Happy Violent People

Well, only Kira is happy (or maybe she's psychotic, since she's threatening to beat you to death in Japanese), Brian just looks bored and long-suffering.^^; Anyway, these characters belong to Majo-chan, who wrote a few snippets about them on her LJ. I thought they were cool so I ventured to doodle them before she came up with her final character design.^^; I didn't turn out too far off the mark.^^; (Her character designs can be found at Witchspring.)

As to gripes (I have them for every pic), Brian's expression still sorta bugs me, though that was the closest I got to how he looked in my head. Kira is doing that evil leaning thing, but I like her a whole ton better than her partner (dig her baggy pants, for one).^^;; And man, Brian's leather gloves are sooo half-assed, but look surprisingly good for being that way.^^;