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Quatre's Lil' Porn Collection


The pilot of Deathscythe entered Quatre's bedroom looking
for his hairbrush. Ever since he broke his arm in that last
mission he had been unable to brush his long silky hair.
Quatre had been gracious enough to help him seeing as he
had had experience with a few of his sisters.

Now that his arm had healed, he no longer needed his
help. Grateful as he was, Duo sadly concluded after two
months in a cast that Quatre could not braid. He could
attack knots with such precision and detangled it with such
gentleness, but he could not plait a straight braid. It
would always come out slightly crooked and large chunk of
hair would always escape the elastic band. Oh well, it was
better than nothing.

"Ah, where is it ?" muttered Duo as he looked on the
young Arabian's nightstand. He clearly remembered that
Quatre usually left it next to his bed. Duo thought to
check under the bed, just in case it had fallen off the low
table, and found something unexpected.

He found Quatre's porno stash.

"Whoa." Slowly, he toke out the magazines and was shocked
to find handsome scantily clad men on the cover.

"Hmm... I didn't know that Quatre swung that way too,"
thought Duo as he leafed through one or two. He settled
himself comfortably on the bed and flipped through them. He
began to feel aroused as he perused through pages of
gorgeous men in all their glory.

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he came on a page
of a particularly old and worn out magazine. The glossy
paper was slightly creased and the top right corner was
folded as if the magazine owner wanted to bookmark it. A
brown-haired man whose hair obscured his right eye graced
the page. His naked Adonis-like body was positioned in a
provocative way that seemed to scream out "take me now."
His remaining unshielded green eye glanced sultrily at his
admirers and his large sensuous mouth seemed to welcome all
intruders. Duo felt his member hardening .

Shinigami admired the beautiful boy for a moment when it
struck him. He looked just like...


Quatre roamed the halls of the estate looking for his
braided companion. It was not like him to miss lunch. He
peeped into the room Duo shared with Heero and saw he
wasn't there.

"Where can he be? " the blond wondered. Then, he passed
by his room and nearly had a heart attack. Duo was looking
at his x-rated magazines.

"Ohmygodohmygod," thought the embarassed boy. Duo noticed
his presence and pushed himself in an upright position.

"That's quite an impressive collection you have here,"
teased a grinning Duo. Quatre was completely horrified.
There went his innocent pilot reputation. "It's bigger than
my own."

"Ah, Duo, I can explain. You see..." his voice trailed
off as he noticed what page Duo was on. Oh my God, he

Duo followed his friend's glance to the picture and said:
"Pretty hot guy, hein? No wonder you bookmarked him."

Quatre wondered at that moment if it was possible for
Maganacs to dig him a hole in the carpet so he may die in
it in shame.

Duo winked at his friend wickedly and the latter knew
that the teasing was long from over.The young Arabian's
heart palpitated at a million beats per second awaiting the
words that may come out of the American's mouth. He hoped
that his secret was still safe...

Duo mercilessly continued. "By the way, is it humanly
possible to be that *big*?"

A small gush of blood escaped the poor blond's nose and
he blushed furiously. "Well, at least, he didn't notice the
model's resemblance to Trowa," mused he.

"I wonder if Trowa is as *big* as that," mused Duo out
loud. Ah, spoke too soon. Duo knew. Oh my god, he knew.
Quatre paled and began to hyperventilate.

Sensing his friend's distress, Duo said: "Look, it's not
like I needed that picture to see that you're in love with

"You... you don't?" Quatre managed to stammer.

"No, you have to be blind not to notice the way you feel
about him," answered Duo truthfully. "You get this little
wrinkle on your forehead whenever he's away on a mission
and, corny as it may sound, you seem to glow whenever he is

"Ah." He didn't know that he was that transparent.

"So, when are you going to tell him?" prodded Duo.

"Well, I, ah," stuttered Quatre. He was cornered and
there was no escaping it. He would have to confess about
his lack of courage and his fear of rejection. Quatre
opened his mouth to confess to the boy clad in priest
garments when he realized something. Hey, he wasn't the
only one harboring a crush.

"Hmph, make me squirm, will he? Two can play at this
game," thought Quatre.

"When are *you* going to tell Heero?" countered Quatre.

"What! What are you talking about?  What makes you think
I like psychotic spandex boy?!" exclaimed the American.
"Why would I like him anyway? For his great manners? His
amazing conversational skills? Or, could it be the way he
says "Omae o korosu" to me every five minutes?"

The last few words came out slightly bitter.

"I am not blind either. You love him, admit it," pushed

"What if I do ? What can I do about it?" asked Duo
sourly. " His first priority is the mission and love is
just a liability to him, something that will weaken him and
that will distract him from his precious mission."

He sighed and he despondently added:
"Anyway, we are soldiers, Quatre. We could die at any
moment. With Heero's  self-destruct record, I don't think
I'll have to wait long before he... he ," faltered Duo.

Quatre went and wrapped his arm around Duo. He wanted to
say that it wasn't true and that Heero would not
self-destruct if he was with the braided boy, but he wasn't
certain if that was the truth. The blond acknowledged that
their constant brushes with death  was one of the reasons
why he restrained himself from  telling Trowa his feelings.

"I court Death wherever I go," thought the American sadly.
It was strange how HE would claim those around him, but
never him. Why? Was he not worthy of Death? Did he not
deserve to die after killing all those innocent people?

Duo looked at his hands. They were soft and clean, but he
felt the taint in them. He smelled the acrid odor of blood
on them.

The blond angel hovering over him looked at him
worriedly. No, he musn't make him upset. He didn't deserve
sympathy for all the pain and crimes he had perpetuated.
Slowly, he pushed away from his friend's comforting arms
and put on his joker face again.

"Oh well, it doesn't matter. I mean, it will be a cold
day in Hell before I get Mr. Perfect-Soldier-Yuy in the
sack, " he started to laugh in a depreciatory manner.

"Duo," said Quatre sternly. He knew that Duo was just
trying to evade the issue.

"Hey, since when did the hunter become the prey? *I* was
suppose to be the one pumping you for your love life!"cried
Duo indignantly.

Quatre sighed mentally. There was no stopping him when he
was like this.
"I guess we'll talk about it at another time," thought he.

"Soo," Duo grinned, "I'm waiting. When are you going to
tell him?"

"Well, I initially wanted to speak with him after the
war, but I don't think I could wait that long. So, now, I
am just waiting until I know how he feels about, well,
homosexual relationships."


"See, I'm not sure whether Trowa likes boys or not or how
he feels about gay relationships," admitted Quatre
earnestly. " I don't want Trowa to resent or be repulsed by
me. I seriously don't think I could live with his

"Hey man, believe me, Trowa would never be disgusted with
you, no matter what. I don't see him as  being a bigot like
that," reassured Duo. He grinned mischievously. " And, I am
pretty certain he likes boys. I saw him checking you out
when we were changing in the locker room at that last
boarding school. He was practically drooling."

Quatre blushed again. "Aa, you're lying," stumbled the

"Hey, I run, I hide, but I never lie. I am Shinigami,"
proclaimed the American enthusiastically.

The flushed Quatre decided to change subject before he
turned any redder :  "Hey, there's a model in here that
looks just like Heero."

Duo's ears perk up. "Really? Where? Where?"

Lunch forgotten, the blond and the braided one enjoyed
themselves trying to compare porn stars to their favorite


Meanwhile,  in the dining room, the remaining pilots
waited for the other two to come to lunch.
"Kisama, "exclaimed Wufei, "What are they doing up there?
I'm hungry."

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