible hands, disappearing into dust. Duo was breathing hard 
from the act he had just committed. His friends' gundams were all 
tilted towards some other gundam, idly wondering who had accomplished such a task. 

Duo, having not had the sleep he needed, was barely able to stay 
on his feet after destroying the multiple mobile suits. He collapsed 
into unconsciousness seconds later.

"What the hell just happened?" came Heero's voice on the radio. He moved Wing to the immobile body and as gently as he could, scooped Duo up in its arm and giving him to Sandrock. Heero then flew to where he had seen Deathscythe move to and carried the gundam back to the safehouse. The four gundam pilots then went back to the hanger to make repairs. 


Duo woke up with a gigantic headache. "Ugh, did somebody catch the name of the Aries who trampled on me?" 

"It was more like somebody destroyed all of them. The mobile suits 
just came together and self destructed," Quatre said. 

"Really?" Duo said, pretending to sound surprised. 

"I think that they were trying to guage our powers again. To see 
if we had improved or not since we started fighting. Now, they are 
without a doubt, going to upgrade those mechs that they used," Heero said.

"Must there be a logical explaination for everything, Heero?" Duo 

"Yes. I don't think that they would just self destruct for no reason," 
Heero said in his normally cold voice.

"But it didn't look like a regular self destruction and why would 
they just kill themselves for no particular reason? I distinctly 
heard the screeching of twisted metal. It looked as if someone had crushed them with something," Trowa added. 

Of course, I used my mind to crush them as if them were just toys, 
Duo thought. I sure do need a drink right now. My throat's parched and my head still hurts! I really need an ice pack. My poor head. I doubt I could control my powers now with this headache!
his thoughts trailed off as Trowa, Wufei, Heero and Quatre debated about reasonable explainations for what had happened previously. 

Behind them, a glass of water and an ice pack were floating in. 
Duo was subsconsciouly moving the objects towards himself. Usually, he would be able to control his powers but with his humungous headache, he lost control. 

Quatre sighed. He had said that maybe magic had a part in whatever happened. After all, Duo had been nearly trampled when suddenly they all flew back into the air and were destroyed, he thought. He turned away from the argument and his green eyes widened. He tried to speak but he couldn't get the energy to do so. Quatre yanked hard on Trowa's sleeve and pointed at the floating objects.

"What is it Quatre?" Trowa asked. He saw his companion pointing at something near the door. Trowa immediately spotted the floating objects and his normally cool expression disappeared as his jaw dropped nearly to the floor.

"What are you guys staring at? We're still trying to...figure..." 
Wufei's train of thought got off the track when he saw the ice pack and glass of water. Heero was wondering why everybody just stopped talking and his expressionless face turned into surprise. It floated past him and to Duo who was staring into space. 

Duo was shocked back into the real world when he felt something 
cold settle on his forehead and a glass put into his hand. "Huh?" 
Duo said, looking down. 

"Does anybody believe in ghosts?" Quatre asked in a small voice.

The ice pack on Duo's head fell off and landed on the bed when he tipped his head down. An immediate blush appeared on his face. I guess I was right, he thought, not realizing that he said it out loud.

"What was right?" Heero cut in.

"Um, uh, nothing," Duo stuttered. He couldn't trust anyone with his 
secret, not even his friends. The disc his mother gave him specifically told him not to tell anyone because there might be spies. And if anyone was to find out, he would most likely be chased down as a potential weapon. 

Heero inconspicuously stepped to the very back of the room. Everybody else were still too shocked to move. If I'm wrong, I will never forgive myself, he thought. He took out a knife from his boot, and threw it straight at Duo. 

Duo saw Heero take out something out of his boot but didn't see what. He saw a flash of metal and then a knife heading straight for his head! Life and my secret out in the open or dying young. I choose life! he thought. His violet eyes flashed with anger and his powers reached out and changed the course of the knife, lodging it permanently into the ceiling. 

"WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO? KILL ME?" shouted Duo. Anger was apparent in the crystal depths of his eyes as well as a deep sadness.

"Basically, to prove a point," Heero simply said.

"What point? It nearly cost one of your friend's life!" Quatre 
screeched. Trowa put a hand on his shoulder which calmed him somewhat. 

"You have no honor, Yuy, attacking someone when he does not have a weapon," Wufei said. Trowa merely gave him his best glare. Heero merely pointed up at the ceiling and walked out of the room with a stiff back. Everybody instinctively looked up and saw the knife.

"How the hell did it end up there? Yuy has perfect aiming capabilities," Wufei said. One by one, they looked at Duo who found something interesting on the blanket. All of a sudden, he ran out. They were all about to run after him but some invisible force knocked them all to the ground. 

Why did Heero have to prove I have these powers? Why?! Can't he leave well enough alone? Duo thought. Tears of frustration were welling up in his large amethyst eyes as he ran to the garage for a quick getaway. He had betrayed his mother's last promise. He was sure that people would come after him because of his powers. Duo could not put his friends in trouble, he had to leave. 


Heero slammed his fist against the wall, creating a spider web of 
cracks. "Damn myself and my training," he mumbled. He had seen the sadness in Duo's eyes and as much as he wouldn't like to admit it, it hurt him. Heero angrily took off his clothes and reverted to his 
normal tank and shorts. He then heard the patter of footsteps echoing down the hall. He opened the door and saw Duo's braid trailing behind him as he went in the direction of the garage. Wonder what he's doing, he thought. Heero closed the door behind him and ran silently after the boy. 

He then saw two crystalline drops in the air just before they fell 
to the ground. He's crying?! What have I done? Heero thought. He 
ran faster to catch up to Duo. Duo did not notice him so Heero was able to grab him by his waist. 

"Let me GO!" Duo shouted. A burst of power did the trick as Heero 
went flying backwards several feet but did not trip. He saw Duo 
looking at him sadly and then bolt.

"Curse that fucking power of his," Heero grumbled as he made his 
way after Duo yet again. He made it just before Duo could make his way onto a motorcycle. Heero made a promise earlier to correct his mistake and he was going to do it no matter how. He grabbed Duo's face and covered his lips with his own. 

Shock went through Duo's body as he felt Heero's soft but firm lips 
cover his own. Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist, deepening the kiss. Duo froze but could not get away because of Heero's strong arms. Soon, the burning in their lungs made them back away. 

"Doshite?" Duo choked out. 

"Because you made me fall in love with you. Aishiteru, Duo," Heero 
said, his voice a different tone from his normally cold one. Duo's 
eyes widened in shock when he heard that the Japanese boy he had been secretly loving, actually returned his feelings. He had squashed his feelings relentlessly. Being emotionally tied with somebody made his life that much harder.

"N-Nani?" stuttered Duo. Heero answered him with his actions rather than with his words by covering Duo's lips with his yet again. This time, Duo responded. He put his arms around Heero's neck, knowing that his legs would not hold him much longer. Heero's lips closed over Duo's bottom lip, tugging on it as Duo gasped. He took this moment to slip his tongue into his mouth. The kiss deepened even more, becoming a contest, a match for control. Eventually, Duo backed off and let Heero take control of the kiss. 

They then backed away, breathing ragged. "Let's take this to our 
room, shall we?" came Heero's husky voice. Duo nodded numbly, slightly breathless. He was conscious that Heero was leading him to the room that they shared. He was thankful for that because he was sure that after that kiss, his brain cells were fried from the shock. 

No sooner than Heero locked the door, Duo's body collided with his, his mouth hot and eager on his own. Heero returned the kiss a hundred percent as he led Duo to a nearby bed. He gently laid Duo down on the bed, lips still ravaging his. Heero unbuttoned Duo's shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, revealing soft pale skin. He tossed the garment away and began trailing kisses over Duo's neck and shoulders. 

Heero started kissing his way downwards, eliciting small gasps of 
pleasure from Duo. He reached a nipple and nibbled on it while 
rolling the other one with his fingertips. Duo moaned and Heero 
growled in response as he lapped, nipped and suckled the sensitive nub, before moving across to do the same to its neighbor. 

He started paving a road of hot kisses down Duo's chest until he 
reached the waistband of his pants. Heero looked up at Duo's flushed face and received a barely perceivable nod of consent. He peeled off Duo's pants and boxers. Heero looked up at Duo and gave his lover a smile specially reserved for the 'long haired baka'. 
"Beautiful," he murmured. 

Duo reached for Heero, but he was just out of arms' length. He gave the blue eyed boy an evil smile, the only warning Heero had before he was catapulted into Duo's arms.

"That was a cheap shot," Heero breathed. 

"Got your attention, ne?" Duo asked, winking at him. Heero shut him up by crushing his lips in a bruising kiss. He latched onto Duo's 
earlobe and traced the outer shell with his tongue, whimpers of 
enjoyment answering him. 

"I wonder how many different sounds I can coax out of you," Heero 
said huskily into his ear. Duo was too far gone to notice. Heero 
moved downwards to suck on his neck, tasting the sweet skin under his lips. Reaching the juncture where shoulder met neck, he bit none too gently, making Duo cry out briefly in pain before he 
soothed it by suckling on it. 

Heero made his way farther down, kissing a straight line down the 
length of the pilot's body until he reached Duo's arousal. He sat 
back on his heels and peeled off his green tanktop and black spandex pants.

"No underwear?" Duo panted. 

"It shows," Heero said, shrugging just before engulfing Duo's 
erection in his mouth. Duo nearly screamed. 

"Duo? Heero? Are you in there?" came Quatre's voice. Heero nearly groaned in frustration. Not now, not when he got his new lover into his bed. His brow was creased and he frowned minutely before returning to his task of pleasuring Duo. "Never mind," Quatre said. 

Why did Quatre just leave like that? Duo thought. But such thoughts go no where when you're tumbling through a sea of pleasure. His hands were buried in amazingly silky soft brown hair as he rode the waves. Heero sucked slowly at the shaft in his mouth. Duo instinctively thrust into that moist cavern but an arm of iron strength pinned his hips to the bed. Heero drew Duo's cock deeper into his mouth and let his teeth scrape down the sensitive sides. He went back up again and sucked at the head, stabbing his tongue into the slit. 

That was the last straw for Duo as he cried out in release. Heero 
swallowed every last drop Duo had to offer as if some ambrosia from the gods. He moved back up to press a kiss to his lover's lips. "We're not finished yet, koibito. Take down your hair," Heero whispered into his ear as he pulled him back into a sitting position.

Duo shivered at the promise the words brought and reached a hand over to grasp his braid. Tugging at the band, he released his long tresses. He ran a hand through the chestnut strands. "Kino no yo," Heero said. Heero tugged on a lock and breathed in its scent. He ground his hips against the pilot under him, shocks traveling through his system. 

"He-Heero, I want...onegai," Duo gasped as he felt himself become
hard again. His mind managed to uncloud enough to use his powers to snatch the massage oil from his desk. Heero intercepted its path and opened it one handed. 

"What do you want, koibito?" Heero asked as he nipped at slightly 
swollen lips.

"I want you...inside me," Duo said before bringing Heero's head back down for yet another kiss. Oil slick fingers teased at the opening and Duo bucked, trying to bring them in. Finally, they stopped torturing him and a finger made its way into the tight passage. "Oh, god!" Duo cried as his back arched. One, two then three fingers stretched the passage, Duo backing into them, trying to get as much of them as he could. The fingers were removed, a feeling of emptiness settled over him before a rock hard shaft gently pushed its way in. 

Duo arched off the bed, bringing Heero even closer. There was a slight amount of pain at first but that was quickly overridden by the feeling of fullness plunging into him. Heero thrust slowly, trying to make it last as long as possible. But as his desire mounted, his control started to fade and soon he started to pound Duo into the bed, who welcomed it wholeheartedly. 

An idea came to Duo and he closed his eyes to concentrate. He envisioned a rod with hair thin spins all over it. Duo applied some lubricant to Heero's koman and eased the imaginary object into his lover. Heero immediately stiffened and groaned and he thrust back against it and back into Duo. Heero shifted and the new angle enabled him to hit at just the right spot, sending black spots across his vision. It also made him ram the invisible rod harder into Heero. A few more thrusts against the same spot and Duo was gone. He arched so far off the bed, that you might expect him to snap in half. 

Duo's inner passages tightened, sending Heero into sensory overload. The object that he was sure Duo had conjured up rammed itself a few times into him and his body reached the point of release. Heero plunged in one more time and held himself as deep as possible in his new lover's body. "Duo..." he called out as he flooded his depths with his seed. Heero then collapsed onto Duo and managed to get enough semblance of mind to roll off.

Heero gathered the violet eyed boy into his arms. <<You thinking of leaving anytime soon?>> he asked. 

"Hmm?" Duo groggily said. When he realized that Heero was speaking and not using his mouth, he snapped back to full awareness. 

<<You are not the only one with secrets, koi>> Heero said before
yawning and drifting off to sleep. Finally what had happened to the blonde boy made sense to the pilot of Deathscythe. Why else would he leave for no reason? 

<<You better explain yourself in the morning, Hee-chan>> Duo said, using what little telepathic skills he managed to inherit from his mother. 

<<sleepcomfywarm>> was Heero's only reply. Duo sighed. He laid his head down on Heero's shoulder, wrapped his arms around his waist and through one leg over one of Heero's for good measure, trying to reassure himself that it wasn't a dream. 

<<'yasumi, Hee-chan>> Duo sent and went to sleep. 

Finally, it is done. I've never read Episode 0 so I wouldn't know 
what Duo's real childhood was like. I tend to stray towards the 
psychic type stories hence the powers Duo and supposedly Heero has. Whatever. Ja ne!


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