Wow, all my recent SR stuff turn out to be chibis. Weird.^^; Anyway, a recent burst of inspiration regarding the life of a rather shafted demon lord caused this doodle to bubble forth. And we discover that, yes, even a demon as bad as Diablo must bow to his healer's whims (it helps that she is just as nasty as he is^^). Ginzaya insists that she is not making a wildflower necklace; she is in fact stringing poisonous herbs together for easier storage. Sure sure, whatever you say, Ginzaya. And as for Diablo, he's ready to start beating his head into a convenient wall, he's so bored.^^;
...man, they were supposed to be 2-D and EVIL. What in the world happened? How'd they sneak character development on us? *mutter mutter*

Technical rambling: Meh, tis just a doodle, so I guess I can't be too picky about it. My personal favorite in here is Diablo-he just turned out really well for a person who sucks at drawing chibis. I like his expression, his position, and the way his clothes came out (minus the weird way they're draped on the ground).^_^ Ginzaya is just kind of there, but she's cute too.^^; I kinda wish (like always) that I put a background in, but...I dun wanna do ze work!;_;