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Unwrapping Presents


It was Duo's birthday, a day Heero had been marking in his mind for, well almost an entire year now. Ever since Duo's last birthday as a matter of fact, which Heero had forgotten, completely, totally, and yes, utterly.

Duo wouldn't let him forget it, talk about vengeful lovers. And for the past year had nearly managed to remind Heero of his poor memory at least once a month, if not more. This month had been no different. As soon as the months had changed, entering the time of Duo's birth, the shining moment the laughing bouncing amethyst-eyed child had come into the world, Duo started in with his ever so subtle reminders.

Little notes taped to the bathroom mirror saying things like {Do you think I look old for my age? ^_^}  

At which Heero would snort, crumple the note and begin brushing his teeth, only to find another reminder taped politely to his toothbrush. {Tooth decay can still be prevented even at the age of 20 and up ^_^}

Once more Heero snorted, shaking his head at his insane lover and throwing the little note into the trashcan beside the toilet. Indeed he knew what time of year it was, he also knew just what he was giving his 'mad as a froot loop gone polka dotted' boyfriend. A one of a kind gift, even if Heero said so himself. And he did.

So, when the blooming and joyous day of the birth of Duo arrived, Heero was ready. He had made no dinner reservations, he had not bought a single red nor white rose, he hadn't even bought a special outfit for the occasion. Well, he had bought a special outfit; it was indeed rather small, about the size of a yard length of bright full red velvety ribbon, with tasteful little hearts on it.

Duo actually had yet to wake up on this of all days, and lay in bed snoozing contentedly into his pillow and dreaming of whatever braided angels dream. Unbeknownst was he of his lover standing by with his surprise birthday present. Until of course our hero, Heero made himself known to his sighing and slumbering love.

He started with a feather, because he'd read somewhere that it made for a nice toy as well as something to annoy a sleeping person with. Heero was nothing if not solicitous of Duo's needs and wishes. So, he woke up his pouty lipped and drifting eyelashed lover, with the splendid tickling of a soft downy feather beneath his nose.

Duo scrunched his nose, mewling his sleeping mouth like a kittens into an 'oh' of morning tidings. His long lashed eyes blinked open to reveal his never-ending depths of wicked violet. He smiled up at his ever-elusive lover, puckering his lips for a morning greeting by way of mouths. He'd always considered morning breath a myth, and for some reason it was true for him, always a sweet mouth and pleasant tongue did he have in the waking hours of the dawn.

Heero, never one to disregard a gift, took what was proffered, and offered his own special greeting by way of standing up.

At this point it must be observed that Heero had planned this as only a true hentai could, deciding he would give Duo what he claimed to love quite a bit, if not more then his soul. This, as you might have guessed, was Heero himself. I bright red, velvety, long, tastefully dotted with white hearts ribbon, was primly, if not efficiently, tied around Heero's proud and stiff manhood. Or in plain English, he'd gift wrapped his godsend. Or as Duo sometimes referred to it 'my perfect soldier'.

Duo was impressed as you might well imagine, by this thoughtful and thought provoking gift. Something this special should be cherished and saved. But Duo was never one to save what should be enjoyed, so he took the gift within his hand and gave it a kiss as sincere as a butterfly landing on a lily.

Heero, knowing his gift was accepted, moved forward so as to offer his plentitude at a better angle. This could go on to be described much like a football game on aphrodisiacs, piece by piece and play by play, but let us cut with the showmanship and merely describe the scene as it were.

A very stiff length of flesh was bowed down to and worshiped, lips wrapping around it to bestow gentle waxings and wanings of a tongue. Like a lollipop in heaven, the toy of an erection was swallowed whole and given a special treatment of lightly scraping teeth and ministrations of delightful sucking vibrations. In the joy of the moment, the pleasure giver known as the beloved and half naked braided boy, began to hum a little tune that sounded suspiciously like 'happy birthday'. Heero did not care; his head was thrown back, mouth open, eyes staring with a fervent vigor at the ceiling fixtures above.

The lovers mouth and the lovee's member became fused in a slick heat of gushing milk of man, known to cure all stomach upsets. Heero's hands ran through the long and silken hair, his trembling fingers stroking within its luscious confines. Now, did Duo remember to unwrap this gift so prettily given over to his morning appetite.

With careful, loving hands he untied the soiled red ribbon, smiling at the tasteful tiny white hearts, his lips briefly kissed the stain of white that smeared it, licking the taste as a remembrance of what his love had to offer.

Grinning with delight at what more was offered to his senses, he began a singular observation of the golden body of Heero. Noticing with fascination as ever he did, the sloping and strong lines of chest and stomach, the tense muscles of thighs and buttocks, the baby soft skin of hip and cheek, the lovely curving line of a regained erection in the morning sunlight.

With a smile to rival the sun's entrance into their little bedroom kingdom, Duo pulled his love down, smothering the pouty and ever sexily frowning lips, and slipping a tongue around for a search and seizure takedown of tastebuds.

What Duo wanted more then to tangle his tongue with Heero's was to sate his long and agile rod of arousal, and bury it within the heated depths of his lustily kissing boyfriend. This he realized with a jolt of heat that ground inside his pelvis and electrified his cock, was what he could do for his birthday wish.

Satisfied smirk firmly in place, Duo slid his sleeping shorts off his more then awake body, tugging the silky cloth slowly down his waist, pulling it gently over his erection and letting his popsicle of passion slap lightly and exquisitely against his stomach. It was an invitation to erotic lollygagging, a present presented by the birthday boy.

Heero wasted no time in taking up the offer, literally and physically in his hand, sliding his callused fingers softly over the stiff treat, his mouth turning into a gratified line of pleasure at the thought of fulfilling his lover's desires. But Duo had other ideas. And before Heero had no more time then to lick a swath and bob his head once over the throbbing treasure, Duo had pulled him up into a more, assessable position.

A few years of practice, and a firm knowledge of where all the lubrication substances in the house were, guided Duo's hands. Firm motions were taken, and oil poured into a palm, and cupped lovingly over a lively arousal. Clear and heady drips fell and trickled, sluicing around and down Duo's bobbing cock.

Heero remained calm in the face of so much instant gratification, crawling up the ivory body, the sculpted and lithe form calling out to his mouth and tongue. With sheer force of willpower he resisted the urge to suckle upon a pink and pointed nipple, instead kissing the smiling lips of Duo, and offering his body however it was wished.

Like a silent movie playing out, the braided and awakened boy gestured for a turn around movement, signifying he wanted all fours and a well-placed entrance for this performance. Long fingers danced down a spine, cupped a firm cheek, and spread. Like a curtain being drawn across a sweeping and brilliant stage, his heaven was revealed. His talented fingers marked a little map of prickling oil, sliding over the curves and planes of back and rear, and a single digit slipping inside his wriggling love.

Soon of course, a single would not satisfy, a second was sent in to take charge, working diligently the two fingers stretched and slid, twisting within the wanton depths of his spread leg Heero.

This being more then enough to upset all carefully balanced hormones, Duo stopped his acting fingers, bringing on the star of the show. Proud it stood, glistening and beckoning, waving at the upturned ass of boyfriend turned birthday present. With a happy moan of gratitude Duo slipped his raging erection slowly into the welcoming arms and velveteen well of his love, moaning at the delirious thrill of gripping the swiveling hips and drip, drip, dripping manhood of his beloved Heero.

The author developed a stutter with the abundance of the clear and pearly drops that fell from Heero's erection. The color and taste a sheer delight to the eyes and smiling senses. Duo couldn't agree to this, his hands too busy caressing this throbbing tool of bedroom war, his cock buried to the hilt in the pulsing warmth of Heero. With slow and steady movements, hips surged gently forward, blazing a trail of friction and heat. Heero's hands became claws, wanting to shred the bedclothes and moan out to the world his utter pleasure at the sensation of being filled so thoroughly.

Passion began playing it's lively melody of lust, a tune both boys knew well. Soon the thrashing of Heero's limbs and slapping of Duo's hips became a song sung in a low and slightly chipper key.

Slip, slap, slide, "Aaahhhh"

Slide, slip, "Mmmmm"

Grip, thrash, whimper, "Aaaa Mmmmmm"

The melody as you can see was rather thrown together and uncoordinated, but lovely to listen to on a morning when the mist of sex crawls across the room, and the sun gleams on your lovers flesh.

Cries of delight erupted from both mouths as at long last the pace became unbearable, and a decision to 'come' was reached. Quivers ran down Heero's spine at the prospect, erection giving soft pattering thumps within Duo's hand. The dark haired boy's mouth was open in an 'o' like the 'o' in love, the 'o' in Duo, the 'o' in oh my god.

Duo on his side of the dimensional barrier known as being yourself, was also aware of the rhythmic contractions stemming from where he was a part of Heero, so deeply was his cock buried in his lover that all palpitations had become a virtual symphony of desire.

A pleasured shriek bounded about the dawn-drenched room, filling the air almost as much as the warm nectar of Duo filled Heero. Delight was taken in by both boys, bandied about, chatted over, and eaten like a fresh baked cake. Heero told the score and drenched Duo's hand with a smattering of warm love, that later was licked with a practiced ease by a red tongued mouth that smiled contentedly.

And so, in the bright and sex soaked room, the boys curled around each other in a daze of spent passions and happy birthday wishes.

"I liked this present, but what can you do next year to top it?" Asked the newly sleepy bouncing 20-something amethyst-eyed bundle of joy.

"I was wondering what *you'll* be doing for *mine*." Said the equally sleepy lover of braided boys with amethyst eyes and crazy ideas.

"Well, the funny thing is, I was going to get you the same thing." Was the yawned response as the laughing eyed love curled around his satiated hero.



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