"It's all good"

Er, this is a very very VERY crappy rough sketch of a random scene out of SR that I decided to transform into a manga format.^^; The scene is written by Majo, so I take no credit for the lovely words and thoughts.^^ I'm just a humble illustrator. And I have snide comments for practically every panel.^^; But I won't bore you with them, so be relieved.^_~
Let's see, I had a lot of fun doing this, I'll admit, it's just embarrassing cuz it's so bad.^^; Amatsu's hair...>_< And what's he wearing?? *shudder* (Though granted you can't see most of it...) And you have any idea how hard it is to make Shiva's expressionless face look surprised without overdoing it? *sigh* I'm only putting this up because someone asked me to.^^; Amatsu in the lower lefthand corner nearly made me take back my promise though.^^;;; (That was my attempt to draw a smile that doesn't reach one's eyes. It made him look old.)
Amatsu: I do NOT look OLD!!!!