The Kindly Clergyman

The fourth, and last (I ran out of inspiration) pic of my Drood series, the Reverend Mr. Crisparkle. In the book, he's "five years shy of forty," aka 35, but in the musical they sorta compiled him with another character (Rosa's guardian whose name I've forgotten), who is much older.^^ It was the biggest joke in our version of the Drood musical, because the guy who played Reverend Mr. Crisparkle had to wear this huge fake beard.^^;; So obviously, this is Crisparkle from the book and not the musical.
This is probably the least well done, and hence my least favorite, pic.^^ By this time I was running out of steam, and after I finished the pic, my obsession died away to a deep fondness, so I wasn't producing art for it anymore. A shame though, because there are still two characters I didn't get to: Bazzard and Princess Puffer. Oh well...maybe some other day.
Lastly, I will plug both the novel and the musical. The latter has great songs and great lines, while the former is (IMO) a great read...if you don't mind the fact that it ends right when it's about to climax, because Mr. Dickens was unkind enough to die on us (j/k).^^;;; One thing you ought to know is that the book is drama, while the musical is very much comedy, so don't go into one expecting the other.^_^