"Komusume" means "little girl" in Japanese, and I call Rin this because, for some reason, I am INCREDIBLY amused whenever anyone looks at Sesshoumaru and mentions his "komusume." *giggles* Ahem. Anyway, this girl (she's anywhere from like, 6-9...I think she's around 7, personally...ah, whatever) is from the incredibly wonderful, character-driven manga (I refuse to acknowledge the anime except for certain episodes): Inu Yasha, by Takahashi Rumiko-sensei. For those of you unfamiliar with the series and with her, Rin is a little girl who became mute after the traumatic experience of witnessing her family's murder. She chanced upon Sesshoumaru in the woods near her village right when he was most vulnerable (having received the shorter end of the stick in a fight with his half-bro, Inu Yasha), and tried to help him. A lot of really cute stuff happens (on her part. Sesshoumaru's just confused by her weirdness), and to make a long story really short, she travels with him after he gets better (just so you know, I skipped like so many important parts and didn't do the relationship ANY justice. Call me if you're really curious and I'll yammer for hours). This doesn't sound so remarkable until you know that Sesshoumaru is a youkai (the closest Western equivalent would be "demon," but start with Christian allegory and I will kill you) who has a REAL superiority complex. Humans to him are like bugs to be crushed because we've got no superpowers like he does.^^ So the fact that he's letting a human child travel with him is just...mind-boggling, making Sesshoumaru and Rin my two favorite characters in the entire series.^_^

ALL that being said (probably really boring if you already know the series@_@), I like this pic, even though Rin's smile wasn't as bright as I wanted it to be.^^; I also think her hair is too short, and her obi (the checkered sash holding her yukata...er, that would be the name of her clothes...together) gave me a stroke because it seemed to change positions whenever I changed reference pics. Finally I just gave up, left it where it is, and drew in the checkered boxes. Which, btw, is not on her obi if you follow the anime (they had it as a plain green with no patterns). The sketch itself is like my other sketches: kinda messy, especially the gadawful black checked patterns on her yukata... I hope the lateness of the hour is a good enough excuse.^^; (Though I feel like nothing can excuse the horrible way I shade hair. UGH. Kill me.)

But yeah, this is Rin, and my second forage into popular fandom! What has gotten into me?? (Ok, I need to get over this already.) I should also mention that she was an absolute angel and cooperated very well when I tried to draw her...except I had to give her back really quickly or risk death by Sesshoumaru-papa.^_~