Character's Revenge

Started this at AX and didn't finish till now. Call me pathetic.^^;;; This is Amatsu-girl as Alice in Wonderland, the "black" version. Putting her in a dress was difficult enough; she flat out refused to wear the typical blue and white thing with ruffles.^^; So she's Black Alice. And as you can see from the unforunate corpses, even then we could not escape her wrath. (Check out the bloody knife. Tsk. Pent-up anger, Amatsu!^^;) Fortunately, authors regenerate from attacks by their characters.^^ (Next up: Shiva-girl as Regular Alice! *screams as Shiva comes after her*)

Other things I want to say about this: Photoshop is impossible and I wish I actually knew how to use it; I'm proud of the couch; but yeah, the hand behind poking out from behind the couch really sucks. Other than that...well, I have to say I've a fondness for Black Alice Amatsu-girl herself.^_^ The thing on the mantlepiece is a cat figurine, in case anyone thinks it's a real cat.

**edit** Fixed scan and now it's a lot less blurry and grainy. Me happy.^_^