The Themis Formerly Known as Xenos

Er...yeah, as you can tell from the less than serious title, this was Xenos before I gave him a makeover. ^^; (It was finished 11/25/01.) After critically examining this pic I decided that he looked rather like how I pictured Themis, Nemesis' brother, who appears in Yami no Oozora. So there it is.^_^ (And yeah, that crossing out of Xenos' name with the arrow pointing to Themis? That's the extent of my knowledge in Photoshop.^^;; Pathetic, isn't it?)
Just as a side note: people familiar with Greek mythology will instantly point out that Themis is actually a goddess.^^ I am quite aware of this fact, but in my fic I decided to make "Themis" a guy. These immortals aren't anything like their Greek namesakes, after all.^^;