My Blue is Your Blue

I'm still in shock over the fact that I finally colored this pic, or any pic for that matter. Let alone a pic that's Except it's got yellow and red and black in there, but it's predominantly blue. Hence the ridiculous title.^^; (Actually I came up with that title when I pencil-sketched the pic, which was like, more than several months ago. Slow as a snail, that's me.)

I'm grudgingly fond of this pic, if only for the fact that it's Sentinel, as a chibi, and being confused. (Aw, kawaii!) It's also one of my very very few colored pictures, so it gets a few points in its favor for that.^^; This was done using my prismacolor pencils, which I truly feared were going to rot in their fake velvet casing from lack of use. Lots of work + not being good enough to just color even something simple w/o using TOO MUCH TIME = hardly anything colored.^^; But I will try my best to color as often as possible so my pics can be more polished, and better looking than, well, this.^^; Even if I like this. (For some reason his pose is very appealing to me. Maybe I can draw it again, except like, not chibi! Then he'd be kakkoii!
Sentinel:....-_- Can I please just...go back to work now...?
Nope! You still have to be in my AU!^____^
Sentinel: I don't WANT to be in that AU!!!!!
He's mad cuz I'm majorly torturing him again.
Sentinel: Like @#$% you are!!!
Whoa...I've reduced him to cursing. *pause* GO ME!!!)

Back to the pic.^^;;; Dang, the crookedness of his box is bothering me. (Along with how I CAN'T freakin' SHADE.) Oh, and I should mention that all this boxing comes from looking at Jen Wang and co.'s art at the pants press sketchblog, a continual source of inspiration.:)