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I Count the Minutes




I Count The Minutes
D. Warren

"This world don't turn when you're not in my arms
The sun don't shine whenever I'm without you
And there's an empty space inside my heart
When you're gone
And whenever you're gone,
It's too long
And the waiting is driving me crazy
Baby, I'm not alive
Till you're here by my side, oh "

/God damn it!!/ Duo cursed under his breath as he bounced onto the bed. /When are you coming back?! This damn mission is taking far too much time from you... from us..../ The long haired pilot stared out dumbly to the window, glancing at the slightly overcast sky, looking for any slightest sign of Wing appearing. /Where are you? You said you will be returning today!!! Damn it.../ He bit his lower lip as he stared hard at the sky, thinking that if he stared hard enough, his dark knight would appeared in front of him. /I miss you... Do you miss me too?/ He wondered in his head as he searched the sky. He gazed into the dark horizon forlornly. His large amethyst eyes never wavered away from the window. He stayed like this for hours, his eyes never tire of taking in the same scenery.

Night fell, he began to sigh... By now, he knew that his dark stoic lover won't be returning tonight.... The sky had turned dusky now. As he looked out the window, he could see that it has started to rain. The droplets of rain on the window had a strange effect on the long haired pilot.

"You lied to me again.... You said you'll be back by 2pm..." Duo whispered angrily to himself. By now, he was worried sick, he knew his dark angel was capable of taking care himself. What he was afraid that his darling might have self destructed. "Oh God, Heero... Don't do it, you promised me.... You said you'll return to me in one piece. Shit you, Heero!! this waiting is driving me nuts!! You better return soon otherwise, you won't find a healthy looking, cheery God of death at your doorstep greeting you." he grumbled as he turned over to face the other empty bed -- Heero's bed.

/Miss ya miss ya miss ya miss ya!!!!!!/ Duo closed his eyes as he ranted in his head.

"I really miss you...." he whispered softly again as an old memory strayed into his idling mind, making him recalled one of the few happier times in his short life. It was on a night like this, where the two pilots had found comfort in each other, had discovered, for the first time, their fatal attraction for each other.

(Flash back)

~ Duo's perspective ~

It was raining very heavily. The winds were roaring and freezing. We were running as fast as we could on the way to our safe house. Soaked and chilled to the bone, you had immediately started the fire in the fire place. Removing most of our damp clothes, we hung them on the mantle to dry.

"Are you warm?"

You asked me in your curt, slightly nasal voice. I nodded, happy that you showed me some concern, though slight as it may be. I began to settle down in front of the fire place with you by my side. I was surprised yet pleased. Surprised that you actually wished to sit beside me, and pleased that you were here beside me. Sitting there with you, my mind lost all cares for the world outside. Nothing mattered to me anymore.

I talked about idle things like the weather and how Quatre and Trowa was doing until the hour grew late. You just sat there, silent as always. I did not mind actually, I suppose its because you were here with me. Finally, fatigue began to overtake me. I rested my head against a velvet chair while you left to get more wood for the fire. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes because I didn't hear you reenter the room.

A soft touch beside me made me jump. I opened my eyes to find you sitting close to me. Your arm touching mine, making my skin tingled. My heart was beating very fast with you so close. I wanted to touch you but was afraid of what your reaction might be. I closed my eyes again, wanting to wish all these away yet hoping that we could stayed this way forever.

"Don't!" I cried out, unable to take it any longer. You were so close to me that I was so afraid that I might lost all my senses and just pushed you down onto the floor.

You looked startled at my outburst. "Don't what, Duo?"

"Er... don't.. come.. close to.. me.." I stammered, not believing I actually burst out.


"Don't ask me why either..." I winced as I looked down.

Suddenly, you grabbed my shoulders roughly and roughly kissed me. I did not protest for some strange reason. A sudden rush ran through me, sending cold shivers through my body.

"Why... why did you do that for?" I asked, startled by your unexpected action.

"I... I have no idea...."

Perhaps its the weather that was causing this unprecedented change in your usual demeanor. Perhaps its the fact that we were the only ones without a partner. Perhaps, you too felt some sort of attraction for me... Oh heck, why should I think too deeply about this?? You do want this too... I got up on my knees and stationed myself in front of you. I kissed you lightly on the lips, "I did this because I... I like you... What about you?"

You looked down, as if you were contemplating about something. After a while, you looked up and said two words which gladdened my heart, and lit up my gloomy world, "Me too...."

I could not believe my ears, truly.. this must be a cruel trick, played on me by the heavens above. How can this be so? Just then, you took me into your arms. I never known such bliss to be held by someone you loved, or at least had great liking for. I settled myself within your embrace and smiled. As I rested my head against your chest, I heard your heart beating, so strong and fast. Your scent was intoxicating. You held me tightly in your arms. Then you slowly lowered me down to the floor....


"Each night's a lifetime when I'm
not with you
And every day just seems to
take forever
I'm missing when I should be
kissing you
I can't wait
'Cause I live for the love
that we make
I can't breathe till I feel you
beside me
And I'm lost in the dark
Till you're here in my arms, oh"

/Damn this mission!!!!/ Heero cursed under his breath as he maneuvered his gundam back to earth. He had never thought this mission would took longer than he had anticipated. He was going to break his promise to his violet eyed lover again. He cursed himself for letting his sweetheart disappointed again. Yet, he was strangely afraid of this new emotion taking over him. In the past, he never felt that missions were taking too much of his time but now, he began to feel this way. Each mission he felt was taking too much time, time meant to be spent in the arms of his koibito. Each day away from his long haired angel felt like an eternity. He felt something amiss whenever he was not around with his lover who himself, the God of death.

"I miss you... Do you know that?" He whispered to a small picture located at the bottom left of his visual screen. His fingers lovingly traced the outline of the person stood beside him. He smiled, a slight one as he recalled the time where he had finally admitted his feelings for the long haired, chatterbox comrade.

(Flash back)

~ Heero's perspective ~

It was raining very heavily. The winds were roaring and freezing. We were running as fast as we could on the way to our safe house. Soaked and chilled to the bone, I had immediately started the fire in the fire place. Removing most of our damp clothes, we hung them on the mantle to dry.

"Are you warm?" I asked. When you nodded, I was strangely relieved. I was worried that you might catch a cold. You began to settle down in front of the fire place. I wanted badly to sit beside you but I was afraid that you would find out my veiled intentions. As the conflict of whether to sit beside you battled fiercely inside me, the desire to sit beside you finally won and I plopped myself beside you.

You began to talk about idle things like the weather and how Quatre and Trowa was doing until the hour grew late. I just sat there, silent as always. I listened to your soft but husky voice rattling endlessly, washing over me like the waves rushing to the shore over and over again. Finally, fatigue began to overtake you. You rested your head against a velvet chair. I then got up to get more wood for the dying fire, afraid that you would be cold.

As I watched your sleeping face. There was this strange urge to touch you, to caress your face, to unravel that glorious hair so as to let it fall upon my naked skin. I tried to stop myself from thinking such lurid thoughts but I could not help myself as I settled beside you. As a result, I decided to settle for less by letting my arm touching yours. However, you jumped at the briefest contact with me. My heart was surged with tremendous disappointment. Suddenly, you shouted hoarsely, "Don't!!"

I was taken aback by your sudden outburst. "Don't what, Duo??" I asked without thinking.

"Er... don't.. come.. close to.. me.."

"Huh?" I was hurt. I had not idea my touch would repulsed you this much. However, I tried to hide the sting of what your words had caused.

"Don't ask me why either..."

You looked away guilty, and just then, I had this incredible urge to hold you in my arms, to feel you... to kiss you. Unable to control my impulse, I grabbed you and pressed my lips upon yours.

"Why... why did you do that for?"

"I... I have no idea...."

/Yeah... I really have no idea what had overcome me to do such a thing...../

At that moment, you got up on your knees and stationed yourself in front of me. You gently placed you lips on mine and kissed me, "I did this because I... I like you... What about you?"

I was pleasantly surprised by your words and happy at the same time. Happy that you too felt the same way. But I was worried too. Was this a normal reaction a soldier should have?? However, all my qualms fled away when I glanced at your expectant face. "Me too...."

I saw your face lit up with my answer. You looked so radiant, so beautiful... Then, you placed your head upon my shoulders and nestled there. My heart was filled with this strange warmth as I wrapped my arms around you.

/Duo...../ I called out silently in my head as I lowered you down onto the floor....


"I can't wait a minute more
Just to touch you
'Cause I love you baby
Don't make me stay away from you
too long
'Cause the waiting is
driving me crazy
Baby I'm not alive
Till you're here by my side
Here by my side

(Back to the present)

"Heero...." Duo called out dreamily as he gradually closed his eyes, too tired out after a day of waiting. At that juncture, the door was opened. A figure stepped into the room but by then, Duo had already fast asleep. The figure walked noiselessly towards Duo's bed and knelt down.



Heero gently swept Duo's long jagged fringe aside. Abruptly, he took his hand away, surprised at his own display of tenderness. Just then, Duo stirred in his sleep, "Heero.... Please come back soon....."

Heero's expression softened, "I'm back..."

Duo seemed to smile, "Then.. Kiss me...."

Heero bent down and kissed Duo lightly.

"Hmmm. More...."

Heero obeyed the command and deepened the kiss.

"Hmmm.. I like that.. Give me more...." Duo called out dreamily. Heero's teeth gazed lightly over Duo's lips, playfully nipped Duo's lower lip. Duo made some noises behind his throat as he arched into the kiss.

/How could a dream so real... How can his lips taste so much like his..../ Duo wondered idly as he continued to suckle Heero's lips.

"Wake up, you sleepyhead...."

"No.. I have no wish to be awaken.... this is too good..."

Heero broke away and gently shook Duo." Wake up, Duo.... I'm back..."

"Wha..What?? Huh??" Duo opened his eyes, lo and behold!! His dark knight was kneeling right in front of him. "Heero!!"


"You are back!!"


"Is it really you? Not some sort of a dream??" Duo asked disbelievingly.


"I'm so happy that you are back, do you know that?"


By then, Duo began to look sultry, whispered into Heero's ear, "I am so happy that I want to kiss you, do you know that?"


"I want to do every naughty thing to you, do you know that?" Duo asked silkily, his eyelids lowered.

Heero let out a ragged breath as he hardened to Duo's play of words, "Ye..yes.."

"Heero..." Duo let out a rush of warm breath into Heero's ear. "Kiss me..."

Heero groaned as he dragged Duo down onto the heavily carpeted floor. "I miss you..."

"Me too... I have been counting the minutes of your arrival...."


" I count the minutes
I count the hours
I count the seconds
Till you're here by my side again
And every minute (every minute)
Goes on for hours (hours)
Until you're with me
Till I look in your eyes again
And time is standing still till you're
here with me
I need your love to set me free,
set me free"


Name : Whiteangel
Song fiction : I Count the Minutes
Artist : Ricky Martin
Created in : 27/05/00
Finished in : 03/06/00

Author's Note:

I have been writing a lot of songfics lately. I find it easier to write song fics then fanfics^^;; Anyway, this story centers around my darling, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yui. Hope you enjoy reading^^

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