Young Archangel

Another really, really quick sketch, this one done when I was bored out of my mind in between rounds at states. (That is, NJ Forensics State Competition.) Before you get the wrong idea and think I'm some kind of oratorial genius...I didn't make it to finals.^^; But anyway, I still remember the day I drew this. Best friend was listening to Utada Hikaru, I was sharing the earphones...and somehow this pic popped onto my sketchpad. The original idea was that this was the Sentinel and Guardian's mother, but she turned out sorta cute, not beautiful like I'd intended. So I stuck "young" in front of archangel to compensate.^^; (And in case this is unclear, she is an ORIGINAL character, like the Guardian, Nemesis, Thanatos, and anyone else who isn't the Sentinel, Charon, or Satan. You take and you eat dirt.)