Battles to Fight

I drew this picture originally to show the outfits Kokuhi and Amatsu wore during one of our stories, but then I got the bright idea to put yarrow flowers in. It was some misguided attempt to "spice up" the pic, since originally they were both just kinda standing there. The hanakotoba (flower language) for yarrow is "battles to fight," hence the title of this piece. It's very fitting, if you know Amatsu and Kokuhi.^^
Re: design and technical stuff. Yarrows are usually yellow, but there are white yarrows too, and those are the ones I decided to draw. Er...the coloring was something of a failure, I'm afraid. They wound up too pink.-_- Also, I didn't want to ink the flowers because I wanted the lines to be soft, and I decided to color only the flowers because that way they stood out. Or maybe Kokuhi and Amatsu stand out because they're not colored.^^;;;; Something like that.^^; The shading on Kokuhi's clothes was a big mess, but by that point I was dangerously close to not caring, which is not a good state of mind to be in, so I just went ahead and scanned it. (The scan is softer than normal, but sharpening it or darkening it made the picture look hideous, so it's staying this way.) Amatsu's proportions are off too...*sigh* All in all this is a pretty bad picture, but I suppose I like the flowers.