Hehehe.^_^ I like this picture and it was a joy to work on it.^_^ Behold "Nataraja" and "Kokuhi," who realistically can never be part of the same picture because...well...^^ I can't tell you cuz it's a great big spoiler, though if you have half a brain you'd probably be able to guess from certain...similarities.^^ So think of this as a purely fun picture.^^ And...oh yeah, Nataraja's the kid with the whip and Kokuhi's the kid with the two swords.^_^
Design stuff... Both Nataraja and Kokuhi's clothes were designed by the all-powerful Majo, and I love them so that's what they're wearing.^^ Plus it saves me the trouble of designing my own.^^ Hehehe. And yes, I know Kokuhi's clothes are flying one way and his hair's flying in another. He's just tossed his head, alright?^^; So his hair flew over his shoulder. Whatever. It works.^^;
^______^ I do so like this pic. I wonder what it'd look like colored...?