Pay For Your Sins

The idea for this pic came to me in the midst of the arduous and stressing task of studying for a calc midterm. Upon beginning it however, I instantly discovered a very alarming fact: I'd forgotten how to draw girls.0_0 (Egads, I can't draw my own gender...) Fortunately, after taking a break from sketching and frowning at reference pics, the "how-to-draw-girls" part of my brain finally turned on.^^ This pic was the result. I rather like it too, because I think Nemesis is getting closer to the beauty she's supposed to be. (I don't do her nearly enough justice in my pics.@_@) Still not quite there yet, but...getting closer.^^
Some notes on design: Nemesis here is wearing the white slip she has underneath her blue over-robe. For a pic of what she looks like fully attired, see "Goddess of Vengeance," though admittedly it's not a very good pic.^^;;; And I swear she changes every single time I draw her. It's just too much to ask for some consistency.^_^; Lastly, the dagger Nemesis is holding is not designed by yours truly. It came from Matsumoto-sensei's 2 book series, Mienai Kao (Unseen Face), in which Nemesis appears briefly in an extra story called, "Fukushyuu no Megami: Nemesis no Yoru." (Translation: "Goddess of Vengeance: Night of Nemesis.") For more info on the difference between Matsumoto-sensei's Nemesis and mine, please see here.