A No-Face! Well...ok, anyone with half an eye can tell it's Amatsu from that hair.^^; But I'm purposely not drawing his face in because then the identity would be undeniable and Amatsu would kill me (cuz he's so, 'demon'ly that he'd never be caught dead in this sort of stuff).^^; So I'll just say that this was an exercise in clothing design and Amatsu was a convenient model, cuz he looks so darned good in everything.

Amatsu: *preens*

...right. Anyway, I wanted to see "someone with Amatsu's coloring and build" (*ahem*) in a so-called courtesan outfit, which unlike a prostitute's outfit is supposed to be alluring but subtle, sensual but tasteful, more or less. Ok, so I didn't exactly succeed because it's hard to picture "someone with Amatsu's coloring and build" in clothes like these.^^;
However, what's drawn is drawn, and I had a lot of fun with it, so I figured it's postable.^^ The fabric is some sort of satin material, the sash is gauzy silk, and that criss-cross stuff at the neck is a soft lace (not scratchy^^). The slippers are soft too, probably made out of silk. Those thingys winding around his arm are pretty black silk ribbons (can you tell I like silk?) and are supposed to be sexy. Er...I dunno. And the entire outfit's supposed to be black but I was too lazy to color it in. I justify this by thinking that it probably would have made the smearing worse until the entire scan just became an indistinguishable mass of grey. You wouldn't want that, would you?
The reason for that little note at the top is because when I drew it I thought that, the "someone with Amatsu's coloring and build" was too thin, making it more like Shiva's physique. Now that I look at it though, it doesn't seem that off. Hmm. (Yeah, and speaking of physique, can we say "I need anatomy courses"? I need anatomy courses.)

But I like his fist. His fist looks nice to me.
Amatsu: Oh, does it now? How about I let my fist get acquainted with your face so you can take a closer look?
Hidoi na, Amatsu...I already said this wasn't you...
He does look ready to punch someone, doesn't he?^^;