The Most Random AU Idea Ever

I swear it just came and smacked me one day. Well, alright, it wasn't that random.^^; This pic came about because I wanted to practice a technique of drawing profiles that Majo (YOU'RE SO COOL! THANK YOU!!^__^) showed me.^^ That's why 3 out of the 4 immortals are sideviews.^^; Then it evolved into Charon not having a shirt (he was the first drawn, and incidently, that chibi me up there is saying, "Pfft, shirtless Charon..." or words to that effect), which in turn brought about the explanation that he must then be a slave, and the others are rulers of different kingdoms, and...

...It's a really long story.^^; And I'm not really planning to go anywhere with it, so it's just gonna hang there.^^; Sorry, folks.

Re: art itself... My favorite one here is...probably Sentinel, because he's reading, and yeah...I like reading.^^; I also have to mention here that the outfit he is wearing is based on (read: copied from) the outfit Phil/Phibrizzo of Slayers Inversed is wearing in one of the pics Majo drew (you can find it in her Slayers Inversed art archive).^^;;; Gomen ne, Majo!>_< But I really loved that outfit...;_; But I also really liked the way Nemesis turned out, and how her dress sweeps out to be the background to the other three (if this were colored that'd be more obvious and it'd look cooler). Thanatos is also a favorite because he's evil here, and I like his right hand (it IS leaning on something, it just didn't show up in the scan). And Charon... *snort* I still can't get over his shirtlessness. *snicker*

Especially since I got the funniest reaction from Majo when I told her I was looking for pics of shirtless bishes.^^;;;;;;;; (Reference! It was reference only!^^)