British Subjects from Ceylon

Yeah, so our high school's spring musical during my senior year was "Drood," once a Broadway musical based off Charles Dickens' last (and unfinished) novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I was part of crew, and I promptly became obsessed with the darned thing.^^; The, er, 'fruits' of my obsession (besides knowing all the songs backwards and forwards, reading the actual novel in two school days, and keeping a copy of the soundtrack on my computer) are manga-style art of the major characters, this being the first.^_^
Presenting Neville and Helena Landless, the wonderfully cool twins from Ceylon!^_^ My favorite characters in both the musical and the play, they also mark the first dark-skinned people I've ever drawn.^^; Helena's outfit is complete fancy and has no historical accuracy at all--I just let my pencil go with her.^^ As for Neville's suit...well, it's just a suit.^^; But I think he looks way cool in it. ;) And just wondering...can anyone tell that I'm partial to twins?^^