Sentinel del Aether

Practically OC alert! So this particular Sentinel is a main character in the fantasy AU I'm working on right now, tentatively titled Ademas 65.^_^; I don't want to say too much, because I harbor hopes of eventually posting it, but I should mention that my inspiration came from the ancient Roman history class I'm taking right now (2nd semester sophomore year). How you want to interpret that fact is up to you.^^ (This is, btw, cross-posted to Witchspring, but I figured I could ramble more here so it's not a total waste of space.^^)

So now that I've said that, time for the rambles: I can't help but feel that Sentinel's expression here is directed to Charon, though I have no idea what the guy could be doing to warrant such a "You're totally insane" look.^^; Even though this was another sketch-a-day pic (meaning it was drawn in the wee hours of the morning), it managed not to be completely random, because I figured out his clothes.^^ Leaf-shaped cloak clasps give me away as a die-hard LotR fan, though I tried not to be TOO too obvious. As for the cloak itself, it reminds me of (and is probably subconsciously based on) Zelgadis' and Xellos' cloaks from Slayers.^^ He's also wearing a very important pendant (mostly hidden by aforesaid cloak) and his crescent-moon-handled dagger, which I have a fangirly love for.^^ I guess it's not too bad for a quick sketch, though my cloth techniques need to die.^^;

Psst, and look! No elf ears! *is for some reason inordinately amused by this*