The Flame Alchemist

I...don't know what to say about this sketch.^^; Hmm....guess I start at the beginning.^^; This is Colonel Roy Mustang from the excellent excellent manga/anime, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, aka The Full Metal Alchemist, and the first sketch-a-day result (the katakana--blocky Japanese letters--simply say "Roy Mustang"). I think I decided to draw Roy cuz I'm a pyro at heart, and from the title I think even the dimmest creature out there will have some idea of what his power is.^^ (Burn, you inferior creatures, BURN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Ahem. Anyway, this pic is pretty ordinary except for the subject matter and the fact that I actually drew fanart for a series that OTHER people know about. *gasp* I profess to liking the alchemy circle on Roy's glove because it was fun to draw (with references, of course) in a hair-tearing sort of way.^^ Uniforms scare the hell outta me, as I mentioned on WS, so this pic actually went unfinished until right before I scanned, and then I did a frantic search through my FMA manga scanlations for more references before it was finally done. I probably should have made some attempt at shading his uniform in (since it's dark blue), but...I got lazy.^^; So let's all just do some suspension of disbelief and pretend it's shaded in. Other problems I can see include a strangely lopsided eye...or actually I'm not sure what's wrong with it (his right one, our left), but yeah. It's odd.^^; I do like his hand though, probably because I didn't have to draw the fingers. XD

Well, it was fun and informative, especially since Roy's design is one I'm very BAD at drawing (namely, a guy who looks like a guy. Go figure). Maybe some day I'll do another FMA pic...^^

Sentinel: Hey wait, you just implied that I don't look like a guy.

Er, yes...moving on....must escape from resident pyro.... *RUNS!*