Playing with Fire

It's all Majo's fault, I tell you!^^;;;
Well, I played a large part in this by enthusiastically taking up on the idea, but it was still her idea (don't glare at me, Amatsu!^^;;)... So, it should be pretty obvious to everyone that the 'idea' runs along the lines of "What would Amatsu look like as a girl?" And this is my answer.^^;
Granted, the pic falls short of how drop dead gorgeous Amatsu-girl looks in my head, but it was surprisingly easy to draw, and probably the closest I can I'm rather happy with it.^^ (Plus I like her outfit.^^;) This is also the first pic with a real background in a long time... I used to only consider pictures finished if I drew a background, but now, what with, zero amount of time I have for hobbies, that just isn't always possible.^^; So yeah, I'm...proud of this pic.^^; I like the shading on Shiva's chair (yes, Amatsu is venting, her anger in Shiva's room^^;), and I think my favorite part is Amatsu's hair falling on the desk. What drawing this pic made me realize though, is that I can't draw fire and desks (and windows) are a lot harder to do well than they seem.^^;
Some final notes: the main designs on Shiva's desk are Celtic knots. They're cut out of the back of the desk, in case that's not too clear... What would make me really satisfied is if I can figure out how to draw the reflection of fire in the windowpanes...but too ambitious for me right now.^^;; And now I gotta run away from irate Amatsu, who does not appreciate being turned into a girl.^^;;;;;;;