The Killing Pill

Beware Sha Shin Wan (Can I romanize Chinese? No no and no!), the deadliest tylenol in existence! Swallow him and you're guaranteed to make your headache a billion times worse!!!
Ok, this doodle has little to no point, but it's my last bit of IY fanart, period.^^; Or at least until the bug bites me again in the future. Anyway, it's a pun on the Chinese translation of the Sesshou-gumi's names.
We have: Sesshoumaru-the Killing Pill
Rin-the little bell (Chinese names are rarely one syllable, so to make it sound more natural the translaters added a "small" before the kanji they picked for "Rin." Which turned out to be the kanji for "bell," since it's pronounced "Lin." Too much information.^^;)
Jaken-the evil eye (actually, it's 'evil glance,' but let's not be too picky here)

...ok, I think it's pretty self-explanatory from here on in.^^;