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Shoes of black polished leather slapped against the asphalt as it made its way toward their destination. The trench coat of the man who wore them was opened and it danced in the windy air of that night, pausing occasionally to slap against the thighs of its owner. Gas, cigar smoke, and cheap perfume twisted past the cloaked man's nose, a familiar amalgam of stifling fragrances amidst the lower ranks of civilization in the colony of L2.

It was all inconsequential however. The only thing that reflected any expression of the man was his eyes and those were already captured by inward emotions that left the atmosphere of his path fade into remission.

What the cobalt eyes saw was the steady yet rhythmic pulse of translucent veins encased in the silky flesh of a sweet mortal. Images bandied about his brain of a boy who shared his appeared close to his age, though they were actually chronologically centuries apart. But the boy's eyes belied and almost rebelled against his youth, for his eyes were aged and cynical and that was the lure that had initially drew him.

That and also because he was a beauty to behold. His choices never included anything less than the divine. The physical perfection seemed to play on a subconscious idea that the blood was to be equally as exquisite in its taste. Tangy and fine ambrosia, a delicacy to be savored was the blood of those fair.

Truly, that was indeed what Duo Maxwell was; fair. And he was to be slowly drawn out and exhilarated in as his own moment came to feast.

Chilly breezes pushed the tangles of deep sable hair out his face as he paced his way towards his temporary mortal conquest.

This would finally be the night. The copper wine that streamed within Duo Maxwell was ready to be sipped and revered as its bouquet of flavors poured across his ravenous palette in delectable finality.

And a soul lost in routine thoughts, he continued through the decay in the streets.


"Heero! You came! I was getting worried for a sec there, you know! But I know you can take care of yourself. You've got 'Tough Guy' written all over you.", Duo rambled with a grin as he opened the door to his small apartment to allow Heero entry.

Heero merely smiled slightly at the energy Duo effortlessly exuded and sat on the worn brown couch with an orange and lime green afghan. So far beyond the usual style he came to associate with Duo, he had inquired about it, learning that it was a from an old pale-haired hippie friend who still had much to learn about a little thing called taste.

The rest of the cozy apartment was made up with subtle furniture that were alternately blinding bright and outrageous to somber dark. A window peered to the cities relics of prosperity, now being used as seedy dance clubs and business of dubious status. The people matched the environment, yet Duo had an understated dignity about him that many of the folks that lived there apparently went without.

"Don't you want to take your coat off?", Duo questioned with a bright lively gleam in his eyes.

Heero shook his head. "I'm a little chilled from the walk here."

Duo made a sound of disapproval and moved towards the kitchen. Picking up two draft beers from his refrigerator, he sat down next to the other boy and passed it to him.

Twisting the top open, the beer fuzzed to the brim of the lip as Duo idly commented, "Geez, you're always cold, Heero." before taking a long swig of the yeasty brew.

Heero watched the light curve of Duo's neck as the pale skin stretched over the young boy's Adam's apple. Tapping on the cap of his muddy beer bottle, he said nothing. It was unnecessary to explain that he had been reborn cold to the touch and so remained silent.

Setting the beer down on the rickety faux wood table before them, Duo abruptly turned his body toward Heero's, who met his eyes squarely.

After a quiet moment had passed, slim fingers reached out and trailed quickly over Heero's jaw, as if to steal his inborn chill. The unexpectedly tender gesture had made Heero want to snap at the fingers in retaliation but managed to bury the instinct at the last instant.

As the gentle digits shied away, Heero instead grabbed onto them and licked one of them with slow deliberation. A sharp breath drew unblinking cobalt eyes to violet orbs that were wide in anticipation. Pulling another finger in his mouth, Heero was carefully keeping them away from his canines. Spilling any of Duo's blood would end the evening far too prematurely.

The simplistic yet sensual sucking of fingers had caused Duo's breathing to speed up slightly and his pupils dilated. Any average human being could discern Duo's heightened arousal of the moment, but Heero's sharp ears could also easily hear the accelerated beats of boys human heart. He could envision the heat of blood pulsing in his would-be lover's purple veins as it surged and circulated, quickening all in reaction to Heero's close proximity.

Scraping them lightly with his front teeth as he pulled the fingers out of his warm mouth, Heero guided them to Duo's lips. Holding a heated stare, Duo eagerly allowed them to slip into his mouth, feeling the exciting spice in Heero's saliva to coat his tongue. His eyes clouded in a dreamy haze suckled on the mouthful eagerly.

Entranced and made impatient with the sensuous vision, Heero wrenched Duo's fingers out of his mouth and closed the space between them by lavishing his tongue over Duo's open lips. He earned a low unsatisfied whine from Duo as he dabbled and parried, but never entered the other boy's mouth.

Heero felt tense hands close over his ears and pull hard, dragging him forward. Duo parted his lips and Heero's teasing tongue fell inside with a small grunt.

Heero raked his sharp nails down Duo's milky white throat as they kissed languorously. Prying his lips away from the other boy, he studied the traces of red lines the mapped his curious trails. Dipping his head, he breathed in Duo's scent from the pulse beating in his neck. The jugular thrummed passionately and appetizingly.

Draped over Duo's sprawled form, Heero shifted his weight so he fully lay upon the other boy. The press of chests, mashing of hips and groins, spiraled heady sensations down both boys spines.

Coiling his thin fingers into Duo's chestnut locks at the base of his skull, Heero pushed his lips against the vein and let the beats flirt with the nerves of their plush sensitivity.

He exhaled onto it, softening the skin with his moist breath before letting his lips draw the vein between his teeth for a nip. The graze of his canines made Duo jump but otherwise, he was perfectly satiated with the turn of Heero's focus.

Noticing the small upward lurch, Heero shifted his eyes towards Duo's and found them closed. Pleased with the way the other boy's mouth was biting down on his lips, Heero poked at the tiny bite mark with his tongue as if in atonement for surprising Duo before.

Duo sighed in bliss and Heero permitted himself to smirk briefly before continuing with a new hunger.

Descending upon the jugular with renewed energy, he sucked, lunging his body toward the source of his precious liquor. Rocking and rocking, the shimmering morsel of blood was a titillating mental image and it was close. It was within a mere rendering of the accessible buttery flesh before him.

The palatable thought was suddenly accosted and flung away and the impression of pallid Duo, laying in a dank anonymous alleyway like a torn paper doll assaulted him. Crust blood bound between the ties of his dull braided hair, black preacher’s outfit torn and exposing bruised flesh underneath. Lifeless eyes, the violet drowned in the black sea of his pupils as they stared up at the sky helplessly. His slender hands were curled up as they lay dead, nails dirty and brown, with something pulpy caked below his fingernails that smelled intensely fetid. And he knew somehow that it was his doing, this death of life.

His heart shuddered, stopped, then began beat itself against his chest in a tempo that twice as fast. Flinching wildly, Heero thrust himself away from Duo with a sharp outcry and ended up in a heap in the corner on the opposite side of the threadbare room. Sweat pumped from his forehead feverishly, swimming down to stung his eyes and hang off his nose.

His stylish ebony coat now smothered him and he torn it off his body, throwing it across the room. Panting, he tried to crawl into the solace of shadows in his corner and set the morbidly vivid vision aside forever.

Insane flashes of Duo’s mangled physical purity snatched back into his consciousness and he could not fathom the extreme reactions he was having to them. They prickled at the essence of his inert soul and released something unwelcome inside. A parasitic storm of agony and self hate, somehow all stemming from his thoughts of Duo; incomprehensibly yet unerringly for Duo.

“Heero! Shit!, snap out of it! What’s wrong?!”

The deep cadence of Duo’s horrified voice vaguely permeated Heero’s fog and part of him pulled back while another traitorous part of himself responded. His shoulders were tight and tense, and the knuckles of his left fisted hand were strained white. Regardless though, his right hand wavered up, clammy yet searchingly hopeful to find some inkling of understanding.

Feeling it clasped between something solid and reassuringly warm broke his voice free from his terror. “D-Duo,”, he choked out in a strangled voice. Hearing it made him cringe. Without Duo even knowing it, their positions had changed. Now in a place of stunning vulnerability, he was relying on Duo. Fright began to build up inside him again and he shook miserably from it.

“Heero! Are you having a fit or something? Do you want me to take you to a hospital?”, Duo questioned frantically, worry for Heero emanating from every pore.

//He is pure in a way I never was.//, Heero thought distractedly, all senses not already occupied centering on the fingers that wrapped around his. Summoning his pride, he shifted his head up and about to look into Duo’s white countenance. Whispering the word “No.” in response to Duo’s previous questions, he attempted to quench his irrational anguish and stand. Duo stood too, looking back at him with an inscrutable expression but with a hand ready to help just in case.

Momentarily leaning against the wall to gather his nerves, there were no words spoken. The erratic hum of tacky neon lights buzzed beyond the window of the small apartment, mingling in with sounds of the street like the gales of drunken laughter.
Pushing himself forward, Heero lurched his weight forward experimentally. Gaining a fairly stable momentum, he made his way to Duo’s retro couch and sat down as gracefully as he could afford. Glancing at the clock facing him from the kitchen wall, he saw that a vast portion of the dark morning hours had escaped him. It was 3:41 am and he sat in moldy furnishings with an empty stomach, a virtual stranger, and shattered sensibilities.

It was amazing how time flew when one was contemplating the death of life.

The couch jumped under his thighs and then sank as Duo settled himself beside Heero with confusion and frustration in his heavy stare.

The quiet atmosphere was broken upon the words, “Heero, what is it you are not telling me?”, intoned in a husky timbre.

It seemed like an obvious and almost ignorant thing to inquiry about. They had only shared time with each other for the short span of a month or two and in those occurrences, they had managed to speak of their private lives minimally. Thus, the first and only logical answer that came to Heero’s mind was, “Everything.”

Lolling back his head against the antique couch cushions, he smiled at Duo for the first time since his fit, the ivory of his teeth a blur of dim light in the dimly light room. Everything about Heero was in contrast of what he had presented himself to Duo as. Instead of composed and alert, he was feeling rumpled and lax. And that in of itself was a mistake.

He should be mortified to find himself feeling comfort in the company of someone unfamiliar, especially someone who seemed to be growing more steadily enigmatic in ever acquaintance they make with one another.

But he wasn’t and so maybe this would be the end of him...

“Heero, come back.”

His smile had frozen onto his face as he gazed at Duo while he had been trapped in his own world. Shaking away the mangled knot of his reflections, he reached out and placed his hand in Duo’s lap, cupping Duo’s length. Duo stiffened and tried to pull away, sputtering madly about something Heero didn’t bother listening to. Pushing his sharp nails into the seam of Duo’s fly, Heero moved his body closer. Duo tugged at the hand on his groin but did not deny the lips that claimed his. His passions prevailed over his inquisitiveness about Heero, a telling choice though the significance was not something Heero dwelled on.

Hooking his fingers, Heero tugged at the zipper and steel teeth parted willingly. Fishing out Duo’s length as the owner of the musky shaft groaned throatily, Heero played with it. Fingers skimmed and danced lightly before squeezing at the base, followed by quick jerks and talented twists of his wrists.

Duo writhed and covered Heero’s hand with his own, squeezing. “H-Heero,” he rasped. “Heero!”

As if triggered by his name, Heero pulled the joined hands away and without preamble, enclosed Duo’s length to the root with his haunted mouth. Spine arching into an archer’s prize bow, Duo howled and thrust his hips towards the source of the melting, hot cavern that was enveloping him so intimately.

The heady churning of blood below the smooth engorged flesh in Heero’s mouth was intoxicating. It was like eating live velvet.

Duo’s slim hands knotted into Heero’s coffee-black hair, pushing down firmly. He would be gagging Heero’s throat if Heero was not strong enough to resist his insistent movements.

The orchestra of groans gasps, and cries of delirium quickly spurred Heero’s own potent arousal. Humming with his own pleasure, he created a dizzying series of suction in varying degrees of power.

Wild breathing began to become a low animalistic keening and as Heero caressed the firm circular sacs next to Duo’s shaft, Duo started to wail out Heero’s name.

He came furiously, pouring his bittersweet white elixir down Heero’s throat. Escaping tendrils of semen flowed from beyond Heero’s tight lips and trailed leisurely down Duo and into the his baggy black trousers.

His stomach full and gratified, Heero eased the sensitive organ back into its safe confines. Reaching up as he licked his scarlet lips with a rapid tongue, he pushed the sweaty bangs away from Duo’s eyes. Thin eyelids eased their way upon the touch and a glazed, happy look met him.

His canines had extended somewhat at his sipping of Duo’s penis. In his sexual experience, he had learned that he could temporarily push away the urge to feed by feasting on semen. They had a similar chemical likeness, both tart, pure, and addictive.

No wonder so many of his fellow cohorts had turned into sex fiends.

His teeth digging briefly into his own lips, he parted them and bit into Duo’s. With a sound bordering between pleasure and pain, Duo submitted to him with an easy trust.

He pierced and drank like a baby at feeding. Branding his taste buds with metallic flavor, he submersed himself into his feelings. Drinking blood had always had the feeling of homecoming in the most sensual of welcomes.

It took over his body and drew him into a cavern of warmth, solitude and happiness. The feelings skittered and embedded themselves into his mind, reminding him always why his being a vampire was so utterly essential to his personality.

It was rebirth every time, a vermilion cocoon threaded with a thousand sensations and it was all in a single drop of life-giving blood.

Heero’s length began to stiffen and harden as the drops of plasma dribbled across teeth and sank down his throat. He swallowed automatically and his throat convulsed in pleasure. His body echoed the call.

White sparks flashed past his eyes and burst into concentric explosions. The front of his pants became wet and thick, and he was surprised to feel Duo’s spasms join him. After a minute, Duo settled back into the couch with a sleepy smile and Heero gently pried his fangs out of Duo’s parched lips, an almost indiscernible sound in the separation.

Duo gulped a deep breath of air, his arms akimbo and laying limply beside his hips. The two puncture wounds stood out on his mouth adverse to the leached pallor of its background.

Heero brushed his palm across Duo’s cheek and moved closer to him, waiting for a reaction.

But the boy with the long braid of chestnut slid closer to Heero, slipped his arms around his body, and fell asleep.

Amazed, cobalt eyes went wide. It was positively bewildering! He had just drank Duo’s blood with teeth sharper than any human being had ever been born with naturally, and Duo just smiled and slept it off like it was a normal phenomenon.

His eyes narrowed, alert despite previous lovemaking. Was it true that this soul could indeed be so trusting or did he know a secret he had no business in knowing?

Duo’s pliant body compressed itself against Heero’s side and snuggled, answering his question without words. Heero looked down at the boy in his arms, befuddled once again.

So many emotions had been provoked by one simple mortal boy. Why? Why him?

His stare shifted to the floor, where a rug covered the floorboards. It looked like one of the newest things in the apartment, large rectangles black and silver with small detailed patterns in red. It was modest but fit Duo’s eclectic decor.

The entire night had been a mosaic of conflicting emotions. The highlight was that now, with the time for departure almost at hand, Duo lay with him. He had partaken of the wine in his veins and it had proven to be as much as a religious, erotic experience as he had imagined it would be.

He didn’t want to go. If was to be totally honest with himself, he probably wouldn’t leave for quite some time.

He had been effectively caught in his own web and he could only await to be consumed. He wanted to be consumed; taken apart and pieced together by the innocent trust Duo exuded, the vigor and generous wealth of spirit.

He wanted to learn to live like that. long as the sun rose in the fiery dawn, that was not to ever be.

Speak of the Devil, as it were. Lost in his thoughts, the night had almost entirely crept away. He still had time to reach his asylum from the damaging rays but he had to leave right away.

A pang of regret filled his unused heart. Easing his arm away from Duo, he levered himself off the couch carefully. Striding over to the corner where his trench coat lay in a heap, he picked it up and began to pull it over his shoulders when his eyes fixed upon his lover’s dozing figure. In an afterthought, he covered Duo in it, tucking it around his waist.

It comforted him to do so. It would let Duo know that he intended to come back, for the coat as the very least. Closing his eyes, he kissed Duo’s closed eyes with delicate care.

Rising from his protective perch over Duo’s body, Heero stood by the window, looking down on the neighborhood. Casting one final glance at the beautiful boy who had effortlessly inched his way into his very being with soul-deep longing reflecting from his dark eyes, Heero slipped out the window.

A shiver assailed Duo the moment Heero made his retreat, and his cinnamon eyebrows furrowed in displeasure. Embracing the silky blanket that covered him, he inhaled the soothing whisper of Heero’s scent and fell into a deep dreams that featured a handsome boy who loved him.


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