Looking Back

This is a totally random doodle (I doodled, Majo!^^) of the Advisor of Letheron. It's also the first time I've drawn any part of the bare back...and I don't know if it's wrong or right or what.^^; (Why aren't there any ref pics of a guy's back??) At any rate, my favorite part of this pic would be his expression, because for some reason it was really easy to capture exactly how I saw him look in my head. Plus I like how his eyes turned out...the Advisor's supposed to have pretty eyes.^^ And finally...the position was hard because his neck kept winding up too long or twisted weirdly...^^; But I think it's ok now....better than it was before, anyway.^^; I rather like it...*stares* I think the Advisor really wants to put on a shirt though.^^; (Me and my body-shy characters, sheesh.^^;;)