Hiding Place

And this is one of my favorite pictures of all time, both because of its meaning and the characters involved.^_^ For those of you familiar with the Bible, yes, that is an excerpt from Psalm 32:3-7, and so, yes, the Sentinel is looking at the Holy Book. Why not, after all?^^ I am not Christian, nor very religious, actually, but I firmly believe that to be well-educated, one needs to be at least somewhat knowledgeable about biblical stories. How else will you fully appreciate most Western literature?
It's also occurred to me that some people might be insulted by Charon's comment in there. Well, they're his comments, and they by no means reflect my own. One must remember that to an immortal like Charon, that is all the Bible will be. Besides which, this guy never says what he means.^^;; This Psalm, by the way, was brought to my notice by a deeply religious, close friend of mine, and as such I'm indebted to her. She said to me that those lines fit the Sentinel and Charon perfectly. I heartily agree.^^ So thanks a bunch, MaryaMae!^_^ (5/8/03~Rescanned pic to make it clearer, and typed in the text instead of keeping my ugly handwriting in.^^)