Ankoku no Ishya

"Ankoku no Ishya" hopefully means "The Black Healer" (actually, it translates more accurately to "The Dark Doctor" but somehow that sounds incredibly dumb), and refers to healers who have forsaken the "No killing, no abuse of the arts, etc." creed, Ginzaya being the prime (and only) example in SR.^^ Her name, btw, comes from our creative (probably inaccurate) combining of "gin-" or "silver" with "saya" or "sheath." So her name means "Silver Sheath," an appropriate name for a healer if she hadn't decided to go bad and learn forbidden evil stuff.^^;;; Ginzaya, unsurprisingly, is Diablo's healer, and her only redeeming quality is perhaps that she's fiercely loyal (all healers appear to have this one trait in common). Plus she's interesting cuz she and Parvati don't like each other and we get to come up with cool confrontation scenes. Hehehe.

*ahem* Anyway, artwise...I like this pic?^^ She looks kinda evil and almost sensual, in a slippery, snake-like way. It's good that she looks like a snake, since she's actually a rattlesnake demon.^^; Those round things around her abdomen and her wrists are the rattles (I actually looked at ref pics and promptly realized that out of context, rattles just don't look like rattles no matter how you draw them, so...). I think that chain around her dress is actually her weapon, just because I like to have a function for everything. It and the hood were the only things I liked from her outfit in the concept drawing, so obviously they stayed.^^

Last note: I like her snaky box. Yeah.