Shiva and Amatsu forever!!!!!!
*ahem* Now that we've got that bit of fangirlish-ness over with... This is (obviously) Amatsu Mikaboshi and Shiva Rudra, the two main characters of Sinon's Redemption. They like each other. A lot. Shiva'd probably claw out his eyes before he'd admit it though.^_^; Well, now he's getting a bit better about that, mainly because Amatsu is the single most persistant, most patient demon on the face of Hell. They're both such sweeties...^^
GAH.^^;;;; Must not go off on tangents! Er, the pic idea came from that quote, and I think the original version was something more extreme, like, "If loving you makes a slave of me, then I'll spend my whole life in chains." I personally like this version better because it sounds more mutual.^^ And I'm afraid I don't know who said it either.
Re: artwork. First time drawing Shiva and Amatsu in one pic. I don't know what to think of it. I want to be proud, but...^^;;; One thing's for sure though: I like the chains.^_^ Definitely. *grin* Anyway, the hair gave me trouble, I wish as usual that I can make them half as good-looking as they're supposed to be, and their hair gave me a lot of trouble (can you guess what gave me a lot of trouble?^^;;;). What else? Shiva's expression is hopefully neutral enough, and I think Amatsu's eyebrow might be a bit too high... Otherwise, forgive me, but I like this picture.^^;