This pic is for Majo-chan, to celebrate our inside jokes and creative (read: deranged, sporadic, nonsensical...) ideas over AIM every night.^^ Should've really been posted on Friday, since that's the 11th, but...oh well.^^; Anyway, it's great to know you, Majo.^_^
This makes for my first real colored piece ("Quick, Take a Picture!" had only a colored background and does not count^^;) to be posted online.^^ In fact it's my first real colored piece since I seriously began to draw, which is...kinda sad.^^; I am actually inordinately proud of this picture, despite the flaws which invariably come when you try something for the first time.^^; (Besides, I killed my afternoon fiddling around in Photoshop for this thing. I sure as heck better be proud of it!>_<) Oh, and by the way, that dark red font for the heading is "Decadence," and I'm pointing it out because Majo picked it, not me.^^ I can't take credit for the coolness of that font.^_^;
The character design of "Majo-chan" belongs to her and you can see more pics here. The character design of "Merle" belongs to me, obviously (she got a haircut cuz I got a haircut^^;). Steal and your name's...a bad word, I guess.
Lastly, to see a picture without the words since most of you probably won't get it^^;;... Click here.