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 "Universe" ~ Savage Garden

Well I'd like to take you as I find you
Imagine our clothes are on the floor
Feel my caress so soft and gentle
So delicate you cry for more
But you know baby
You know baby does it right
And you know baby does it right

        {A mesh of limbs tangled, one around the other, wandering hands on
sweat slicked flesh and Heero's hands twined in Duo's hair, stroking it
down his bare back to cup his buttocks tightly, fingers curling between the
cheeks. The light is dim, obviously from candles, but laying strewn on the
floor in a clear path are shorts, underwear, pants, shirts, even socks and
shoes. Duo rolls onto his stomach as Heero's fingers slide inside of him,
caressing deep, Heero's mouth biting tenderly at the back of his neck and
licking a slow path down his spine to kiss the small of his back, giving a
lazy (and unusual) smile as Duo moans his name, chills racing across his
skin as he arches helplessly to Heero's fingers and mouth. Heero rises
above him and enters slowly, his arms wrapping around his waist so that the
two are pressed close together, panting breaths mingling, hearts beating
out rapid tattoos.}

Universe inside of your heart
You gotta let me know
so you can be free baby
You wanted it so much,
and now that it's over
You don't know what you want

        {Quatre covers his ears and groans, glancing at the wall through
which he can hear Heero and Duo arguing. It's late and their fighting is
keeping him awake. Duo is screaming and sounds as if he has reached the
verge of hysterical tears and Heero's voice is cold as he replies. Quatre
can hear the desperation and confusion in Heero's voice as he demands that
Duo be reasonable, that neither boy has the freedom to give his heart to
anyone in the middle of all this killing and war. Quatre's heart aches for
both of them as the door slams and Duo breaks down into helpless sobs that
are soon muffled. Quatre sighs quietly and pulls his pillow over his head
to muffle the sound of Duo's aching sobs, but the memory keeps him awake
all the same.}

Put time in a capsule
Two minds consensual
Entwined to perfection
If we could...

        {Duo shudders, alone on his bed, body shaking with his misery. He
cannot help but remember the night that Heero took him standing, Heero's
body pressed up against his, their mouths hungry, Duo's tongue darting into
Heero's mouth even as he moaned in helpless desperation under Heero's
hands, wishing that the war would be over, that they could be nothing more
than two lovers wrapped up in themselves and not interested in anyone else,
anything else, be it killing or Gundams or... Relena...}

Cuddle up close
Lay on my chest now
Listen my heart beat's coming down
If you get tired you close your
eyes now

        {Heero opens the door slowly, his own eyes bloodshot and red. He
sighs as he moves over to the boy now sleeping, hiccoughs still shaking the
slender frame. With care, he slides the boy's shoes off and gently pulls
the covers from underneath him and, after a moment's hesitation, slides in
next to him, pulling Duo gently against him, feeling the warmth of him and
the beat of his heart against the palm of Heero's hand. Heero buries his
nose in the chestnut hair that smells of cedar and sandalwood and his
breath catches in his throat as he tries not to cry. The smell and touch of
Duo overwhelms him and he weeps silent, bitter tears into Duo's hair, not
understanding why he cries or for what he cries or even why it hurts so
much to think that love is something they cannot have...}

When you wake up I won't be found
'Cause I know baby
I know you're the nervous kind
With so much going on in your mind

        {Dawn comes and goes and with it, Heero, leaving Duo sleeping
peacefully. Slipping into his own room, he opens his laptop and begins to
work, writing and re-writing various bits of code. A transmission comes in
and his face becomes grim as he reads over the new mission. The danger is
obvious and yet he knows that he will not wake Duo before he leaves; will
deliberately and desperately make any and all arrangements necessary to
keep him HERE and safe from harm.}

Universe inside of your heart
You gotta let me know
so you can be free baby
You wanted it so much,
and now that it's over
You don't know what you want

        {Duo wakes and he can smell Heero on him and in the bed and he
smiles a little despite the headache that crying has given him as he
realizes that Heero must have tucked him in the night before. Stretching,
he sits up and rubs his eyes, the sandy-scratchy feeling announcing itself
to all of his nerve endings. Rubbing his tangled hair, he climbs out of
bed, changes clothes and brushes his hair. Upon reaching the kitchen table,
he finds only Trowa and Quatre and his face falls as he realizes that Heero
must be somewhere else, probably brooding. He turns to go to Heero's
"room", the one he never uses, but Quatre tells him gently that Heero and
Wufei have left, gone on a mission that Heero wouldn't tell anyone about.
Duo feels the tears welling in his aching eyes again and smiles valiantly,
turning his back on the couple at the table to gather himself together.
Quatre and Trowa glance at one another, sympathy obvious on their faces.
"Duo," Quatre whispers uncertainly, "Maybe Heero just needs time. Time to
understand and know that.. that things can be ok." Duo's face is a study in
pain and rejection as he gives Quatre a bitter smile completely unlike his
usual cheery beam. "Yeah. Maybe that's it," he murmurs softly and leaves
the kitchen without ever having eaten a bite.}

But let me tell you that, this time,
I'm gonna make you mine
(I won't let you go)
'Cause I know, this time
I'm gonna make sure I look out
for me

        {The mission has collapsed on them. Heero can hear Wufei coldly
shouting cries of, "JUSTICE!!" and finds it almost amusing after so long of
hearing Duo's wild cackle over his com unit. He sees another line of Leos
screaming closer and he realizes that he was right to come instead of
sending Duo with Wufei. The odds in this fight are certainly less than
"just" and the thought of Duo fighting for his life today, this day, sends
heated chills down his spine, tingling to his very toes. With a roar of
anger caused by that thought, he cuts down a line of his attackers and goes
after the others with vicious glee -- but they are closing in more quickly
and in thicker swarms, obviously a trap. With gritted teeth, Heero wonders
if he'll ever see Duo again...}

'Cause you know baby
Well you know baby does it right
And you know baby does it right
You will only end up lost in loneliness
And wake up with the words already
On your lips
So I'll let you go, baby
So I'll let you go

        {Duo sits outside, his arms wrapped around his knees, braid tucked
between his body and his legs. They've heard nothing from Heero or Wufei
since they left and it's been three weeks already. There had been a long
break since the last mission and the three boys who'd been left behind were
becoming antsy, anxious to get back to work. Duo sighs deeply and gently
rubs his braid against his face with one hand, violet eyes trembling with
deep seated fear and tears. Waking up alone in the morning, without Heero
by his side... It was torture, he was utterly lost without his Heero.
Trembling, he placed his face against his knees and began to sob quietly,
shoulders shaking.}

Universe inside of your heart
You gotta let me know
so you can be free baby
You wanted it so much, and now that
it's over
You don't know what you want

        {A hand gently touches Duo's shoulder, an arm sliding around him as
he turns to see Heero behind him, face twisted with concern. Duo looks
through him for a moment, shocked, as if he were staring into the face of a
ghost, before Heero's touch truly registers. Heero's face is bruised, his
wrist and shoulder are bandaged, but he is ALIVE, and a helpless joy lights
up in Duo's eyes. Heero clasps him closely with his one good arm and buries
his face in Duo's throat, face suddenly tear wet as he whispers hoarsely,
as if he doesn't know how to say it, "I love you, Duo. I love you." It is
an agonized sound that seems to be ripped from some bottomless hole inside
of him even as Duo holds him tightly, whispering frantic vows of forever
against his mouth. "I know. I know, Heero. I love you, too."}

* * * * *

        I KNOW, I know, I made Duo a whiny cry baby but but but...! Well.
That's just the way it happened. *innocent look* I promise! *I'D* cry if
someone did something like this to me. Be angry, smash things, and cry at
LEAST twice a day *nodnodnod*. So I don't see why Duo wouldn't.

        Ok, everyone can tell me how horribly bad this is and how I should
never touch GW ever again now, no matter how much I like it... --;



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