Taisetsu na Hito

This is Zane Blackwell, a character in Arcanum, and his favorite summon, Digra (who just seems to get more and more powerful each time she appears^^;). I put this pic on the sketchblog and was quite proud of it, since Digra's position is extremely difficult, and Zane turned out actually looking like himself, a very good thing, if you understand me.^^
The first scan of this pic (the one on the sketchblog, actually) was terribly grainy and ugly. From the way it looked in photoshop, this one came out better. I can only hope that's the case.^^; Zane's a wonderful, if somewhat grouchy, guy, so I was very pleased that I was able to do him some justice. Needless to say, he's my favorite part in this pic, though my cloth shading still leaves much to be desired.

And you know what? I just realized that the lowest markings on Digra's forehead (the ones right above her eyebrows) are actually suppoed to be her eyebrows in the original pic. How embarrassing is that??^^;;;; *smacks self* And Digra's bosom is...odd. Ah, she's just full of problems in this pic, the poor thing. Next time, Digra, next time.