The Real God of Death

My most recent pic, finished only...yesterday.^^ Let me just say I regret giving this guy dark purple robes. It's such a PITA to shade it all in, like I didn't shade Charon's cloak in "Hiding Place"....^^;;;; Presenting Thanatos' robes, version 3! This will probably be the final version. I hope. That symbol hanging from the tassel, btw, is a combination of an omega and an alpha.^^ My own little creation that I'm rather proud of. :) And may I also present the debut of Thanatos' scythe! It has another omega on it, a stylized capital alpha (the pointy tip), and intricate metalwork that I am a) too lazy, and b) too sucky at art to draw in great detail.^^; (I finished this pic 9/15, not 8/15... can't belive I was a whole month behind and didn't even notice.^^;)