For the first time ever, the three counterparts together in one picture! I sound like an advertisement! Too many exclamation marks! Ok...anyway...^^;; (A little too hyper today...) This is the Sentinel, the Advisor (background left), and the Minstrel (background right) with their collective weapons/tools. (The Minstrel's flute isn't really a weapon, per se...especially as he hates to use it as such.)
Re: design. Needs shading. Or coloring. Tis a very busy pic...and I didn't plan their positions well enough so they're all jammed together. Ugh.-_-; Better planning next time, muse of mine... (Shouldn't blame her, actually, tis my own carelessness.^^;) Favorite one in here is the Sentinel...he's smirking slightly, yes he is.^_^ And the Advisor's sporting another earring. Anymore and he might start to look like a punk...^^;;;