The Collection harem...of young boys... Yeah.^^;;;; It wasn't my idea! Muse shoved it on me after I finished reading Basara!!^^;;; (No, harems of young boys are not prominent things in Basara.-_-;) So, er, anyway, these two are Carlin and Lynn. Carlin's the sleeping one (and yes, he looks like the Sentinel. I was obsessed. Don't yell at me), and Lynn's the vase to the far right. Just kidding.^^; I might one day write their story, but it's kinda depressing since the man who owns them (Malik) is evil, so it probably won't be happening anytime soon.^^;
This is a very, very old pic.^^; I think I finished it sometime during the end of junior year (in high school. Me college freshman now). Of course, now that raises the question of why I'm posting such an ancient pic for everyone to laugh at.^^; I must just be masochistic or something... (You know, this was my first...and currently, only...horizontal picture.^^; Maybe that's why I'm scanning it.^^)