Odd Man Out

**edit** Hey hey...check out the colors! I did this right before break, posted it on the sketchblog and not on here, and decided to remedy the situation before I dive back into classes tomorrow.^^; Any and all who want to see the sketch version please click here. **end edit**

Heh heh heh...you all thought I forgot about Halloween, didn't cha?^^ I actually started this the night before Halloween, but didn't get to finish til yesterday night. The immortals revisited me in costume and there was much rejoicing, except on the part of Charon, who refused to dress up. Humph, spoilsport.
Anyway^^, this is a chibi practice pic as much as it is a Halloween one. Still trying out "styles," since I'm not good enough to have my own yet. That being said, I kinda like this pic.^^; They're all...I dunno...REALLY cute. (Sentinel as a jester!! *squeals*)^^; Thanatos' witch/warlock/wizard hat is slightly messed up (he looks like a pilgrim??), but his expression's cute, so I'm kinda happy there too.^^ Ok, and the left side of the box is practically non-existant, but I'm thinking of coloring this so later on it'll probably be inked.

Not bad for a really quick doodle.^^; *is rather pleased* The title came in a moment of inspiration, though none of them are men (males, yes. Men, no). "Odd immortal out" just doesn't have the same ring to it... Ok, I'll shut up now...^^;;