The "Innocent Traveler"

*Scan fixed^^* This is a landmark pic, because it's the first time I've ventured to draw a character from Arcanum:SR, a sprawling, novel-length epic thing that Majo and I have been working on since December.^^ (Or maybe it was earlier. I dunno, it was all a blur....) To be more specific, it was me trying to design some new clothes for him.^_^
So yeah, this is Amatsu Mikaboshi (that's what the Japanese in the corner says), the Lord of Southern Hell, and he kicketh much @ss. Majo likes to say that he needs split ends (check out all that hair^^;;;), and I am in charge of stopping her, seeing as I am the upholder of demon lord physical perfection around here.^^

Amatsu: *GRIN*

...hmm. Majo's probably right. Amatsu needs to get his ego chopped down several hundred feet. Well, don't worry, with an artist like me around, you can betcha his ego's gonna plummet.^__^
...that's probably NOT something to be smiling about.
Ahem. Anyway, enough getting carried away with the intros. The main thing that bothers me about this pic is that Amatsu is simply...not good-looking enough.^^; His hair is kinda wrong at the bottom; I excuse myself by saying that's his power causing it to flare out, but...*sigh* I must work on the bishes! (Wanna see Majo's better rendition of this same outfit?^_^ Go here. You even get to see her version of Tessel and Amatsu's sword!^_^ Incidently, his sword's too short in this pic.^^;)

Lastly, Amatsu actually belongs to Majo-chan, but she has been nice enough to let me write about him (and now draw him^^;;), a fact Amatsu is regretting VERY much right now, due to my penchant for...*snicker* favorite characters a hard time.

Amatsu (mutters and glares): Understatement.

...shoo, Amatsu. This darned thing's already too long.

Amatsu: *GRIN* That's because there's just so much to say about me!

*rolls eyes* I feel for you, Majo. You have to LIVE with this guy...