Contemplating Homocide

Ah yes, the infamous crossdressing idea... Trust me, if you have a group of 4 characters and 3 of them are bishounen, eventually one of the guys will wind up in a dress. And that's a promise.^^ But then again, the Sentinel looks...well, he looks...^^;;;; I was going to say, "very much like a girl," but I'm so used to him being a guy that this is just...scary. Oi vey. As a result the Sentinel took forever to draw. The chibis? They took, oh, at most 10 minutes.^^;
And in case anyone is interested, this pic came from a story idea of mine, in which the Sentinel is forced (by Nemesis and by his own conscience) to impersonate an elven princess. Intrigued yet?^_~