Ochiteyuku Hoshikuzu
Miscellany: Fanart and whatnot

Yayoi's Sketchpad

Inuyasha Fanart
College Stuff: 2004
My second real forage into popular fanart. It's cuz there are dogs in this series, I tell ya.
Lavender~Sesshoumaru and Rin
Mamoru Mono~Sesshoumaru and Rin
Otou no Te~Sesshoumaru and Rin
Jaken to moushimasu~Jaken (duh)
Hotaru~Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken
A strange sort of family~Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken *NEW!*
The Killing Pill~ a pill, a bell, and an eye *NEW!*

Yami Wa Tsudou Fanart
College Stuff: 2004
Current pics, hooray!
My Blue is Your Blue~Sentinel
Sentinel del Aether
Cloak~Sentinel del Aether

College Stuff: 2002-03
Somewhat less sucky with occasional dips^^;
Calm Before the Storm~The Souls' Immortals
Contemplating Homocide~The Souls' Immortals
The Real God of Death~Thanatos
Tendrils of Darkness~Charon
Puppeteer and His Puppet~Xenos and Sentinel
Truth Unmasked~The Souls' Immortals
Who ARE You??~The Souls' Immortals
Pay For Your Sins~Nemesis
The Most Random AU Idea Ever~The Souls' Immortals
Annoyance~Sentinel and Charon
Odd Man Out~The Souls' Immortals
Making Flowers Grow~Sentinel and Guardian

High School Junk
Warning: varying degrees of suckiness here, proceed with caution
Chess~Sentinel and Satan
Hiding Place~Sentinel and Charon
The Two Tall Guys~Charon and Thanatos
Final Form~Thanatos
Goddess of Vengeance~Nemesis
Kimonos~Sentinel and Charon
Upperworld Fanfiction~The Souls' Immortals and Me^^
Catnap~Sentinel and Guardian
Advent of Memory~Nemesis
The Power of Flame~Sentinel
Resting Dancer~Nemesis
Wink ~Sentinel
A Head of Mischief~Sentinel
Master and Servant~Vera and Valera
Wielder of Atrophos' Blade~Valera
Quick, Take a Picture!~Sentinel and Nemesis (colored)
Just a Friendly Game...~The Souls' Immortals
Looking Up~Sentinel
Dreaming of You~Sentinel and Guardian
Young Archangel~Sentinel's nameless Mother
The Themis Formerly Known As Xenos~Themis
Lilies and Feathers~Sentinel

Miscellaneous Art
College Stuff: 2004
This section's so lonely....
The Flame Alchemist~Roy Mustang
Happy Violent People~ Kira and Brian (C) Majo-chan*NEW!*

College Stuff: 2002-03
So filled with delicate bishes 0_o;
Force of Life~The Advisor
Melody of Aquarius~The Minstrel
Counterparts~ The Sentinel, Advisor, Minstrel
Looking Back~The Advisor
Writers-in-arms~Merle (Yayoi) and Majo-chan

High School Junk
Somewhat better than the YWT stuff, but...
I Desire~Astrael and Lucifer
Isn't There Any Shade in this Place?~Merle
Me, Myself, and I~Yayoi KH
Black Rose Thief~Kuroibara
Drood Series One: British Subjects from Ceylon
Drood Series Two: "The Cairo Transverse, Mr. Landless!"
Drood Series Three: A Slave of His Looks
Drood Series Four: The Kindly Clergyman
Collection ~Carlin and Lynn

Arcanum: Sinon's Redemption Art
College Stuff: 2004
I hope to improve on my guys-who-look-like-guys this year...
It's a Zoo in Here~The SR Cast
Decisions, decisions...~Amatsu Mikaboshi, Shiva Rudra, pillow
Kenshi~Amatsu Mikaboshi
Herb-collecting~Diablo and Ginzaya *NEW!*

College Stuff: 2002-03
Some of the stuff in here needs to be labeled "kill me now..."@_@
The "Innocent Traveler"~Amatsu Mikaboshi
For Lady Parvati~Tessel
Your Gift to Me~Tessel
After the Kill~Diablo
Koori~Shiva Rudra
Chains~Amatsu Mikaboshi and Shiva Rudra
Playing with Fire~Amatsu Mikaboshi (girl)
Dance~Kokuhi and Nataraja
"It's All Good"~Amatsu Mikaboshi and Shiva Rudra
"...who are you?"~Amatsu Mikaboshi and Kokuhi
Battles to Fight~Amatsu Mikaboshi and Kokuhi
Grin~Amatsu Mikaboshi
Character's Revenge (Black Alice)~Amatsu Mikaboshi (girl)
Destitute Dancer~Miss Blackwell (?)
Right Behind You~Gen Schuyler and Phoenix
Ginzaya Concept
Ankoku no Ishya~Ginzaya
Ice Mermaid Garden~Kali
Courtesan~Someone who could be Amatsu
Taisetsu na Hito~Zane Blackwell and Digra

If you look into the candelabra, you'll be able to go home...^^

Scattering of Stars 2004 by "Yayoi KH" and all art (fanbased or original) on this page belongs to her. Any attempts to take said art without permission constitutes as plagiarism, and, if discovered, will not go unpunished. Got that? I will hunt you down.

All character depictions beside the Sentinel (Ban Nin), Charon ("Shinigami"), Satan (Akuma), and Nemesis-final form belongs to Yayoi KH. The listed others are Matsumoto Yoko-sensei. The Mystery of Edwin Drood is Charles Dickens; the musical version Rupert Holmes. Manga depictions of Drood characters, however, once again belong to Yayoi KH. This amateur artist is borrowing the non-original characters for entertainment purposes and makes no profit off them.