I think if people keep up with my blog they might recall that I ended a journal entry with "I wanna draw Sentinel in a cloak!" or something to that effect.^^; Well, soon after that, I decided to start my sketch-a-day thingie (meaning I, a pic a day. Duh. Didn't need to explain that, did I?^^;;), and this was the result of night sono ni (or numero dos, if you don't know Japanese. If you don't know Spanish either, you're out of luck). So, what else can I say about this mundane little pic...(besides the fact that the title is blah)?

Well, it's also posted on Witchspring, where I bashed it lightly.^^; I think it's cuz of his neck and the general badness of his hood, which immediately reveals one disadvantage of drawing right before bed when "bed" is around 3 AM--at some point, you just don't CARE how ugly it looks anymore.^^; The only reason his hand came out ok (in fact, I kinda like it 0_o) is because I cheated and fixed the thing right before I scanned.^^; Heh heh, whatever.
This particular Sentinel is also from Ademas 65, which I mentioned in the pic posted right before this one (though I drew that one after this...does my logic make sense to you?). You can tell, of course, cuz he's wearing a cloak and he's got no elf ears. Heh heh heh. Now why am I so obsessed over those two points? *shrug* Oh, I do have to mention one good thing I've noticed: my eyes are getting better. As in the way I draw real eyes are still glasses-needy and probably getting worse every year.^^;'d I talk so much over such a banal pic...?