Jaken to moushimasu

A Jaken pic originally entitled "Clueless," cuz sometimes he just really is.^^; But then I changed it to "My name is Jaken" (in Japanese, using the humble form) because...I felt like it and I just took an oral exam where I had to use that form in my self-introduction.^^; Er...not much to say about this sketch... It was a Jaken practice pic for future Sekka stuff (since of course he's part of the family XD), and it was also supposed to be colored. You can see what became of that conviction.-_- I mean, this guy's only got THREE colors on him, and I still can't manage (oh wait, maybe he's got 4, cuz his clothes are two different types of brown...).
And just on a really random note, I find it awfully disturbing that this guy uses "kashira" when he's wondering about stuff. So...girly...^^;;; *gets chills* And by the way, Nintoujou (that stick he's holding) was a total failure, and I'm never using an anime pic as reference ever again.^^;